365 Days by Julie DoucetNOW IN STOCK!
365 Days: A Diary
by Julie Doucet

An especially nicely put together D & Q volume, this one is sure to be a thrill for all long-suffering fans of Doucet's comics work, who have been hoping for a new book to dig their teeth into for quite a while now.  The wait is over, and how!  A cover to cover Quebecois production -- written, drawn, edited, designed, published and printed in North America's little piece of France -- 365 Days: A Diary is Doucet délibéré.  Think of it:  365 one-page diary strips, a year in the life of Julie, one page at a time, all rendered in pen and ink on paper in Ms. Doucet's mature, subtractive, expressionistic take on the ligne clare style.  If you are unfamiliar with her work, do yourself a favor and ckeck out this 5-page preview.

Here's the official D & Q hype:

Despite Julie Doucet's renunciation of her comics-centric lifestyle over five years ago, 365 Days is imbued with the iconic talent and studied aesthetic of her seminal comic book series Dirty Plotte, which catapulted her into being one of the world’s greatest cartoonists. This visual journal, starting in late 2002, is an idiosyncratic collision of her various creative interests, wherein personal narrative, collage and drawing begin to tell the story of her pursuits into printmaking and beyond, chronicling her maturation as a mid-career artist and her fluid extension into a broader arts community.

Now exhibiting internationally, Doucet blurs the boundaries between high art, illustration, craft and comics: where panel borders once divided pages, collage creeps in; events and doodles merge; recollection and narrative blend with the abstract. The surreal neurosis of her comics has subsided to reveal a more relaxed creativity that is unrestricted by form or definition and is as engaging as ever. 365 Days: A Diary By Julie Doucet was excerpted in McSweeney's #13.

ISBN: 9781897299159

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While we're in the Julie Doucet Mode, we thought we'd hep you to this overlooked volume:

by Julie Doucet

This is a visually sumptuous 6" x 8" hardcover designed by Dan Nadel and published by Picturebox.  Running 144 pages, it is unique among the books we carry in that the images are all printed on only one side of each sheet of heavy cream colored stock which is then folded around in a sort of saddle stitched accordion binding, making for a presentation that stands out. 

Here's what Picturebox has to say about it:  "Julie Doucet has created a unique, mass-produced artists’ book. This amalgamation of drawing, painting, and narrative is a visionary meditation on love, life, and luggage. Using collaged typography to compose her oblique, often very funny text, Doucet’s words are as graphically enticing as her images. The book moves from pointed collages made from 1960s Quebecois magazines to abstract psychedelic drawings to a moving catalog of a lover’s possessions. The diversity of work included could be the work of multiple artists, but Doucet’s frank, humorous sensibility ties it all together. This return to publishing by the always creative Doucet is an event not to be missed."

While casual readers may not have an easy time figuring out exactly what's on Doucet's mind here, long time fans are sure to apopreciate this elegent and respectful treatment of her more difficult and personal work.  And, to help those hesitant among you, we're prepared to meet you half way -- and then some -- with two time sensitive (in other words:  these deals won't be around forever) offers.

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COUPLER SPECIALBOTH 365 Days: A Diary AND Elle-Humour 

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