Bookmarks for Editing

Bookmarks define a section of the workspace containing a number of objects. When editing a workspace without bookmarks, moving objects is done by selecting the object or objects, and dragging them to a new position.

However, when a workspace is divided by bookmarks, objects can be moved by simply dragging the bookmark to a new position. When an object is located inside the bookmark, it moves as the bookmark does.

Using this technique large groups of objects can be moved about the workspace canvas to create a clearer layout. Objects are moved inside a bookmark, whether the bookmark is collapsed or expanded.

Dr. Workbench says...
Remember that one of the bookmark properties is labelled Contents and has the value either "Move with Bookmark" or "Move Independently". Obviously the former value causes objects to move with the transformer; the latter value causes objects to remain in position when a bookmark is moved.

Miss Vector says...
Here is a question about bookmarks.

Which of the following is NOT a method of creating a bookmark?

1. Click the Insert Bookmark button on the toolbar
2. Select a transformer, right click, choose Create Bookmark
3. Select multiple transformers, right click, choose Create Bookmark
4. Use the Ctrl+B shortcut

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