Adding FME Engines on a Separate Machine

You can add processing capacity to your FME Server by installing additional FME Engines on a separate computer from the FME Server Core.

The number of licensed FME Engines you can add is limited only by the host’s CPU and memory resources, which constrain the maximum concurrent request throughput.

The additional FME Engines can be of any architecture (32- or 64-bit) and installed to any supported operating system (Windows or Linux) - they do not have to match the specifications of the FME Server Core. It is important to note that the major versions must match - you should not install FME Server 2018 and try to add engines from FME Server 2017.

Keep your FME Engines Close to the data

One of the main reasons a user may want to do this, is to get an FME engine closer to the data, for example, the data may be located in a different office and it makes more sense to process the data in the geographical office next to the physical location versus involving large distances and network latency.

Another reason is to gain access to 3rd party formats that may not be installed on the FME Server Core system.

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