Outgoing: Forward Proxy

FME Server 2019.1

Starting in 2019.1 FME Server can now configure a proxy for both the FME Server Core and FME Engines through the Web UI by navigating to the System Configuration --> Networking --> Proxy and enter your proxy information. If you need exceptions and custom proxy maps please refer to the proxy documentation.

FME Server 2019.0

Configuration of an outgoing proxy for the engines and s3 connector you can follow the proxy documentation.

Custom Proxy Maps 2019.0 and 2019.1

If you require the custom proxy maps or exception in either the 2019.0 or 20191.1 versions you will have to follow the proxy documentation. and choose a method which is appropriate for your organization.

Inbound: Reverse Proxy

FME Server 2019 is designed to use a third-party load balancer in a fault tolerant installation. Even if you choose not to install a fault tolerant setup FME Server can use a load balancer as a reverse proxy. As an example, you can use Nginx example and follow our recommended configuration.

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