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Get your vocals to sit in the mix with the most sophisticated set of tools designed for vocal production. First introduced in 2010, Nectar has made a space in studios all over the world, offering world-class processing designed to get to a professional result in seconds. With version 3, Nectar helps your vocal tracks sing by addressing each part of the vocal production chain, offering invaluable assistive features, and communication across your session. From corrective to creative vocal production all the way to the final polish, Nectar 3 brings forth your intended performance in isolation and in the context of the mix. Put your vocals in their place with everything they need for a clear, professional sound.


Vocal Assistant: Give your vocal the attention it deserves with Vocal Assistant.

  • Assist: One-click custom preset creation created with machine learning technology to help your vocal fit in the mix in seconds.
  • Unmask: Puts your vocal at the forefront of your mix by carving away other competing mix elements directly from Vocal Assistant’s menu screen.


Nectar 3 is bundled with iZotope RX 7 Breath Control, which is designed to intelligently detect breaths in dialogue or vocal recordings and automatically suppress them, saving invaluable time in the comping and prep stage of vocal editing.

A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN: Celemony Melodyne 4 essential

As an added benefit to Nectar 3’s built-in Pitch correction module, iZotope has partnered with Celemony to include Melodyne 4 essential: GRAMMY-award winning pitch and time correction. Melodyne adds surgical, intuitive, and truly transparent pitch adjustment capabilities that are an industry standard in professional studios around the world.


  • EQ: Shape the tone and character of your vocal with two completely redesigned EQ modules.
    • Add up to 24 bands per EQ module, with 16 different filter shape options per band.
    • Dynamic EQ processing modes:
      • Dynamic Frequency: Dynamically update a filters Frequency to track vocal harmonics as they change throughout a performance.
      • Dynamic Gain: Dynamically trigger EQ boosts and cuts based on the incoming vocal level.
  • Delay: Independent stereo delay controls and two brand new saturation modes.
  • De-esser: Refined interface and interactive Threshold control.
  • Saturation: Two new Saturation modes, Decimate and Distort.
  • Harmony: Add up to eight synthetic harmony voices. Improved MIDI mode playability.
  • Compressor: Refined interface and interactive controls.
  • Reverb: Increased control the post filter and enhanced user interface.
  • Dimension: Modulate your vocal with the Chorus, Flanger and Phaser modes in the brand new Dimension module.
  • Gate: New Close Threshold feature for controlling hysteresis.