The Copacetic Collection
 An original collection of 1500 comics from 1955-1961.
A complete listing with over 100 cover images.

Archie Comics
A modest selection from the 1950s, 60s & 70s

Archies: 1970s
Here's a seperate page of Archies from the 1970s.

Classics Illustrated
Only a few right now.

The Comics Journal
Our back issue listing. Most priced at cover or less!

DC Silver Age
Short and sweet listing of a nice little batch of high grade DC silver.

Early 1960s Dell & Gold Key
A nice collection all from the original owner.

High Grade DC Bronze
300 high grade comics from a single collector.

Gladstone Disney
A list of mostly high-grade copies of the classic Disney comics
produced by Gladstone during the 1980s and 1990s.
Notes indicate Barks, Rosa & Gottfredson contributions.

Golden Age / Atom Age
A very modest pot-pourri of comics of all varieties.
Of special interest to Ditko & Kirby collectors

Mad Magazine
A great selection of high grade early issues!

Marvel Comics: Silver & Bronze
Here's a big bunch of Marvels, many in high grade.
ALL priced 20% to 50% BELOW the Overstreet Guide!

Underground Comics
A wide ranging selection spanning five decades.
Includes some tough-to-find rarities.

Western Collection: 1955 - 1975
An ecelectic selection from a variety of publishers, all from a single collection.


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