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New in RX 7.01

  • New Prevent Clipping Export Option: Predicts and prevents clipping when exporting to OGG & MP3 file formats.
  • Improved RX Connect ‘Send Back’ performance when using the RX Connect plug-in with Nuendo/Cubase.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

New in RX 7.00

Generate Processing Chains With Repair Assistant

  • Repair Assistant analyzes and identifies common audio issues in a selection and generates three purpose-built processing chains with adjustable intensity variations. Send the Repair Assistant processing chains to the Module Chain window to save or further customize the results.

Repair And Edit Multichannel Files

  • Multichannel Support: Repair and edit multichannel files with up to 10 channels in the RX 7 Audio Editor. Send multichannel files from your DAW to the RX 7 Audio Editor with RX 7 Connect for round trip editing and repair. [ADV]

Reduce Reverb And Correct Intonation In Dialogue Recordings

  • Dialogue Contour: Adjust the inflection and intonation of dialogue without changing the duration of your clip. [ADV]
  • Dialogue De-reverb: Reduce unwanted reverb in dialogue tracks quickly and easily. [ADV]

Adjust The Balance Of A Mix Without The Need For Stems

  • Music Rebalance: Intelligently detects and separates a recording into four mix elements with independently adjustable level controls. [STD & ADV]

Fix Pitch Variations and Timing Inconsistencies

  • Variable Pitch: Fix small pitch variations or correct gradual pitch drift over time. With the addition of Preserve Time mode and updated UX, Variable Pitch replaces and expands on the Pitch Contour module from previous versions of RX. [STD & ADV]
  • Variable Time: Correct timing or playback speed issues by varying Radius time stretch processing over the course of a selection. [STD & ADV]

New RX Plug-ins

Improvements And Optimizations In RX 7

  • Performance Enhancements & Added Preview Functionality in the following modules: Dialogue Isolate & De-rustle [ADV]
  • Loudness Module Update: Added support for the ITU-R BS.1770-4 Loudness Specification. [ADV]
  • Module Chain Updates: Customize the frequency selection range for each step in the processing chain.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes across all of RX.
  • Workflow enhancements and refreshed user interface.