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You are being budget savvy when you shop at Loom and Leaf. Hurry before the deals are gone. Less

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120 Day Free Trial White Glove Delivery and Mattress Removal
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Looking for the hottest deals going on right now at loomandleaf.com. Make them yours now! Less

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Come and check it out. Grab the garbain before it’s gone. Less

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What Loom & Leaf Mattress Can Offer?

Loom and Leaf is a mattress brand that absolutely understands the consumer, and their wants and needs. There are many advantages that the customer has when they shop with the company, and it is simply hard to get a top-quality mattress at a discount rate like you can here.

First and foremost, what should you look for in a mattress? Many companies will speak about their warranty, quality, or price. However, Loom and Leaf is a company that takes into consideration the health of the consumer.


Let’s look at some of the many advantages that Loom and Leaf, and their mattresses, can offer to their consumers:

  1. First and foremost, their mattresses improve circulation, which is essential to one’s health in general.
  2. Second of all, no matter who you are, and irrespective of your age or gender, pain is uncomfortable. This company does offer joint pain relief that other products don’t.
  3. Don’t we all want more energy? A better sleep, means more energy - which means better health for the customer.
  4. When a mattress can truly contour to a body, it means better spinal health for the consumer, as well.
  5. For those who are unsure about whether the product is truly healthy, consider this: on the website, Dr. Bill Charschan is an independent chiropractor who states that he would recommend it to his patients.

Loom and Leaf photo

You can visit the website and browse some of the amazing mattresses that the company has to offer. No matter who you are, or what size you are looking for - they have you covered. WIth just a couple of clicks, you can find and purchase the twin, full, queen, king products you are looking for.

In addition, you can even select the particular comfort level that you are looking for, and choose between “firm” and “relaxed firm” options. You can even select a foundation height for your product, as well.

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As if that wasn’t enough, Loom and Leaf boasts the “friendliest return policy” and even allows for a 120-day home trial. That means that you can take up to six months to decide whether the product is right for you and your home!

Unlike other companies, this also includes free white glove delivery and free mattress removal! As you can see, it is very clear that Loom and Leaf has trust that the consumer will fully appreciate their purchase. There are also coupon codes that you can take advantage of, as well!

It’s also important to note that compared to the competition, Loom and Leaf is offering quality products at a discount. It also gives the consumer all sorts of choices with regards to making sure that the mattress fits their specific needs.

Loom and Leaf mettress


These aren’t the only reasons to check out their website and browse for a mattress. Here are some additional ways that the company goes above and beyond for the customer:

  1. The company also creates their products in the United States. For those who are concerned about where their products come from, and whether they are created in a fair labor environment - this gives the consumer some peace of mind.
  2. They also take the environment seriously. Not only are their products eco-friendly, the company also became lead sponsors of the Sustainable Furnishings Council in 2015. They even have a factory that runs on solar energy! The products are free from formaldehyde, phthalates, and mercury, lead, and heavy metals, as well.
  3. The products are also flame retardant, which is important in terms of family safety, and safety in general.
  4. The company also gives back to the community through well-known partners such as the Salvation Army and the Wounded Warrior Project, as well.

Sleep is important to everyone. No matter who you are, or where you are, you need sleep! Whether you are looking for a new mattress, or found a coupon code that can give you a great discount, check out LoomandLeaf.com today!