Our Year: CollaborationPower in Strong Alliances

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Through Collaboration, we’re Stronger Together, and ASCP is moving toward the future with increased strength, resources, and a renewed sense of purpose. The 2011 ASCP Annual Meeting was a platform for change, as the Society pushes ahead with bold plans for continued partnerships and outreach serving the national and Global Community of pathologists, laboratory professionals, and patients.

Collaboration has been a key strategy and an effective way to work toward our shared goal of improving patient care here and throughout the world, particularly in resource-limited nations where it is most needed.


ASCP shares President Clinton’s deep concern for those affected by HIV/AIDS,” Dr. Holladay said. “ASCP is dedicated to sharing the expertise of our pathologists and laboratory professionals to improve the health of patients globally.


ASCP is rising to the challenge and working with others to imagine new ways to improve access to care for patients facing extreme poverty. Improved communication, innovation, and educational initiatives reflect ASCP’s increased collaboration and, ultimately, are aimed at improving the health of patients worldwide.

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