Visual Mixer


The Visual Mixer is a controller that uses node-based mixing that connects you to compatible iZotope plug-ins in your session. In Visual Mixer, you can visually place your music in a virtual space. Using iZotope’s IPC technology, you can adjust the pan, volume, and stereo width of any Neutron 3 instance in your session. You can also access Mix Assistant from Visual Mixer.

NOTE: See Assistant Chapter for More Information

For more information on how to use Mix Assistant with Visual Mixer, please visit the Assistants chapter.

Plug-in Interface

VM interface
Label Section
Label-1 Visual Mixer Plug-in Controls
Plug-in Controls
Label-2 Plug-in List
Plug-in List
Label-3 Mix Snapshots
Mix Snapshots
Label-4 Activity Metering
Activity Metering

Plug-in Controls

X/Y Pad

Move nodes within the X/Y pad interface to control different elements of your mix remotely.


Adjust the stereo pan control of any Neutron 3 plug-in by dragging nodes left or right in the X/Y pad.


Adjust the output gain of any Neutron 3 plug-in in your session by dragging nodes up and down in the X/Y pad.


Adjust the Width amount of any stereo Neutron 3 plug-in in your session by clicking on a node and adjusting the handles that appear on the left and right edges of the node.

NOTE: About Mono instances

Panning and Width can’t be adjusted from the Visual Mixer for mono instances of Neutron 3 plug-ins.

Plug-in List

The list on the right side of the Visual Mixer interface displays the names of all Neutron 3 plug-ins in your session.

Clicking on the eye button to the left of the instance name will hide or show that instance in the X/Y pad.


You can double-click on an instance name to rename it from the Visual Mixer.

Mix Snapshots

Save Mix Snapshots to compare different configurations or hide/show states for the nodes in the Visual Mixer.



Save a snapshot by clicking on the “Set” button above the A/B/C buttons.


Toggles the view to display the Mix Snapshot you set for a given button. These are greyed out until a snapshot is set.

Activity Metering

Nodes display activity metering to indicate if audio is passing through the associated plug-in.

When red is displayed in the activity meter for a given node, it is indicating the associated Neutron 3 plug-in output is clipping.