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The CompTox Chemicals Dashboard (hereafter the “Dashboard”) is a publicly available web-based application developed by the US Environmental Protection Agency to provide access to chemistry, toxicity, and exposure information for hundreds of thousands of chemicals. The data and predictive models within the Dashboard support the Agency’s efforts to identify bioactive chemicals to identify further testing needs, to support an Agency priority to accelerate chemical hazard assessment data acquisition and translate effects to protect human health and the environment. In addition, in silico models facilitate the prediction of hazard properties of chemicals for which in vivo data are not available.

The Dashboard is increasingly becoming a valuable resource for risk assessors tasked with the evaluation of potential human health risks associated with chemical exposures. In this context, the significant amount of information present in the Dashboard allows for:

  1. Assembly of information on chemical properties, environmental fate and transport, and exposure metrics.

  2. Identification of health effects from extant studies in the public domain and/or information not available in peer-reviewed literature (i.e., “grey literature”).

  3. Facilitation of systematic literature searching and review for developing hazard evidence bases.

  4. Access to mechanistic information that can aid or augment the analysis of experimental animal bioassay or epidemiological evidence, or potentially, serve as the primary basis for informing hazard identification and dose-response when traditional bioassay data are lacking.

Finally, in silico predictive tools developed to conduct structure-activity or read-across analyses are also available within the Dashboard. The addition of new data and curation according to our exacting processesEXIT is ongoing and multiple publications represent the data, individual modules and applications of the Dashboard to solve various problems.

Initial (Details) page for a single chemical, one entry point into Dashboard data.

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