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La PerdidaLa Perdida
by Jessica Abel
This hardcover volume collects the entirety of the five-issue series published by Fantagraphics, with ammendations and corrections (and for a price that is 20% less than the cost of the original comics!). La Perdida -- which translates as "The Loss,"  --  presents an in-depth and unflinching look at a group of well-to-do American ex-pats in Mexico and the Mexican locals that they interact with.  The entire tale pivots around Carla, a daughter of divorce whose father was Mexican and who heads to Mexico from her native Chicago "in search of her roots" -- but also because she's at a bit of a loss as to what to do with herself.  The epigraph that opens the work is from Malcolm Lowery's dark and desperate novel, Under the Volcano, and that sets the tone for what follows.  There are no heroes (or heroines) here.  What the reader is confronted with is sin and error:  selfishness; self-righteousness; ignorance; sloth; greed; exploitation; indiscriminate sex, drinking and drug use; and, finally, kidnapping and murder.  Abel has stated more than once that she was initially inspired to try her hand at comics by Love and Rockets, the work of the Mexican-American los hermanos Hernandez.  While her approach to characterization is very NYC -- and reminiscent of the early work of fellow New Yorker, short story writer Deborah Eisenberg (especially Transactions in a Foreign Currency), whose latest collection, Twilight of the Superheroes, is, in an intriguing twist, thematically related to comic books -- La Perdida, by far Jessica Abel's most ambitious work to date, is clearly informed by Jaime's and Gilberto's work (especially the latter's) in Love and Rockets, and is very much her tribute to the inspiration that catalyzed her career as a comics creator.  And we are happy to report that her inspiration is alive and well here:  the characters that populate this work fairly leap off the page, providing the reader with that singular pleasure of feeling that one knows the characters better than they know themselves.  A unique mixture of sensibilities and a challenging work in its own right, La Perdida is a welcome addition to the growing body of literary graphic novels. 
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $17.95

City of Glass: The Graphic Novel

by Paul Auster & David Mazzucchelli
back in print! Originally published in 1994, the most requested out-of-print volume in the history of the Copacetic Comics Company -- and for good reason:  it's a classic -- is now back in print:  in a nice new edition (with a nice new cover, to boot) that is superior to the original; and that includes a new introduction by Art Spiegelman (see above) that lays out the genesis of this particular work, helping to place it in the proper historical context.  Recommended!
retail price - $14.00  copacetic price - $12.60

One Hundred Demons

by Lynda Barry
retail price - $24.95 copacetic price - $21.20

The Greatest of Marlys!
By Lynda Barry
 $15.95 - copacetic price $14.35

The Freddie Stories
by Lynda Barry
 $12.95 - copacetic price $11.65

Dykes To Watch Out For
by Alison Bechdel
$14.95 - copacetic price - $13.45

More Dykes To Watch Out For (2)
by Alison Bechdel
$14.95 - copacetic price - $13.45

New, Improved Dykes To Watch Out For (3)
by Alison Bechdel
$14.95 - copacetic price - $13.45

Dykes To Watch Out For: The Sequel (4)
by Alison Bechdel
$14.95 - copacetic price - $13.45

Spawn of Dykes To Watch Out For (5)
by Alison Bechdel
$14.95 - copacetic price - $13.45

Unnatural Dykes To Watch Out For (6)
by Alison Bechdel
$14.95 - copacetic price - $13.45

Hot, Throbbing Dykes To Watch Out For (7)
by Alison Bechdel
$14.95 - copacetic price - $13.45

Split-Level Dykes To Watch Out For (8)
by Alison Bechdel
$14.95 - copacetic price - $13.45

Post Dykes To Watch Out For (9)
by Alison Bechdel
$14.95 - copacetic price - $13.45

The Book of Leviathan - Hardcover
by Peter Blegvad
 $23.95 - copacetic price $19.15

In the Floyd Archives
A Psycho-Bestiary
by Sarah Boxer
 $15.00 - copacetic price $13.50

Ethel & Ernest: A True Story
by Raymond Briggs
Hardcover - $21.00 - copacetic price - $14.00 special

Black Hole
by Charles Burns
retail price -  $24.95  copacetic price - $22.00

Ice HavenIce Haven
by Daniel Clowes
This, the latest from comics maestro Clowes, is a nifty, shiny, perky, 100-page hardcover that is a repackaged, revised and revamped version of Eightball #22 and is probably the single work that most completely realizes his vision.  Yes, we know you already have Eightball #22, and that you're asking yourself, "Why should I have to buy this again?"  What can we say?  It's up to you to decide whether or not to fork over for Ice Haven as well.  Only you can decide whether or not to miss out on the compelling psychological breakthroughs embodied in new chapters like, "David Goldberg," "The Convenience Store," and "Leopold and Loeb."  Only you can decide whether or not to take a pass on these still mint first print copies that the publisher has already sold out of that are climbing in value as we speak.  Only you know whether or not you can live without the authoritative edition of this great comics masterwork.   We're confident you'll make the right decision.  To learn more about the world according to Clowes, check out this NPR interview.
retail price - $18.95  copacetic price - $17.00

R. Crumb HandbookThe R. Crumb Handbook
by R. Crumb and Peter Poplaski
This is a 440 page hardcover book that covers the entirety of Crumb's life and work.  It's packed with hundreds of Crumb comics, illustrations and never before published photos and comes with a full-length CD of Crumb's music.  The book is organized around a new, lengthy reminiscence by Crumb of his entire life.  While Crumb has covered much of this territory in previous accounts, there are fresh details and new insights revealed here that will provide readers not only with a greater understanding of Crumb's psyche and development, but also of how and why he grew to become one of the most significant artistic voices of his generation. 
retail price - $25.00  copacetic price - $22.50

Stuck Rubber Baby
by Howard Cruse
retail price - $14.95 copacetic price - $13.45

The Boulevard of Broken Dreams
by Kim Deitch
retail price - $21.00 copacetic price - $17.85

Blood Song
by Eric Drooker

retail price - $20.00
copacetic price - $18.00

Contract with GodThe Contract with God Trilogy
by Will Eisner
Here they are,
three of Will Eisner's greatest works -- A Contract with God, Life Force and Dropsie Avenue -- all together in one handsome hardcover volume, rounded out with a dozen new illustrations  executed by Eisner specifically for this volume shortly before his death earlier this year.  Originally published in 1978, A Contract with God is considered the first American graphic novel, making this work a must read on historical grounds alone.  This work -- not technically a novel, but rather a collection of related short pieces taking place in "the neighborhood" of Eisner's youth that is the setting for all the pieces in this volume -- is, however, much more than just a first, it is also one of the most emotionally moving works comics has yet produced, one that went a long way toward demonstrating the latent capacities of the medium, capacities that Life Force and Dropsie Avenue further extended.   This new edition from the veritable literary publisher W.W. Norton -- which prints all three works in the sepia tone that was the trademark of Eisner's mature work -- presents these unique cultural creations in a manner befitting their stature.  It is a volume that will be treasured by every lover of the form.
retail price - $29.95  copacetic price - $25.47

The PlotThe Plot:  The Secret Story of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion
by Will Eisner
The final work by one of comics' greatest practitioners and an early  pioneer of the graphic novel form, The Plot reveals the history of how the infamous anti-semitic Protocols came into being as well as how they were subsequently used.  It is in keeping with much of Eisner's later work in its exploration of the dark underside of human character, but this time around it is a documentary work based on facts, and it is quite a bit darker; but the story told is one worth learning about, for some of the 20th century's most misguided leaders looked to this false document's lies for justification, and, sadly, in this the supposed "information age" of the 21st century, some still do.  To learn more, read this review by Tony Norman at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $17.95

Mom's Cancer
by Brian Fries
Mom's CancerHere's what the publisher, Abrams Image has to say:  "Winner of the 2005 Eisner Award in the category of Best Digital Comic for the original Web version, Mom's Cancer is now available as a graphic novel. An honest, unflinching, and sometimes humorous look at the practical and emotional effect that serious illness can have on patients and their families, Mom's Cancer is a story of hope-uniquely told in words and illustrations.  Brian Fies is a freelance journalist whose mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. As he and his two sisters struggled with the effects of her illness and her ongoing recovery from treatment, Brian processed the experience in his journal, which took the form of words and pictures."
retail price - $12.95  copacetic price - $11.65

A Child’s Life
and Other Stories
by Phoebe Gloeckner
 $18.95 - copacetic price $17.05
(PLEASE NOTE: This item is adults only.)

The Diary of a Teenage Girl by Phoebe Gloeckner
retail price $22.95 copacetic price - $19.50
(PLEASE NOTE: This item is adults only.)

by Edward Gorey
retail price -  $16.95 - copacetic price $15.25

Amphigorey Too
by Edward Gorey
retail price -  $16.95 - copacetic price $15.25

Amphigorey Also
by Edward Gorey
retail price -  $20.00 - copacetic price $18.00

The Adventures of Tintin
by Hergé
3-in-1 Hardcover Edition
Volume 1
• Tintin in America
• Cigars of the Pharaoh
• The Blue Lotus
retail price -  $17.95 - copacetic price $16.15

The Adventures of Tintin
by Hergé
3-in-1 Hardcover Edition
Volume 2
• The Broken Ear
• The Black Island
• King Ottokat's Sceptre
retail price -  $17.95 - copacetic price $16.15

The Adventures of Tintin
by Hergé
3-in-1 Hardcover Edition
Volume 3
• The Crab with the Golden Claws
• The Shooting Star
•The Secret of the Unicorn
  retail price - $17.95 - copacetic price $16.15

The Adventures of Tintin
by Hergé
3-in-1 Hardcover Edition
Volume 4
• Prisoners of the Sun
• Red Rackham's Treasure
• The Seven Crystal Balls
retail price -  $17.95 - copacetic price $16.15

The Adventures of Tintin
by Hergé
3-in-1 Hardcover Edition
Volume 5
• Land of Black Gold
• Destination Moon
• Explorers on the Moon
  retail price - $17.95 - copacetic price $16.15

The Adventures of Tintin
by Hergé
3-in-1 Hardcover Edition
Volume 6
• The Calculus Affair
• The Red Sea Sharks
• Tintin in Tibet
  retail price - $17.95 - copacetic price $16.15

The Adventures of Tintin
by Hergé
3-in-1 Hardcover Edition
Volume 7
• The Castafiore Emerald
• Flight 714
• Tintin and the Picaros
  retail price - $17.95 - copacetic price $16.15

The Jew of New York
by Ben Katchor
retail price -  $15.00 - copacetic price $13.50

Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer:
by Ben Katchor
retail price - $14.95 copacetic price $13.45

Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer:
The Beauty Supply District
by Ben Katchor
retail price - $16.95 copacetic price $15.25

The Four Immigrants Manga:
A Japanese Experience in San Francisco, 1904 -1924
by Henry (Yoshitaka) Kiyama
Translated , with an introduction and notes by Frederik L. Schodt
retail price - $14.95 copacetic price $13.45

American Splendor: Ordinary Life Is Pretty Complex Stuff
by Harvey Pekar
This volume combines the two original classic collections of stories from Harvey's own original magazines, American Splendor and More American Splendor, that last saw the light of day fifteen years ago into one quite affordable 300 page volume.  A good way to turn on anyone who enjoyed the movie to the founder of the autobiographical comics genre.  The work contained in this book opened up a whole new world for comics.  Historically significant, unique and good, this book features the work of many different artists -- including comics legend, R. Crumb -- illustrating Harvey's bittersweet tales of quotidian Cleveland.
retail price - $15.95 copacetic price - $13.55

And for a Pekar fan who already has this one, we also offer:

The New American Splendor Anthology
A gigantic Pekar fest, that collects most of the remaining original magazine strips that, aren’t in the above.
retail price - $18.95 opacetic price - $17.05

Our Cancer Year
by Harvey Pekar and Joyce Brabner
with art by Frank Stack
The title says it all.  As seen in the film.
retail price - $17.95 opacetic price - $16.15

American Splendor: Our Movie Year
by Harvey Pekar & Co.
American Splenodr: Our Movie YearThe first original book (as opposed to original comics, later collected in book form) since Our Cancer Year, Our Movie Year is all about exactly what you think: the experiences of Harvey and his wife, Joyce (who  together make up the "Our" of the title) before, during and after the making of the American Splendor movie.  But there's more:  there are a bunch of strips dealing with Harvey's passions:  classic jazz & blues, comics & collecting, and Cleveland.  As for the artists this time around:  there's the usual suspects along with a few new faces.  Pittsburgh-based artists have their highest profile ever in a Pekar collection:  Pittsburgh transplant, Mark Zingarelli starts the whole thing off with the title track, as it were, and also handed in the art chores on "Blackout," a thirteen-pager on the August 14 blackout.  Pittsburgh's own Ed  Piskor, a newcomer, closes out the collection with the 24-page (the longest piece in the book!) "Around the World and Back to Earth."  Also contributing are long time American Splendor vetrans R. Crumb (only one page, tho'), Gary Dumm (who is the collection's major contributor), Gerry Shamray and Frank Stack.  This is a great, well-rounded collection that is sure to be a hit with American Splendor fans, new and die-hard alike.
retail price - $16.95  copacetic price - $14.40

by Jesse Reklaw
retail price - $10.95 copacetic price - $5.95 ¡SALE!

by Marjane Satrapi
Translated by Mattias Ripa and Blake Ferris

A New graphic novel from Pantheon Books (home to Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan, among others) about which The New York Times has this to say: "Like Spiegelman's Maus, Satrapi's book combines political history and memoir, portraying a country's 20th-century upheavals through the story of one family.  Her protagonist is Marji, a tough, sassy little Iranian girl, bent on prying from her evasive elders if not truth, at least a credible explanation of the travails they are living though."  Persepolis is a moving, sometimes disturbing, yet still enjoyable account of what it was like to be a girl growing up privileged in Iran from roughly 1975-1985.  You get a picture -- limited by the author's perspective, certainly -- of what life was like inside Iran during these years that is much more real, dramatic and heartfelt than anything yet produced by the mainstream media.  Recommended!  
softcover; 153 pgs.
retail price - $11.95 copacetic price - $10.75


Persepolis 2Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return
by Marjane Satrapi
It's here: the most awaited comics sequel of 2004.  Find out what happens after Marjane left Iran in 1984, and upon her later return to Iran (as the title tells us) in this modestly priced hardcover that's hot off the press.  "Persepolis 2 is much more than the chronicle of a young woman’s struggle into adulthood; it’s a brilliant, painful, rendering of the contrast between East and West, between the repression of wartime Iran and the social, political, and sexual freedoms of 1980’s Austria. There’s something universal about Satrapi’s search for self-definition, but her experiences in Vienna and Tehran are rendered with such witty particularity, and such heartbreaking honesty, that by the end of this book you’ll feel you’ve gained an intimate friend." -- Julie Orringer, author of How To Breathe Underwater
retail price - $17.95  copacetic price - $15.25

The Art of Charles M. Schulz
edited and designed by Chip Kidd
 $29.95 copacetic price $23.95
softcover (with 32 new pages!)
edited and designed by Chip Kidd
 $17.95 copacetic price $16.15

The Rabbi's CatThe Rabbi's Cat
by Joann Sfar
The latest entry in Pantheon Books' burgeoning graphic novel line, The Rabbi's Cat is a very European book about Jews, Arabs, cats and God set in pre-WWII Algeria, that centers on a Rabbi, his daughter and their (sometimes talking, sometimes not) cat.  Lushly illustrated and beautifully printed and bound in a large, full color, hardcover edition, this work is a fanciful and nostalgic recollection of a bygone era that successfully captures the gradual, deliberate pace and sumptuous feel of its characters' lives and by so doing reminds us of some of life's eternal verities. 

retail price - $21.95  copacetic price - $19.75

Gemma Bovery
Gemma Boveryby Posy Simmonds
Long known to readers of the British newspapers, The Guardian (which, by the way, awarded their 2001 literary prize to Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth, by Chris Ware) and The Independent, which serialized this work, Posy Simmonds brings a sophisticated literary sensibility to the world of Comics.  In Gemma Bovery, she reimagines Flaubert's Madame Bovary as it might be,  should it unfold at the close of the twentieth century.  It's also a piece of meta-fiction as well, with its own unique twist on the literary fashion set in motion by A.S. Byatt's Possession of having twentieth century lives intertwine with those of eighteenth century literary characters.    In Gemma Bovery, Ms. Simmonds shows us how life can seem to be imitating art in the mind of one obsessed with a particular work -- in this case Madame Bovary --  and that, perhaps, it is possible that such an obesssion can lead, in actuality, to life being molded after art; and, then again, perhaps not.  She's definitely studied the late work of comics master Will Eisner's later work, and this study has reaped substantial dividends for the reader.  Simmonds' has concocted a unique blend of text, illustration and comics that manages to retain the best of both worlds and communicates a wealth of emotional terrain.  Students of comics will be intrigued to discover which aspects of the storytelling process are parcelled out to the visuals and which to the text.  This piece is quite worth a look, and we encourage you to seek it out.  Gemma Bovery stands right at the intersection of the broad boulevard of purely prose literature and the freshly laid tar on the side street of comics lit and stands to appeal to adventurous readers going both ways.
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $17.95<> 

two-volume slip cased edition
by art spiegelman
 $28.00 copacetic price $25.20

Jack Cole and Plastic Man
by Art Spiegelman and Chip Kidd
vinyl-cover edition
 $19.95 copacetic price $17.95

Little Lit Volume One:
Folklore & Fairy Tale Funnies
edited by Art Spiegelman & Françoise Mouly
Oversize ( 10” x 14”) Hardcover
 $19.95 copacetic price $17.95

Little Lit Volume Two:
Strange Stories for Strange Kids
edited by Art Spiegelman & Françoise Mouly
Oversize (10” x 14”) Hardcover
 $19.95 copacetic price $17.95

Little Lit Volume Three:
edited by Art Spiegelman & Françoise Mouly
Oversize (10” x 14”) Hardcover
 $19.95 copacetic price $17.95

In the Shadow of No Towers
by Art Spiegelman
Pulling this volume out of the box was a rare surprise: It is printed -- cover to cover -- entirely on heavy, glossy board; just like those board books for children, except much, much bigger.  This volume measures over 10" x 14", yes, but each page is twice as large -- 20" x 14"!  Spiegelman's hope is to evoke the glory days of the Sunday comics pages, but in a durable (nigh indestructible) edition; and to drive this point home, he includes some prime examples --
along with a brief, eloquent introduction -- from the earliest days of the newspaper era of comics in a very nicely done appendix.  This is a one of a kind piece, not only of comics, but of 9/11 catharsis. 
retail price - $19.95  copacetic price - $16.95

Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid on Earth
by Chris Ware
 $34.95 copacetic price $29.75
 $17.95 copacetic price $15.25

The Acme Novelty Library
by Chris Ware
$27.50 copacetic price $24.00

Wobblies!Wobblies!: A Graphic History of the Industrial Workers of the World
edited by Paul Buhle and Nicole Schulman
The ideal item for the leftist on your list!  Featuring the graphic work of Peter Kuper, Harvey Pekar, Seth Tobocman, Trina Robbins, Spain Rodriguez, Sabrina Jones, Sue Coe, Mike Alewitz and many others, this volume provides a wide variety of perspectives on one of the most important labor movements of the 20th century.  Topics covered include:  individual heroes of the movement like Mother Jones, Joe Hill and "Big Bill" Haywood; specific historical events like the big strikes of 1912 and 1913 in Lawrence, Massachusetts and Paterson, New Jersey; general histories of the IWW and personal recollections of IWW related activities and events.  The nearly 300 pages of comics combine to go a long way toward filling a large gap in the historical record while simultaneously providing an engaging read.
retail price - $25.00 copacetic price - $21.25

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