Practical Transformer Use

Transformers are at the very heart of FME's capabilities, like a workshop with a variety of machines capable of turning raw materials into a finished product. It's not for nothing that the main application is called FME Workbench!

To be able to use FME efficiently, being able to find the right transformer is an important skill, and it helps that many of the most-used transformers have a common theme.

For example, many transformers are related to being able to filter data within a workspace; once you understand the concept of filtering data, it becomes easier to find the transformer you need.

It's also important to understand the common aspects of transformers, to recognize that options and parameters in different transformers often operate in similar ways.

This chapter covers various searching methods for finding transformers, the common themes of the most popular transformers, and how parameter values can be constructed within a single transformer dialog.

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