Chapter Review

This chapter introduced you to migration and upgrades for FME Server, including FME Server Projects.

What You Should Have Learned from this Module


  • Configuration files need to be manually backed up for reference when restoring any changes made to those files for the new FME Server.
  • You are able to backup your repositories, notifications, schedules, security, and services with FME Server.
  • You can backup an FME Server configuration to either a resource location or to your local system.
  • FME Server backups can be scheduled.
  • FME Server provides a workspace that can be scheduled to perform a backup of the Server configuration to an FME Server Configuration File (*.fsconfig). The configuration backup includes repositories, services, notifications, security settings, and schedules.
  • You can upgrade FME Server to a second machine, using a different hostname or by using the same hostname, or by upgrading in-place, on the same machine.
  • It isn't possible to upgrade only the FME Engines (after 2018) for additional functionality of FME Server.
  • FME Server Projects are great for bringing together several FME Server items into groups that are part of a common solution, for easy reference.

FME Skills

  • The ability to backup your FME Server instance.
  • The ability to backup your FME Server configuration files.
  • The ability to backup FME Server log files.
  • The ability to restore FME Server configurations.

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