32- and 64-bit Engines on Same Machine

In some cases, you may want to install 32- and 64-bit Engines on the same machine. For example, you may currently be running only 64-bit engines, but you want to run a workspace from FME Server containing a format that runs only on a 32-bit engine.

This information is included in the FME Server Admin training guide so to make you, the FME Server Admin, aware that this configuration can be done.

Please visit the existing FME Server Admin Documentation for more information. Installing 32- and 64-bit Engines on the Same Machine

An alternative to installing a different bit engine on the same system is to have a distributed FME Server system where you install the 32-bit engines and join this to the existing core system. This requires performing a distributed installation, where the FME Engine is distributed onto a separate system. Refer to the FME Server Admin Documentation for more information on Distributed Installations. Distributed Installation

Police Chief Webb-Mapp says...
WARNING! This procedure removes the ability to configure FME Engines on the Engines & Licensing page of the web interface. Run the same bit version of FME Engines unless absolutely necessary.

Use Job Queues to configure specific jobs to run on the new engine. It is important to understand when installing different bit engines that it is necessary to direct the jobs to the correct engine. A format that requires 32-bit engine must be directed to the 32-bit engine otherwise the job will fail when attempting to run on the 64-bit engine. Making use of the Job Queue functionality will be key if you do decide to use mixed bit engines in your FME Server environment.

Miss Vector says...
Which bit combinations are possible on the same machine?

1. 32-bit engine on a 64-bit machine.
2. 64-bit engine on a 64-bit machine.
3. 64-bit engine on a 32-bit machine.
4. 32-bit engine on a 32-bit machine.

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