Chapter Review

This chapter introduced you to FME Server security.

What You Should Have Learned from this Module


  • FME Server can be licensed using either Online or Offline methods.
  • FME Server can be configured for HTTPS, supporting both CA-issued and self-signed certificates.
  • The flexibility and limitations of adding engines to existing and new machines.
  • You can change your database provider at any time. PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle databases are supported with FME Server.
  • FME Server can encrypt all the data in the FME Server Database
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) allows you to specify websites hosted on other domains that can access resources from FME Server.
    • CORS is enabled to Allow All Hosts by default.

FME Skills

  • The ability to change the FME Server Database provider.
  • The ability to encrypt the communication between the client and server machines with HTTPS.
  • The ability to create custom encryption keys for the FME Server database.

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