Workflow Transformers

Although data is usually read and written using readers and writers, it is also possible to use transformers to do the same tasks. These transformers appear in the Workflows category of the Transformer Gallery, along with transformers that are capable of handling data in web services.

Key Workflow Transformers

Some of the key workflow transformers, and the tasks that they carry out, are as follows:

Task Transformers
Read and Write FME FormatsFeatureReader, FeatureWriter
Read and Write Web ServicesDropboxConnector, GoogleDriveConnector, SalesforceConnector, SlackConnector
Read and Write AttributesAttributeFileReader, AttributeFileWriter
Receive/Send Data PacketsJMSSender/Receiver, SQSReceiver/Sender, TCPIPReceiver/Sender

These are part of a workflow because they don't necessarily read or write data at the start or end of a translation; they can be set up to read or write data mid-translation. This provides certain advantages over fixed-position readers and writers.

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