FME Server Log Files

Read the FME Server Log Files for error messages. This can be quite helpful to find the cause of an issue.

Access from the Web Interface
Open the web interface and navigate to the Resources page to access the log files.

Access from the File System
If the web interface is not accessible, you can access the log files from the FME Server System Share: \resources\logs

The FME Server System Share location can be specified at install times. By default, it is set to C:\ProgramData\Safe Software\FME Server on Windows, which is a hidden folder.

What to look for in FME Server Log Files

In the logs there are three types of messages: Inform, Warn and Error. You should be looking for Warning and Errors in the logs. Inform messages may not signify a problem, even if the word “Error” is located within its text.

Example Inform Error:


Example Warn Error:

Thu-13-Jun-2018 02:22:04 PM WARN RequestHandler-Thread 401934 : Failed login by user FMEuser due to insufficient credentials.

Example Error:

Thu-09-May-2018 01:55:24 PM ERROR RequestHandler-Thread 401939 : Failed to register FME Engine.

If a Warn/Error message is encountered, it may be beneficial to search the documentation and FME Knowledge Center for the error text in order to find assistance.

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