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Here are the answers to the questions in this chapter.

Miss Vector says...
What exactly are the entries in the resources cleanup dialog?

1. They are simply shortcuts to workspaces in the utilities category that I can run on demand.
2. They are simply shortcuts to scheduling tasks that run at the described interval.
3. They are specific tasks that FME Server runs once a day to help in system maintenance.
4. They are specific tasks triggered when the system is low on resources.

These are their own set of tasks, separate to anything defined as a schedule or utility workspace. They are run once a day and remove any specified file older than the set time. However, #4 is partially correct - when the system's free disk space reaches specified minimum levels, FME Server will trigger a critical level cleanup event in which all enabled cleanup tasks are carried out. The difference being it will disregard the Remove Files Older Than setting.

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