Download YPOPs!

YPOPs! is available on multiple platforms. Officially, we make releases only on Windows. We have several community members, who in turn make releases only Unix/Linux and other platforms. This is made possible as the source code is also released.

The latest version of YPOPs!/Windows is


With this release, you should be able to receive emails from Y! Mail. Sending emails might not work for all. A subsequent release will fix that issue as well. Credits to our supporter: Deals4Boomers.

Change Log for

First in a series of quick releases to be made to fix broken elements of YPOPs!

Configure Ypops

  • A new protocol for downloading emails from Yahoo! Mail Added;
  • IMAP is used internally to fetch from Yahoo! Mail and this is converted back to POP3 format;
  • SMTP and SOAP are broken in this release! Next release is to fix them!
  • IMAP for sure might not be available for all user accounts. If it is not working for you, please try to switch your zone to Yahoo! Asia in your Yahoo! Profile.