Constructing Attributes

Besides constant attribute values FME also allows you to construct values using string manipulation and arithmetic calculations. This is acheived using the menu opened by clicking on the arrow in the Attribute Value field:

This is very useful because the attribute now no longer is a fixed value: it can be constructed from a mix of existing attributes and parameters. The two main methods are the Text Editor and Arithmetic Editor.

The string functions are mostly based around Tcl, the arithmetic functions around C.

Professor Lynn Guistic says…
Remember that besides existing to construct attributes, the text and arithmetic editors can be applied on most FME parameters. You wouldn't, for example, have to use the AttributeManager arithmetic editor to create an attribute to then use in the 3DForcer transformer; you would just use the arithmetic editor directly in the 3DForcer itself.

Miss Vector says...
Do you know which transformers can be used to create attributes? Select all that apply:

1. AttributeCopier
2. AttributeCreator
3. AttributeManager
4. AttributeRenamer

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