Running FME System Services under Different Accounts (Windows)

By default, the FME Server Core, FME Server Engines, and FME Server Application Server Windows Services run under the "Local System" account

This account may not have network permissions. You may need to run these services under different accounts that can read and write data to the FME Server System Share, particularly in a distributed installation where these services are installed on separate machines.

For instructions on how to run the FME Server System Services under a different account, please see current documentation.

In an Express Installation - or a Distributed Installation that is using the FME Server System Database - it is not necessary to change the "Log on as a Service" setting for this service.

FME Lizard says...
When installing FME Server it is optional to provide a "domain service account" to configure the services to start with. On a new Windows OS system, ensure the domain service account has been added to the system as an Administrative user and ensure the Local Policy - "Log on as a Service" has been granted to this user before installing FME Server. This will ensure the services are installed correctly and can start up properly the first time.

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