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Marguerite Abouet & Clément Ouberie

A pitch perfect tale, sensuously rendered and sumptuously colored, Aya takes us to the Ivory Coast in what are now seen as the halcyon days of 1978.  Abouet & Oubrerie -- names which were new to us, but which we'll be sure to keep on the look out for from now on -- have done a simplly splendid job here.  The action centers on a trio of teenage girls, and widens to trace their interactions with their families, the community that is their home and, of course, boys.  The structure and the pacing are right on target, allowing the reader to follow a large and fairly complex cast of characters while the story keeps sailing ahead at a brisk pace (think Robert Altman, but without the bitterness).  The characters, the dialogue, the settings, and especially the colors:  everything comes together to create a real verisimilitude, a sense of being right there in the thick of it in the Abidjan suburb of Yopougon in 1978.  Also included are a glossary of Abidjanian slang used in the story, along with some fashion & etiquette tips and recipes, and also a preface by Alissa Grace Chase, PhD, who will fill you in on the historical context in which this story plays out.  And there's more:  after finishing the book and having had a moment or two to reflect upon its contents, you are likely to feel as we did that the story told in Aya, while rich in Africana, contains much that is the same the world over, and some universal truths to boot.  This full color hardcover from Drawn & Quarterly is a treasure.
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $16.95

by David B.

 • Babel

retail price - $9.95 
price - $8.95

by Gabrielle Bell

LuckyD & Q sez:  " Gabrielle Bell fascinatingly documents the mundane details of her below-minimum wage, twenty-something existence in Brooklyn, NY with a subtle humor. Her simple, unadorned drawing style, heavy narration and biting wit chronicles transient roommates who communicate only through post-it notes; aspiring artists who sublet tiny rooms in leaky, greasy broken-down border-house loft apartments crawling with bugs, cats and bad art. Bell tackles a string of forgettable, unrelated jobs including nude modeling, artist’s assistant, art teacher, and jewelry maker that only serve to bolster her despair, boredom and discomfort in her own skin. Bell’s self-scrutiny leads her to dream sequences that allow her to rise above her banal actuality and hyper-awareness. Bell fantasizes about her vision of a perfect world as she becomes the accomplished artist and world traveler she longs to be. Bell’s daily comics allow her to escape the harsh, judgmental gaze of the world and the monotony of daily life. Her unpolished art speaks to a desire to record all the messy details while the pain and confusion is still fresh.  Coming of age amidst the zine revolution, cartoonist Gabrielle Bell has been creating her comics to much acclaim, even winning an Ignatz Award for the self-published serialization of Lucky."
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $17.77

by Ariel Boudreux

• No Love Lost
retail price - $6.95
copacetic price - $5.55

by Chester Brown


I Never Liked You

- softcover  
retail price- $15.95
copacetic price - $14.44

The Little Man:
  Short Stories 1980-1995
Little Man
- softcover - retail price - $14.95 - copacetic price - $12.75 (new edition)
- hardcover  - retail price - $24.95 - Copacetic Price out of stock
- hardcover S/N edition- retail price - $34.95 - Copacetic Price $34.95 (o/p, but we still have a few left!)

•Louis Riel
 - hardcover  - retail price - $24.95 - Copacetic Price o/s
- softcover  - retail price - $16.95 - copacetic price - $15.25

The Playboy

- softcover
retail price - $12.95
copacetic price - $11.75


• Ed the Happy Clown
Ed #1
#5, 7 - 9  -  retail price - $2.95@  Copacetic Price $2.65@
#1 - 4, 6  (o/p, but still in stock; very few left) -  retail price - $2.95@  Copacetic Price $2.95@

AND, while supplies last, we are offering a complete set of all nine issues of Ed, the Happy Clown for the  copacetic special price of:  >> $22.50 << ¡DEAL!


(this series is now out of print, and as such is no longer discounted)
 - #1 - 4   - retail price - $2.95 - Copacetic Price $2.95@
 - #5 - 8   - retail price - $3.50 - Copacetic Price $3.50@
 - #9        - retail price - $3.25 - Copacetic Price $3.25
 - #10 & 11 - retail price - $3.25 - Copacetic Price $6.00@ (now out of print and hard to come by)

• Yummy Fur --Technically, most of these issues should not be listed here as they were published by Vortex Comics, not D & Q, but this seems a likely location to look for them, so here they are-- (The earlier issues are all out of print, and are NOT priced at the standard discount; all are new and unread)

- #1, 2, 15, 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32  - Copacetic Price $ 5.00@

PLEASE NOTE:  Sales on Ed the Happy Clown and Yummy Fur are limited to adults only.

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by David Collier


• The Frank Ritza Papers - softcover
- retail price - $19.95 - Copacetic Price $14.95 ¡special!
• Hamilton Sketchbook
- softcover

- retail price - $14.95 - Copacetic Price $12.70
• Just the Facts - softcover
- retail price - $11.95 - Copacetic Price $10.15
• Portraits from Life - softcover
- retail price - $12.95 - Copacetic Price $  8.95 ¡special!


• Collier's Volume 2
#1 - retail price - $3.50 - Copacetic Price $2.95
#2 - retail price - $3.50 - Copacetic Price $2.95

by R. Crumb

Waiting for Food: More Restaurant Placemat Drawings #3
retail price - $26.95
copacetic price - $8.95 ¡SALE!

by Guy Delisle

PyongyangPyongyang: A Journey in North Korea
Also from D & Q, this 176-page hardcover by 37-year-old French-Canadian cartoonist, Guy Delisle is eye opening graphic reportage in the tradition of Joe Sacco, but in an entirely different style.  Granted a two-month work visa to contribute to a French animated film that depended on the labors of North Korean animators, Delisle gained a rare vantage point from which to observe the people and workings of most isolated nation on earth, and he reports his observations and insights here, in a straight forward clean line style that will be readily apprehended by the least experienced reader of comics and readily appreciated by the more seasoned comics hand. 
retail price -  $19.95  copacetic price - $17.77

Shenzhen: A Travelogue from China
Shenzhenby Guly Delisle
Speaking of follow-up volumes, this is a follow-up to Delisle's Pyongyang: A Journey to North Korea, that was released last year at this time, then as now in conjuction with Tatsumi's collection.  We're not sure what D & Q is trying to say with these dual releases, but we presume it has something to do with Asia.  In any event, Deslisle, a Québec native currently residing in France, has abandoned a decade long career working in animation to devote himself full time to comics, and his devotion is starting to reap dividends. Shenzhen offers the reader a super cut-rate fare to this up and coming
Chinese metropolis situated close to Hong Kong (One caveat to keep in mind when reading this:  the visit this travelogue records took place in 1997 --  the city has grown quite a bit since then).  He communicates his feelings of isolation as a non-Chinese speaking westerner who is there for work (he was overseeing an animation production) and offers an engaging look at the city's culture and people that doubles as a historical snapshot. 
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $17.77

by Julie Doucet

Quebéc native, Julie Doucet est La Femme Terriblé of comics, Canadian and otherwise.  Pyschotic, scatological, mono-maniacal and ink-stained, her comics are in a league of their own.  Initially inspired to produce comics by the early self-published work of fellow Canadian, Chester Brown, Ms. Doucet embarked on a series of comics work where no holds were barred and no punches pulled. Self examination was the order of the day, and while it was Julie's own self that was plumbed to its deep dark depths, all of us who went along for the ride found that the magic searchlight of her art illuminated our own inner demons as well.   A few comics artists have lived in her artistic neighborhood:  the aforementioned Chester Brown during the eighties, R. Crumb during the late sixties and Kaz, being the most notable who come to mind. 


• Léve ta Jambe Mon Poisson Est Mort! - softcover
- retail price - $10.95 - copacetic price - $10.95
• My Most Secret Desire - new edition hardcover
- retail price - $19.95 - copacetic price - $17.77
• My New York Diary - new edition softcover
- retail price - $15.95 - copacetic price - $14.44
• The Madame Paul Affair
- softcover

- retail price - $7.95 - copacetic price - $7.00
• Long Time Relationship

retail price - $19.95
copacetic price - $17.77

• Lady Pep
- retail price - $9.95 - copacetic price - $8.95

365 Days
365 Days: A Diary

An especially nicely put together D & Q volume, this one is sure to be a thrill for all long-suffering fans of Doucet's comics work, who have been hoping for a new book to dig their teeth into for quite a while now. 
The wait is over, and how!  A cover to cover Quebecois production -- written, drawn, edited, designed, published and printed in North America's little piece of France -- 365 Days: A Diary is Doucet délibéré.  Think of it:  365 one-page diary strips, a year in the life of Julie, one page at a time, all rendered in pen and ink on paper in Ms. Doucet's mature, subtractive, expressionistic take on the ligne clare style.  If you are unfamiliar with her work, do yourself a favor and check out this 5-page preview.
retail price - $29.95
   copacetic price - $25.75


• Dirty Plotte
 - #1 - 6   -  retail price - $2.50 - Copacetic Price $2.50@
 - #7 & 9   -  retail price - $2.95 - Copacetic Price $2.50@
 - #10 & 12 retail price - $3.50 - Copacetic Price $3.00@

PLEASE NOTE:  Sales on Dirty Plotte and all Julie Doucet books are limited to adults only.

by Debbie Drechsler

summer of love• The Summer of Love
Debbie Drechsler's The Summer of Love is a poignant rite-of-passage graphic novel that lays bare  -- in pen and ink on paper -- one soul as it navigates the roiling waters of the transition from girl to woman, revealing the angst, lust, love and confusion produced by the raging hormones of adolescence.  The entire book is beautifully printed in two colors:  a flat olive and a light mahogany, that work together serve to provide a unique reading experience -- no black ink anywhere!  Peggy Orenstein, the author of Schoolgirls: Young Women, Self Esteem, and the Confidence Gap, has this to say:  "Debbie Drechsler's is one of the most authentic, profound voices of female cuture in any medium.  Summer of Love perfectly captures the daily anxieties and mundane traumas of coming of age in the suburbs."
144 pages • two-color
retail price - $16.95

copacetic special price - $8.95

by Philippe Dupuy and Charles Berberian

Get a LifeGet a Life
Here are some classic French comics -- or bande dessinée, as they say dans le Français -- by two Angoulême award winning cartoonists.  Best known in North America for their appearances in Drawn & Quarterly's eponymous flagship title, Dupuy & Berberian's work combines an urban and refreshingly adult wit  -- one in which adult actually means adult and not the worn and torn euphemism for graphic sexual content -- with an astute artistic flair to produce thoroughly engaging reading experiences that no one will ever feel ashamed for enjoying.  Get a Life is a full color collection of about a dozen of the early Monsieur Jean short stories and serves to introduce readers to the titular character, "a laconic, single Parisian male struggling through the usual calamities of life." These extremely entertaining tales will leave you basking in a warm afterglow and looking forward to your next encounter. 
Maybe Later
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $17.77

Maybe Later
Maybe Later presents the rare initial solo outing of Dupuy and Berberian as each tackles the task of describing the behind-the-scene experience of creating their popular Monsieur Jean series from their own point of view.   Along the way these black and white tales introduce the creators' individual idiosyncrasies, as well as take quite a few flights of fancy.  The result is a rollicking rollercoaster ride.  Beautifully designed by Tom Devlin (as is Get a Life) and lushly produced in the inimitable Drawn and Quarterly fashion.
retail price - $16.95  copacetic price - $14.44

by Phillippe Dupuy
This one represents quite a departure for Dupuy.  Those who are accustomed to his stylish depictions of French bourgeois life will be in for a surprise.   Taking the form of a 200 page hardcover graphic novel; sparse and scratchy in its execution; by turns scary, funny, sad, cute, odd, bizarre and absurd, Haunted is a 200 page self analysis in comics that was nomiated for the 2006 award for Best Comic Book at Angoulême International Comics Festival.  Here's a 5-page preview to give you an idea of what we're talking about.
retail price - $24.95 
copacetic price - $22.22

by Sammy Harkham

Crickets 1
Crickets #1
by Sammy Harkham
Kramers Ergot editor (and, for the most part, publisher), Sammy Harkham has decided, "Enough already with spending all my time getting other artists' work together.  I just want to sit down and draw!"  Crickets is his new ongoing series and we now have the first issue on hand so you can check out what he's been up to.  This first issue is a nicely produced,  slightly oversized, saddle-stitched, 32-page duo-tone (black and green) comic book that is entirely taken up by a single story titled, "Black Death,"  a mordant tale that falls pretty much half way between Jordan Crane and Anders Nilsen in its feel, but is totally unique, seems to be a novel take on the legend of the golem, and is, evidently, the first installment of an epic saga which will, in subsequent issues, become the ongoing back-up feature, and that the lead features in these upcoming issues will be stand alone stories.  It's well worth a look and is sure to appeal to all previously indoctrinated Harkham readers.
retail price - $3.95  copacetic price - $3.55

Crickets #2

Crickets #2
by Sammy Harkham
The wait is over.  It's been well over a year since this series premiered, and we were wondering if it was going to continue, or not.  Well, no more!  This issue -- which, according to the front cover, features "generals, pregnant teenagers, cartoonists, golems, prophets and boners" --  primarily consists of the second chapter of "Black Death", but there are a half dozen or so additional shorts that are a lot of fun and help make up for the long wait.  It's like they say:  "You can't rush quality."  This work is in the "comics purist" school:  every line, from cover to cover, including the credits and even the letters page,
is hand drawn.
retail price - $4.95   copacetic price - sold out

by Dylan Horrocks

• Hicksville - softcover

- retail price - $19.95 - copacetic price - $19.95 (o/p; few remaining)


Atlas #1 - retail price - $3.95 - copacetic price - $4.00
Atlas #2 - retail price - $2.95 - copacetic price - o/s
Atlas #3 -
retail price - $3.95 - copacetic price - o/s

by Kevin Huizenga

by Kevin Huizenga
The much anticipated first collection by up-and-coming-new-comics-champ, Kevin Huizenga is at last on our shelves.  Its arrival may, however, signal the end of Huizenga's status as an up-and-comer, and initiate his ensconsement in the ranks of established contemporary masters of comics.  This volume brings together a wide range of Huizenga's work from a wide variety of sources.  It starts off with a little known (well, not to long time Copacetic customers) gem from the Orchid anthology published by Sparkplug Comics, titled, "Green Tea."  It is adapted from a classic Victorian horror story
of the same name by Sheridan Le Fanu, but is given the inimitable Huizenga treatment and stands as an original work.  Following this there is the trilogy that first appeared in Drawn and Quarterly Showcase #1, several selections from the now out of print first issue of Huizenga's ongoing solo title, Or Else, a 2-pager originally done for Time Magazine, and the full color story, "Jeepers Jacobs," originally executed for Kramers Ergot 5.  Anyone not already familiar with these works is heartily encouraged to consider this a great opportunity to read some excellent comics delivered in a fine package for a reasonable price.  And, it should go without saying (but, of course, we can't help but say it anyway) that this is makes for a swell gift.  Learn more about the works of Kevin Huizenga here
retail price - $21.95  copacetic price - $17.95

• Or Else #1  -    retail price - $3.50 - copacetic price - o/p & o/s

Or Else #2  -    retail price - $5.95 - copacetic price - $5.00

• Or Else #3  -    retail price - $3.50 - copacetic price - o/p & o/s

• Or Else #4  -    retail price - $5.95 - copacetic price - o/p  & o/s

Drawn & Quarterly Showcase : Volume One
- retail price - $14.95 - copacetic price - $12.70

by Igort

5 Is the Perfect Number
by Igort
This book is beautifully produced and gorgeously printed in black and white and steel blue (in Italy by Coconino Press) and is really a wonder to behold.  This is what European Comics is about:  An engaging story chock full of atmosphere -- sunny mornings by the lake, rainy nights in the alley, hushed interiors, and the harsh stacatto of gunfire and death -- carefully told with an aesthetic flair.  To point you in the right direction: think Muñoz meets Mazzucchelli.
retail price - $19.95 copacetic price - $15.95 

by Tove Jansson

MoominMoomin, Book One
Well, if they ever decide to turn this into a prime-time animated cartoon (which would be great -- but don't hold your breath) we've got the theme song alrady picked out: "What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding."  Performed by, hmmm, let's say -- Shonen Knife.  This Finnish strip has more in common with George Herriman's Krazy Kat that one might think just looking at it, or even upon first read; but once you let it sink in, the strip has at its core the same dedication to carefree existence, along with a simliarly oddball cast of characters.  Of course, it is indelibly stamped with the character of its country of origin and Europe in general, but it's half the fun to see this spirit animated in these foreign climes.  Publisher Drawn and Quarterly has this to say:  "The Moomins saw life in many forms but debuted to its biggest audience ever on the pages of world’s largest newspaper The London Evening News, in 1954. The strip was syndicated in newspapers around the world with millions of readers in 40 countries. Moomin, Book One is D & Q's first volume in their projected plan to reprint the strip's run through to 1960. This is the first time the strip will be published in any form in North America and will deservedly place Jansson among the international cartooning greats of the last century.  The Moomins are a tight-knit family – hippo-shaped creatures with easygoing and adventurous outlooks. Jansson's art is pared down and precise, yet able to compose beautiful portraits of ambling creatures in fields of flowers or rock-strewn beaches that recall Jansson’s Nordic roots. The comic strip reached out to adults with its gentle and droll sense of humor. Whimsical but with biting undertones, Jansson’s observations of everyday life, including guests who overstay their welcome, modern art, movie stars, and high society, easily caught the attention of an international audience and still resonate today."  This is a one of a kind classic that you owe it to yourself to at least take a look at.
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $17.77

Moomin 2

Moomin: Volume Two

by Tove Jansson
The surprise hit of 2006 returns with a second fine volume.  In every way a worthy successor, this time around the Moomins experience "Winter Follies," meet "Mamma's Maid," "Build a House," and "Begin a New Life"  in four uniquely original adventures collected in one sturdy yet elegant volume.
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $17.77

by Miriam Katin

We Are On Our OwnWe Are On Our Own
by Miriam Katin
This is a comics memoir of a Jewish mother and child's persecution and flight in Hungary in the last year of the Second World War.  It is a harsh story of pain and persevering, of suffering and survival against the odds that is written and drawn by the grown child and bracketed by scenes of her own motherhood safely ensconced in the United States.  A unique endeavor from cover to cover, the story is told entirely in rugged pencil drawings that eloquently testify to the strength of its actors.  This attention to matching form and content continues in Tom Devlin's thoughtful design of the book itself.  Holding the book in one's hands, one immediately feels that its origins are in a harsh world filled with privation that is quite alien to the sleek comforts amidst with we comport ourselves in America today.
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $16.95

  by Frank King
Walt and SkeezixWalt and Skeezix
The Complete Daily Comic Strips, Volume One: 1921 - 1922

Well, first there was the Complete Peanuts, and now there's the Complete Gasoline Alley.  This volume collects only the dailes, due to the fact that the Sundays were gigantic and designed as an organic whole and so not suitable to be broken down and squeezed into this book's format (Many fine examples of the early Gasoline Alley Sunday pages are available in Drawn & Quarterly Volume Three and Volume Four, and one Sunday is reproduced here, just to give you a taste.)  That said, this book, lovingly designed by Chris Ware -- think McSweeney's #13, only not quite as elaborate -- is, from a production standpoint, a true work of art.  The book begins on January 1, 1921, several years into the the strip's continuity, but just before baby Skeezix is discovered on Walt's doorstep and so a perfect place to start the generational saga that Gasoline Alley was to become. 
The introductory notes and appendix are expansive, illustrated and accompanied by many, many rare photographs heretofore unseen by just about anyone outside the King clan.   This volume  -- like those in the Complete Peanuts -- contains two complete years, 1921 & 1922 in this case, but with the difference that there are only two strips per page, instead of three, accurately reflecting the significantly larger size that comic strips were printed at during the time these strips originally appeared, compared to the Peanuts strips that began almost exactly thirty years later.   While it's pretty safe to say that Gasoline Alley fans will be in seventh heaven while working their way through this volume, we believe that anyone interested in the early days of American comics strips should at least pick this book up and take a look at it.
retail price - $29.95  copacetic price - $25.47

Walt & Skeezix 2Walt & Skeezix, Volume Two: 1923 & 1924
by Frank King
While we're on the subject of classic newspaper comics, we'll take this opportunity to let you know that, yes, the second collection of Frank King's almighty classic, Gasoline Alley is currently gracing our humble shelves.  Designed, once again, by Chris Ware, this volume has even more support material than the first collection.  A lengthy introduction by comics scholar, Jeet Heer and end notes by Tim Samuelson are accompanied by
an amazing selection of photographs from the King family album, sketches and watercolors, scrap-book clippings and other ephemera that together make an excellent frame for the over six-hundred daily strips this volume contains.
retail price - $29.95  copacetic price - $25.47

Walt & Skeezix, Book Three
Walt & Skeezix, Book Three: 1925 & 1926

by Frank King
The third collection of classic Gasoline Alley dailies has arrived and is ready for reading.  Designed, once again, by Chris Ware, and housing
over six-hundred daily strips, this volume continues to be an excellent package at a reasonable price.
retail price - $29.95  copacetic price - $25.47


by Jason Lutes

• Berlin: City of Stones (Book One) - softcover
- retail price - $19.95 -  copacetic price - $16.95

• Jar of Fools - softcover
- retail price - $14.95 - copacetic price - $12.70

by Joe Matt 

• Peepshow - softcover
- retail price - $14.95 -  copacetic price - $12.70

• Poor Bastard - softcover
- retail price - $16.95 -  copacetic price - $15.25

• Fair Weather
- retail price - $16.95 - copacetic price - $15.25

by Joe Matt
Here it is, the grande finalé to Matt's Canadian chronicles.  A US citizen who lived (illegally) in Canada from 1988 to 2002, Matt, along with Seth and Chester Brown formed the quintessential Canadian indy comics troika.  Matt's shtick is one of horrifying self-criticism, in which he mercilessly (and, we have to admit, courageously) parades his flaws and quirks for all to see.  In his own  twisted way, Matt's parade manages to float the (well, more than)
occasional celebration of degeneracy -- perhaps most fully and disgracefully here in Spent, in which, as the title suggests, he made what we can all hope was an at last successful attempt to get it all out of his system.  Only time will tell if it did the trick, but we can enjoy the perverse pleasures of this comics text now and that everything will work out for him in the end.
retail price - $19.95 copacetic price - $17.77

by Max

Dream of Mr D
The Extended Dream of Mr. D

The title has it right:  This is an extended (or perhaps extensive would have been better) dream.  It is an adventure story, but it is an adventure that could only take place in a dream.  Anything and everything goes here, yet it all connects somehow and the dreamer's very soul is at stake.  The sumptuous art and surreal story perfectly complement one another in this truly far out tale by the Spanish cartoonist, Max. 

retail price - $12.95
- copacetic price - $8.95

Rutu Modan
Exit Wounds
Exit Wounds

This 172 page full color hardcover work by Rutu Modan, a founding member of the Israeli comics group, Actus Tragicus, is a real graphic novel.  Populated by fully fleshed out characters and beautifully rendered in a personal style that is clean, colorful and capable of conveying the full depth of the strong script which expresses the
complexities and nuances that we expect from something called a novel, Exit Wounds is a book you'll be likely to read more than once.  Joe Sacco (Palestine, Safe Area Gorazde) call Exit Wounds "a profound, richly textured, humane, and unsentimental look at societal malaise and human relationships and that uneasy place where they sometimes intersect."
retail price - $19.95 copacetic price - $16.95

by Anders Nilsen
• Dogs and Water (hardcover edition)
- retail price - $19.95 - copacetic price - $15.95

Big Questions #7Big Questions #7: Dinner and a Nap

by Anders Nilsen
After self-publishing this title for six issues, Nilsen's flagship title is now being published under the auspices of Drawn & Quarterly, following their success with his Dogs and Water.  An obviously keen observer of nature, Nilsen has, over the course of the seven issues of this title, combined his native rendering skills with his eager and probing intellect to forge an (admittedly abstruse) allegory of a contemporary emotional landscape.  Fear, desire,
greed, anxiety, loss and despair find expression in odd and ungainly visual collision of various and sundry pairings of flora and fauna (primarily birds), inanely repetitive movements of ambulatory creatures, blank stares, and random events, with a Socratic dialogue of rudimentarily grasped abstract concepts and their dimly seen symbolic representations.  Each issue of Big Questions offers the rare combination of æsthetic enjoyment and intellectual challenge, and this issue is certainly no exception.
retail price - $4.95  copacetic price - o/p & o/s

Big Questions 8
Big Questions #8: Theory and Practice
by Anders Nilsen

The latest issue in Nilsen's ongoing epistemological entreaty employing avian intermediaries is currently expounding from our shelves.  This issue comes to us in a deluxe 40-page, French-flapped edition, in which the flaps themselves are cleverly employed to provide us with a full-color line-up of the cast of characters that will be edifying to all but will be especially useful to newer readers in helping them to navigate their way through the symbol strewn landscape of this series.
retail price - $5.95  copacetic price - o/p & o/s

Big Questions #9
by Anders Nilsen

retail price - $6.95  copacetic price - o/p & o/s

Big Questions #10

Big Questions 10: The Hand That Feeds
by Anders Brekhus Nilsen
The world's most philosophically inquisitive birds continue in their confrontation with the mysteries of the (at least to them) unknown while you, the reader, are left to find the proper perspective from which to view the diverse diffractions of Anders's angled arguments.  Highlights in this issue include:  crows, the pilot of the plane and doughnuts.  See you there.
retail price - $6.50  copacetic price - $5.55

Don't Go Where I Can't FollowDon't Go Where I Can't Follow
by Anders Nilsen (with Cheryl Weaver)
Not for the faint hearted, this is a graphic memoir that is composed of a collection of vignettes that act as windows which provide a series of views on the relationship between Mr. Nilsen and Ms. Weaver; a  relationship that ends with Ms. Weaver's death from Hodgekins Disease.  The assembled material ranges from postcards each sent to the other, photographs from their travels, one long letter from Anders to his sister detailing a particular trip the two shared, sketches of Ms. Weaver in her hospital bed that show her physical deterioration, and, of course, comics, including a long piece detailing Ander's subjective experince of the funeral.  Readers are likely to have a wide range of responses to this piece, but it's hard to see it as being motivated by anything other than love and loss.
retail price - $17.95  copacetic price - o/p & o/s

by Pentti Otsamo

HomunculusThe Fall of Homunculus
This is the only stand alone tale by the award-winning Finnish cartoonist, Pentti Otsamo, whose work has appeared several times in  Drawn & Quarterly, the flagship anthology title and, most recently, in Drawn and Quarterly Showcase 2 which was released just this past year.  The Fall of Homunculus tells the tale of an unexpected pregnancy and the effect it has on a young couple as they are faced with the prospect of parenthood. 
retail price - $9.95
- copacetic price - $7.95

by Gary Panter

• Satiro-Plastic
- hardcover
- retail price - $19.95 - copacetic price - $16.95

by John Porcellino

King-Cat ClassixKing-Cat Classix
Yes! 382 pages of comics selected from the next-to-impossible-to-find first fifty issues of King-Cat Comics (currently published under the title King-Cat Comics and Stories) by the long suffering self-publishing champ, John Porcellino.  King-Cat Comics is an ideal illustration of the  existentialist project that brings order and meaning to a life lived in an inherently absurb world.  Beginning in May of 1989, Porcellino put pen to paper and declared that he would have no rules dictating what he would produce, only that it would be true to his artistic instincts and that it would all be called King-Cat Comics.  As the years passed, King-Cat gradually evolved from its origins as a simple pastime, eventually becoming the central, defining aspect of Porcellino's existence.  Now, almost exactly 18 years later, just in time for the comic to reach the age adulthood, this fine collection is now available to give everyone a chance to experience King-Cat Comics' pen and ink birth, growth, maturation, and coming of age.  Also included are an introduction, extensive notes, and a complete index.  King-Cat Classix is the Swiss Army Knife of comics compendiums: it is the perfect beach book for the true-blue comics reader, the ideal gift book for the hard to please indy comics collector in your life, solid inspiration for a budding DIY comics creator, and, perhaps most importantly, a solid source for thoughtful reflection on the constitution of human existence.  Recommended!
retail price - $29.95  copacetic price - $25.55

• Perfect Example (new edition)
- retail price - $16.95 - copacetic price - $14.40

by Michael Rabagliati

Paul in the Country (comic book)
- retail price - $3.50 copacetic price - $3.15

Paul Has a Summer Job
- retail price - $16.95 copacetic price - $14.40

Paul moves OutPaul Moves Out - hardcover
A cause for celebration for all Paul fans everywhere, Paul Moves Out looks like a strong contender for the best volume in the series so far.  It's a snazzy 104-page 81/2" x 11" hardcover,  printed on nice, flat, light cream stock.  The story deals with that most important of developmental stages, moving out! 
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $16.95

by Ron Regé, Jr.

Awake FieldThe Awake Field
by Ron Regé, Jr.
Wow, a double dose of Ron Regé, Jr.! (see below) This one is technically Yeast Hoist #(lucky)13.  It is a beautifully drawn, designed and produced square format volume.  Printed in two colors with a full color flexi cover and endpapers this book is an aesthetic treat and a bargain to boot. 
Ron Regé, Jr. is channelling the spirit of the 20th century American painter, Charles Burchfield into 21st century comics.  Like Burchfield's paintings, Regé's comics in this volume fill the viewer/reader with a sense of wonder at the impossible beauty and strange otherness of nature.  His work really puts you there, it communicates, it catalyzes neurons to fire in new patterns that trigger new thoughts and new ways of seeing the world as an... awake field.  There's nothing out there in any medium to compare to Regé's work.  We say: a must!
retail price - $7.95  copacetic price - $6.75

Skibber Bee-ByeSkibber Bee-Bye
FINALLY!  Back in print at last, after a comedy of errors led to a delay of nearly a year!  Ron Rege's mammoth masterwork has received the deluxe Drawn and Quarterly treatment in a brand new edition that sports a stitched binding and flexi-cover (similar to the most recent Kramers Ergot) for years of reading pleasure.  This is a singular work that has few if any analogues in the annals of comics; and it makes for an intense reading experience.  If you're looking for comics that challange your view of reality, you need look no further than Skibber Bee-Bye.  Make sure you take a moment to give this one the once over.
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $16.95

by Joe Sacco

The Fixer - hardcover
- retail price - $24.95 copacetic price - $21.20

War's EndWar's End: Profiles from Bosnia 1995-96
- hardcover
This hardcover follow up volume to 2003's The Fixer is in the same format and collects two long out of print Sacco gems from his years reporting in Bosnia.  The first, Soba, is our personal all-time favorite Sacco piece, an endearing portrait of a Bosnian everyman caught in the thick of it.  The second, Christmas with Karadzic, is a solid piece of traditional reporting done in comics, and done well -- in and of itself offering solid proof to all skeptics that comics are a great reportorial medium.  We heartily recommend this volume. 
retail price - $14.95  copacetic price - $12.75

For Sacco's earlier (and some later) work, check out his Fantagraphics Listing.

by Seth


• Bannock, Beans and Black Tea by John Gallant (Seth's dad) and Seth
- retail price - $19.95 copacetic price - $19.95

• Clyde Fans: Book One -hardcover
- retail price - $19.95 copacetic price - $16.95

• It’s A Good Life, If You Don’t Weaken
(collects Palookaville #4 - 9)

-hardcover (2001 edition)
retail price - $29.95
Copacetic Price $29.95  (o/p; no longer discounted)
-softcover (new 2003 edition)
retail price - $19.95
Copacetic Price $19.95 (o/p -- temporarioly, we presume -- no longer discounted)

• Vernacular Drawings

retail price - $34.95
Copacetic Price $29.70

Wimbledon Green
Wimbledon Green by SethSub-titled, "The Greatest Comic Book Collector in the World," this is a book that will be as appealing to long time comic fans for its endearing portrait of the obsessive collector mindset as it will be to the general reader with its entertaining story and cast of characters.  And the production of this book is a delight for the senses.  You really have to pick it up and hold it in your hands to fully appreciate what a fine job they did with this one. Seth has clearly been absorbing the work of his peers as well as his precursors and is finally moving beyond his trademark schtick of  melancholy loners -- although he's certainly not abandoning it, as it permeates this work as well, only now it's moved below the surface.  The dense repetitive layouts of Chris Ware are here combined with the device pioneered by Dan Clowes in the last two issues of Eightball of creating a crazy quilt narrative of a series of sequentially juxtaposed short pieces.  Within this structural framework Seth has built an entertaining narrative that is highly reminiscent of some of the classic Uncle Scrooge tales by Carl Barks as well as the longer Little Lulu and Tubby adventures by John Stanley.  In other words:  If you like comics, you'll like Wimbledon Green.
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $16.95


• Clyde Fans, Part One (collects Palookaville #10 - 12)
- retail price - $7.95 - Copacetic Price $6.75

• Palookaville
- #13 - 15 - retail price - $3.75 - Copacetic Price $3.20@
- #16 - 17 - retail price - $4.95 - Copacetic Price $3.95@ 

by James Sturm

• Above & Below
(collects Revival & Hundreds of Feet Below Daylight)
- retail price - $9.95 - Copacetic Price $7.95

• Revival - comic  -
- retail price - $2.95 - Copacetic Price $2.95
• Hundreds of Feet Below Daylight - comic
- retail price - $3.95 - Copacetic Price sold out

Golem's Mighty Swing• The Golem’s Mighty Swing
The capstone to Sturm's Americana Trilogy, The Golem's Mighty Swing is his longest sustained work to date.  Set in the 1920s, it tells the story of the barnstorming baseball team, the Stars of David who travel the country trying to make a living playing the game that they love, but they're having a hard time at it so they decide to add the "Golem" to the team.  It's a story of the early days of baseball, life in these United States, ethnic identity and the melting pot, and more.  The work offers the best of both worlds:  there's a lot to dig your intellectual teeth into, and it's a joy to read. Time magazine named it the best graphic novel of 2001.  Bonus Fact:  author, James Sturm is currently spearheading the development of the first ever institute of higher learning devoted solely to the study of all things comics:  The Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont.
- retail price - $16.95 - copacetic price - $12.95

James Sturm's AmericaJames Sturm's America: God, Gold, and Golems
by (well, yes, of course) James Sturm
Kudos to D & Q (and, presumably, Mssrs. Sturm and Devlin, as well) on their pitch perfect packaging of these three tales.  Originally released individually as "Revival, "Hundreds of Feet Below Daylight," -- both self-published pamphlet comics -- and "The Golem's Mighty Swing," a softcover graphic novel that was honored as Time Magazine's best graphic novel of the year upon its orignal release, the tales that comprise this rugged hardcover volume all deal with distinctly American enterprises.  Respectively:   rural religious revivalism in what is now Kentucky, at the dawn of the
19th century; a quest for unearthing Idaho's underground riches towards the close of that same century; and an unusual take on an idiosyncratic intersection of minor league baseball and Jewish mysticism during the 1920s.  These are all one of a kind tales rendered with great care and affection that will provide a rewarding reading experience to one and all.  Here's a five-page preview from Revival.
retail price - $24.95  copacetic price - $22.22

by Yoshihiro Tatsumi

The Push Man The Push Man and other stories
edited, designed and with an introduction by Adrian Tomine
Yet another beautifully produced booik from the fine folks at Drawn & Quarterly, The Push Man is a 208 page hardcover collection of 16 short stories by the "grandfather of Japanese alternative comics."  Creating challenging comics for adults that he dubbed gekiga (to differentiate them from manga, which he viewed as relatively unsophisticated) since the late 1950s, Tatsumi was years ahead of his contemporaries ("decades ahead," according to acclaimed designer, Chip Kidd), not only in Japan but pretty much the world over.  Here are some hard to ignore accolades:  "From the moment I read Tatsumi's stories, he shot to the top of my short list of favorite cartoonists for adults.  His direct storytelling style is bracing and raised the bar pretty high for those of us trying to entertain intelligent grown-ups." -- Gilbert Hernandez"Tatsumi's comics are clean and straightforward without pretentious tricks.  Storytelling at its best." -- Jaime Hernandez 
While Tatsumi's work has appeared once before in America, in Catalan Communication's1987 Good-Bye and other stories, this was an unofficial edition that suffered in translation (it was translated from Japanese into Spanish, and then from Spanish into English; 'nuff said), entirely lacked Tatsumi's involvement, and is long out of print, making The Push Man the definitve North American edition of Tatsumi's work, and a must have for anyone on the lookout for great comics.
retail price -  $19.95  copacetic price - $16.95

Abandon the Old in TokyoAbandon the Old in Tokyo
by Yoshihiro Tatsumi
This is the second volume in Drawn and Quarterly's ongoing project to collect the works of the founding father of gekiga, a gritty, more overtly literary form of manga.  Picking up where last year's The Push Man and Other stories left off, Abandon the Old in Tokyo collects Tatsumi's work from 1970.  The eight lengthy tales that make up this  200 page hardcover volume present the seamy underside of (then) contemporary urban life, but unlike other often exploitative treatments of this type of subject matter, Tatsumi's approach provides his readers with a very humane perspective on all too real humans struggling to make their way in a world that seems to have changed without them.
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $16.95

by Adrian Tomine


• 32 Stories (collects Optic Nerve minis)
- softcover- retail price - $12.95 - Copacetic Price $11.00

• Sleepwalk (collects Optic Nerve #1 - 4)
- softcover- retail price - $15.95 - Copacetic Price $13.55

• Summer Blonde (collects Optic Nerve #5 - 8)
- hardcover - retail price - $24.95 - Copacetic Price $21.25

• Summer Blonde (collects Optic Nerve #5 - 8)
- softcover - retail price - $16.95 - Copacetic Price $14.40

• Scrapbook: Uncollected Work 1990 - 2004
- oversize softcover - retail price - $24.95 - Copacetic Price $19.95


by Adrian Tomine
At last, Mr. Tomine's first actual graphic novel is here.  This fine Drawn & Quarterly hardcover edition articulates an angst-ridden Asian-American assimilation in 108 finely rendered pages collecting Optic Nerve #9 - #11.  This work captures the lives of 20-somethings navigating their way towards a place in the scheme of things that they can call their own.  Tomine is that rare creator with perfect pitch and it's uncanny how he always manages to get it... just right.  This time out, a romance unwinds, a friendship blooms and fades, and life goes on.
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $16.95



• Optic Nerve
 - #1 - 4 - retail price - $2.95 - Copacetic Price $2.65@
 - #5 - 7 - retail price - $2.95 - Copacetic Price $2.65@
 - #8 - retail price - $3.50 - Copacetic Price $3.15
 - #9, 10 & 11 - retail price - $3.95 - Copacetic Price $3.55

by Chris Ware

Acme Novelty Library 17
Well, how about that?  Just about exactly one year after number 16, here's number 17 -- right on schedule!  This is, as all Chris Ware
Acme 17devotees doubtless already know, another carefully crafted hardcover  from the master himself that contains the next chapter in the sordid saga of Rusty Brown; or as Mr. Ware himself puts it:  "Continuing with the second half of the introduction to his shamelessly meandering graphic novel “Rusty Brown” (which began last issue at a private school in the 1970s midwest) the six-sided crystal suggested by the exegisis of the first installment is slowly turned and examined in mid-morning winter sunlight sometime between the bell of first period and the conclusion of lunch for the first through the fourth grades. Also included are more thorough examinations of many of the main characters’ cloudy motivations, personal habits, and favorite restaurants, to say nothing of the small dust mote around which they have coalesced and the complications in its life due to the acquisition of superpowers sometime the night before."  Where else can one so fully revisit the fullness of childhood pain in such finely rendered depictions of the horrors of growing up, wallow in such luxurious self-loathing, and experience such exquisite quivers of self-laceration but in the pages of the Acme Novelty Library.  Back-up bonus:  the tale of "Branford, the Best Bee in the World."
retail price - $16.95  copacetic price - $15.00

ACME 18ACME Novelty Library 18
by Chris Ware
The 2007 Chris Ware trifecta is now complete(see below).   Ring out the year immersed in these fine-tuned renderings of early 21st century urban angst.
  Chris sez:  "In keeping with his athletic goal of issuing a volume of his occasionally lauded ACME series once every new autumn, volume 18 finds cartoonist Chris Ware abandoning the engaging serialization of his "Rusty Brown" and instead focusing upon his ongoing and more experimentally grim narrative, 'Building Stories.'  Collecting pages unseen except in obscure alternative weekly periodicals and sophisticated expensive coffee table magazines, The ACME Novelty Library #18 re-introduces the characters which New York Times readers found "dry" and "deeply depressing" when one chapter of the work (not included here) was presented in its pages during 2005 and 2006. Set in a Chicago apartment building more or less in the year 2000, the stories move from the straightforward to the mnemonically complex, invading character's memories and personal ambitions with a text point size likely unreadable to human beings over the age of 45. Reformatted to accommodate this different material, readers will be pleased by the volume's vertical shape and tasteful design, which, unlike Ware's earlier volumes, should discreetly blend into any stack or shelf of real books."
retail price - $17.95
   copacetic price - $15.95

ACME Novelty 18.5

The Acme Novelty Library # 18.5

(aka “The New Yorker” portfolio)

Chris sez:   "This print portfolio, somewhat hedgingly entitled  The ACME Novelty Library, No. 18.5, contains all four 'Thanksgiving' covers drawn by  cartoonist and cultural commentator F. C. Ware for the November 27th,  2006 issue of The New Yorker, as well as the additional fifth comic strip which heretofore only appeared in digital form, all carefully printed in full color at an oversized 15" x 20” size on heavy paper and folded in half for easy recycling. As if this wasn’t dreary enough, included is a new supplementary folded comic strip, measuring  16” x 11,” which is also folded in half. The consumer is asked to carefully weigh whether purchase of this object is truly necessary, and to act accordingly."

retail price - $32.00  copacetic price - $27.00

The Acme Novelty Datebook 1986-1995
retail price - $39.95 - copacetic price - $34.95

Acme Novelty Datebook: Volume Two, 1995-1999
retail price - $39.95   copacetic price - $34.95

The Drawn & Quarterly Anthology

• Volume One
 - #1 - 10 - o/s
 - Best of Volume One - softcover -
- retail price - $10.95 - Copacetic Price $8.95

• Volume Two
 - #1 - 3 - retail price - $5.95 - Copacetic Price $5.35@
 - #4 & 5 - retail price - $6.95 - Copacetic Price $6.25@
 - #6 - retail price - $9.95 - Copacetic Price $8.95  

DQ3Drawn & Quarterly Anthology • Volume Three
- oversize softcover
edited by Chris Oliveros

Leading off with elegantly drawn covers and endpapers by Chris Ware in homage to Frank King's "Gasoline Alley," this oversized 10th anniversary publication from Drawn & Quarterly is overflowing with top-flight graphic art and storytelling, revealing "a fine editorial taste as well as an outstanding design sense" (San Francisco Chronicle Book Review). It includes a 55-page full color "Monsieur Jean" story by New Yorker artists Dupuy & Berberian, a focus on Italian cartoonist Franco Matticchio, and a fourteen-page sampling of Seth's color sketchbook portraits. 
French cartoonist Blutch provides a brief history of boxing in "Fist To Fist," and a few of Harry Mayerovitch's shadow-egos appear in an excerpt from The Other One. Here too are stories by Pentti Otsamo, Jason Little, and Quebecois cartoonist Michel Rabagliati, who relates a boy's discovery of the magical Linotype machine. The centerpiece of this edition is an archival feature focusing on "Gasoline Alley" that richly reproduces 30 full-color Sunday strips from the 1920s and 30s, with a rare commentary by Frank King himself.  The piece that makes this volume a must have for any card carrying member of the comics cognoscenti is  RAW alumni, R. Sikoryak's masterpiece "Dostoyevsky Comics," which manages to simultaneously deconstruct both Bob Kane's Batman and Russian literature.  This story simply has to be seen to be believed.  It is a pitch perfect adaptation of Dostoyevsky's novel, Crime and Punishment as a 1950s issue of Detective Comics, with Batman as Raskolnikov! This single story is worth the price of the entire anthology.  Really. 

176 pages • oversize (10" x 13") • full color

retail price - $24.95 - copacetic  price - $24.95 (now o/p; we have 2 copies left)

DQ4Drawn & Quarterly Anthology • Volume Four  - oversize softcover
edited by Chris Oliveros

The fourth volume of this excellent anthology series provides an international roundup of graphic storytelling, showcasing the 54-page "The Adventures of Hergé", by French cartoonist/author team Stanislas, Bocquet and Fromental—a meticulously researched, beautifully told biography of the creator of "Tintin." Miriam Katin explores terrifying childhood memories in Hungary during the time of the Soviet invasion of 1956, and French cartoonist Blutch provides another brutal look at the unsavory history of boxing. Other highlights include the dreamlike "The Bleeding Tree," by Swiss cartoonist Nicolas Robel; a color strip by Ron Regé Jr.; and the return of R. Sikoryak, with his retelling of "The Scarlet Letter" enacted by Little Lulu and Tubby in an uncanny replication of John Stanley's deceptively simple style. The Archive section presents another 30-page overview of Frank King's "Gasoline Alley" Sunday pages in color, focusing on the early years of the strip from 1922 through 1925, as well as an impressive 20-page "poster gallery" of Harry Mayerovitch's stunning World War Two posters for the Canadian Film Board. Steven Guarnaccia provides the covers and endpapers.  It's cover to cover quality!

160 pages • oversize (10" x 13") • full color

retail price - $24.95 - copacetic price - $24.95  (now o/p; we have 3 copies left)

D & Q 5Drawn & Quarterly Anthology • Volume Five  - oversize softcover -
edited by Chris Oliveros

Amazing but true: The 2004 edition of D&Q's sumptuous oversize annual of North American (with the accent on Canadian), European and Asian comics is included in this amazing sale.  Beautifully produced as always, this issue features covers and end papers and a graphic novella by DuPuy and Berberian, a short work by long ignored Japanese master, Yoshihiro Tatsumi, “Kept,” a Michel Rabagliati short featuring Paul, and -- going three for three -- another twisted comics adaptation of a literary classic by that master of all styles, R. Sikoryak.  This time out it's
”The Crypt of Bronte” as an EC horror comic (looks to us like he was going for Jack Davis in particular); what can we say -- this guy has it down.  Of special interest for jaded know-it-alls is the massive 75 page retrospective on the unknown (at least to us) Canadian artist, Albert Chartier.  This retrospective presents a truly rare opportunity to simultaneously discover and then plunge right into a whole new bit of artistic terrain.  Reader’s of Seth’s It’s a Good Life If You Don’t Weaken will relate.  Another successful year for the D&Q's flagship title!

192 pages • oversize (10 " x 13") • full color

retail price - $29.95 - copacetic price - $24.95 (now o/p; we have 4 copies left)

D & Q Showacse 1Drawn & Quarterly Showcase
• Volume One
Kevin Huizenga has turned in his most polished and professional work yet in a triptych of tales, all featuring his fictional stand-in, Glenn Ganges.  The first and last stories are in the realistic vein and serve to bookend the central, longer work, 28th Street, which is represented in a unique sort of fabulous-realism, as is the companion piece by Swiss-Canadian artist, Nicolas Robel, 87 Blvd des Capucines (interestingly, also named after an address).  This subtle-yet-sumptuously colored (think Debbie Dreschler’s Summer of Love) story works hard to both imagine and visualize the interior life of of a young woman living a not-so-lush life in a harsh climate.
- retail price - $14.95 - copacetic price - $12.70

•Drawn & Quarterly Showcase: Volume Two
w/ Jeffrey Brown, Pentti Otsamo & Erik de Graaf
- softcover - retail price - $14.95 - copacetic price - $12.70

D & Q Showcase #3
Drawn and Quarterly Showcase 3
This issue features a trio of tales by Matt Broersma,
Geneviève Elverum, and Sammy Harkham.  Each work features a distinct artistic voice and is distinguished by the artist's personal color palette.  Geneviève Elverum  contributed the cover and opening story.  Her work is rendered in a lush but limited palette of deep blues and reds (and one green) set off against large fields of white punctuated by grey and tells us of a struggle to find a place in the scheme of things.  Readers familiar with Sammy Harkham's tale, "The Poor Sailor," which originally appeared in the fourth issue of his own anthology Title, Kramers Ergot (and which was later collected by David Eggars in his Non-Required Reading series), will feel right at home in this tale of teenage confusion and angst told with his trademark detachment and rendered in a palette of pale reds.   The final piece, Matt Broersma's The Mummy is a multi-layered, self-deconstructing, post-modern pulp tale rendered in black and white and shades of green.
retail price - $14.95  copacetic price - $12.70

DQ Showcase 4Drawn and Quarterly Showcase No. 4
Gabrielle Bell, Martin Cendreda & Dan Zettwoch
This just came in and it looks great!  We'll be back with more info once we've had the chance to dive in.  Here's what you having waiting for you on the Copacetic Rack of new arrivals:  Long time Copacetic favorite Dan Zettwoch gets a well-deserved opportunity to flex his creative muscles in a top comics  publication, accompanied by the excellent talents of Gabrielle Bell (who's really been on a roll lately) and Martin Cendreda.  This issue is also significant in its representing a geographic cross-section of contemporary American comics, allowing the reader a chance to compare and contrast regional distinctions and differences:  Bell is a denizen of the east coast, currently hailing from Brooklyn, NY; Zettwoch is a midwest heartlander, boots firmly planted in St. Louis, MO soil; and Cendreda is winging it on the west coast, living it up in LA, CA. Don't miss this one!
retail price - $14.95  copacetic price - $12.70

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