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TimTam Opportunities and Products

When it comes to being customers of companies, we often look to the team or the founders behind the company to determine whether they are legitimate or not. In the case of TimTam, we have two successful people in the world of fitness behind a great fitness company. Specifically, there is Firas Zahabi, a title-winning martial arts fighter, and Kelly Starrett, who not only has been a coach to Olympic gold medalists, but who also wrote a bestselling book!


It’s obvious that these two not only know about fitness, but also know how to communicate their message to consumers and customers, which is essential for any company. Ira Israel also recommends to check their Mindfulness for Depression DVD. To give the company even more credence, Mr. Starrett is one of the very first Crossfit affiliates – the fitness phenomenon that is worth billions, and has captivated the entire world and managed to expand to reach millions of consumers, at thousands of locations.

TimTam Power Massager

TimTam Power Massager

There are many companies with a star product, and the TimTam Power Massager is certainly TimTam’s “star”. It can be considered its integral and most famous product, and with good reason. The patent-pending threaded shaft will make it so that other companies cannot attempt to copy it, as well, which is good news for the company. Ultimately, the great thing about the Power Massager is that the consumer can use it by themselves, and don’t need outside help from a coach or trainer. For those worried about their fitness, and want a safe and durable way to massage themselves, in order to reduce knots and improve blood flow – this product is a perfect choice.

TimTam Pulse Massager

The TimTam Pulse Massager is an innovative product that is great for those who want to have a massager on a trip for their personal or professional needs. In fact, it even comes with its own iOs app, and is compatible with Bluetooth technology! Another great feature about the TimTam Pulse Massager is how versatile it is. Believe it or not, the device can actually apply to sixteen different areas of your body! This is great for those who might want to be massaged in more than one area. In addition, for those who love customizing their experience, there are ten different intensity levels/settings for the user, as well. It also even comes with a timer that can actually turn the product on and off at specific times, which also makes the product more convenient, as well.

TimTam Pulse Massager

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
THERAPEUTIC: The product has all sorts of benefits, as it helps to improve blood flow, which is great for those who are athletes, coaches, or simply anyone trying to get into shape. It’s also portable, and helps the user break down the knots in their body. It isn’t loud, so it can be silent. This could be a benefit to some, but a disadvantage for others.
The product is effective, with about two thousand stokes per minute. The battery lasts for 30 minutes. For a portable device – this isn’t that long, and can be frustrating and inconvenient.
The product matches up well to the competition, and also is more durable than many other products on the market, as well.
The massager head can turn in different angles, up to 90 degrees, and there are many people who love the fact that it is so adjustable. This is great for those who want to apply the product for different areas.
The product doesn’t arrive alone, but actually comes with accessories such as a battery, massage tip, and a case, which makes it a great value purchase, as well.

More to Offer

Of course, a company is more than just a product, and TimTam prides itself on offering a wonderful selection of products for anyone concerned with their fitness in general – which is a lot of people! The truth is that many people take massaging for granted, and don’t realize how important it can be for your body, mental state, and quality of life. TimTam knows that there isn’t one solution to all sorts of problems, and that’s why they roll out state-of-the-art products to help solve specific problems. There are all sorts of accessories, such as vibrating foam rollers, cooling gels, yoga leggings, and much more.

TimTam Accessories


For those that are constantly putting strain on their body, like athletes and coaches – they already know how important massages can be. Of course, this is very different from people who aren’t used to how important they can be for the circulatory system and muscles in general. TimTam can help people who have been seriously injured, or who are professionally training, because either way – you should want your body in the best condition that it can possibly be! Many people who take care of their muscles and blood flow understand how essential the massage can be to your mindset and body.

Mobile Training Package

There are some people that absolutely have to make sure that they are in training shape. Of course, for the average person, this might be necessary, but for the professional athlete, this is a must. Whether you are a coach who wants to make sure that your athlete is performing to the best of his or her ability, or simply an athlete who understands how important it is to maintain a certain physical state, the mobile training package can be the perfect portable companion for you.

Training Package

It includes:

  • 1 TimTam Power Massager V1.5;
  • 2 batteries;
  • 1 battery charger;
  • 1 metal warmup tip;
  • 1 metal trigger point tip;
  • 2 plastic hot tip;
  • 2 plastic cold tip;
  • 1 standard round tip;
  • 1 Recovery Blade tip;
  • 1 120mL bottle of the TimTam Cooling Gel;
  • 1 120mL bottle of the TimTam Warming Gel;
  • 1 120mL bottle of the TimTam Gliding Gel;
  • 1 6-pack athletic tape bundle;
  • 1 TimTam Trainer Backpack.

Vibrating Foam Roller

Sometimes, it’s about true recovery and relaxation, and that’s why the fact that the TimTam Vibrating Foam Roller can add extra relaxation through relaxation might be just what you need to recover and get back on your feet, whether you are trying to get back in the gym or have a competition tomorrow. It’s completely portable, and can be kept in your car, gym locker, or backpack, which makes it accessible than many other products that might offer the same advantages. It also offers various speeds, to adjust for your specific needs, as well.

TimTam Vibrating Roller

The Polish Pro

Of course, TimTam has other products that are more advanced in terms of engineering for more advanced purposes, and the Polish Pro is one of those products. This is tailored specifically for physical therapists and coaches. Here’s what it offers:

  • The dual-handed design allows the user to truly “roll” the product over their muscles, for maximum effectiveness and convenience.
  • Since it is designed for those who truly need it, it offers 3000 revolutions per minute, for maximum efficiency.
  • Not only is it portable, it can truly be used everywhere. You don’t even need a power cord, which is perfect for the modern individual!
  • Gels can also be applied, thanks to the waterproof areas where the gels can connect on the device. This makes the experience even more comforting and relaxing!

The Polish Pro

TimTam Military Discount

Isn’t it great for there to be a company that truly wants you to be your best self! The truth is that many people out there simply aren’t in shape. In fact, the World Health Organization even describes obesity as a “disease”, and many people are living sedentary lifestyles, where they aren’t getting the exercise that they need. That’s why a credible company with legitimate founders like TimTam is so essential, to help families truly get in shape, no matter who they are, or what their level of fitness is. The fact that the devices are compatible with technology also make it more accessible than ever. It’s also great that the devices are portable, as well, because many people are constantly moving, whether it’s for a trip or a commute.

TimTam Military

There are many rehab patients that have an excruciatingly painful time when it comes to physically recovering, and there are athletes that desperately need to relax their muscles to brace for an upcoming competition. In both of these situations, TimTam products can be very effective, and ensure that muscles are always taken care of. The beauty of online retail is that all it takes is browsing on a device and a couple of clicks to order some critically-acclaimed products that can be at your door in no time! For those who have served in the military, TimTam understands their sacrifice, and also knows that there are military-related injuries that products could help with. That’s why they offer a generous 40% discount to all military personell!

It’s also important to search for the right products and keywords when you are looking for codes and discounts, as well. Be a smart consumer, find TimTam coupon code and get solid discount today!

TimTam Offers

TimTam is trusted because the founders know what they are doing, which is important. They are industry-known, and are committed to quality products. TimTam might not actually replace medical care, but it certainly helps to assuage muscles, whenever the situation calls for it.

TimTam and its products are always being sought after, and this actually leads to the products selling out. As you can see, there is constant demand, because of the company’s brand reputation. It also is true that people are always interested in durable products that help them feel better, whether they are athletes or not. You might want to do yourself a favor and search for discounts and codes before you make a purchase. The customer support staff is constantly reliable and responsive, as well, which makes for a great overall consumer experience.

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