Workspace Authoring for FME Server Training Manual

This is the manual for the training course Workspace Authoring for FME Server.

This training provides a framework for authoring workspaces for FME Server. We hope that you will learn all the tools upon which to base your work, and go home with many new FME ideas!

Course Structure

The full course is made up of five main sections. These sections are:

  • Introduction to FME Server
  • Data Handling and FME Server
  • Self-Serve Basics
  • Real-Time with FME Server
  • Real-Time Message Handling

Current Status

The current status of this manual is: COMPLETE. This manual can be used for training.

This manual applies to FME2020.1

The status of each chapter is:

  • Chapter 0: Complete content. No exercises
  • Chapter 1: Complete content and exercises
  • Chapter 2: Complete content and exercises
  • Chapter 3: Complete content and exercises
  • Chapter 4: Complete content and exercises
  • Chapter 5: Complete content and exercises
  • Chapter 6: Complete content and exercises
  • Slides: Complete
  • FMEData: Complete
  • Course Outline: Complete

NB: Even for completed content, Safe Software Inc. assumes no responsibility for any errors in this document or their consequences, and reserves the right to make improvements and changes to this document without notice. See the full licensing agreement for further details.

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