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Welcome to RX 8! RX 8 features new processing to recover bandwidth-limited content, correct for wow and flutter, clean up guitar recordings, and handle loudness compliance. We’ve delivered major updates and improvements to the Batch Processor, Music Rebalance, and De-hum. And we’ve added horizontal scrolling, settings migration, and increased the limit of open files from 16 to 32.

New in RX 8

  • Spectral Recovery: ADV Automatically add missing upper frequencies to bandwidth-limited content and patch holes in the frequency spectrum due to compression artifacts.
  • Wow & Flutter: ADV Automatically correct pitch variations of very short duration (flutter) or longer duration (wow) that are associated with tape or optical soundtrack transfers.
  • Guitar De-noise: STD & ADV Control acoustic and electric guitar performance-related noises such as squeaks, picking and plucking sounds, and amplifier noise.
  • Loudness Control: STD & ADV We’ve added Loudness Control, which replaces Loudness and now offers a history plot, faster performance, and updated standards and presets.
  • Music Rebalance: STD & ADV Now available as an ARA 2 plug-in for Apple Logic in RX 8.1!

Improvements and Optimizations

  • Batch Processor: STD & ADV Redesigned to handle large numbers of files, retain metadata, and output multiple formats in a single pass.
    • File Export: Easily save your edited files to the same folder from which they were sourced. New in RX 8.1!
    • Presets: Output options and module chain settings can be saved together as presets. New in RX 8.1!
  • Music Rebalance: STD & ADV Added automatic stem splitting and made major quality improvements to the source separation.
  • De-hum: Redesigned with finer controls, an audio spectrum display, and 16 bands of notching for attenuating higher-frequency harmonics/buzz.
  • Horizontal Scrolling: Use a mouse or a trackpad to quickly move the spectrogram left or right
  • Settings Migration: Keyboard bindings are automatically transferred from one machine or RX version to another.
  • Maximum File Count: Increased from 16 to 32.
  • Various other improvements and bug fixes across all of RX 8.

RX 8.5.0