b'CUSTOMER NO. CAMPAIGN COOKS 2021 CORRECTIONAL BUYERS GUIDE JANUARY 2021 January 2021NEW 2021BUYERS GUIDE21CBG1 Presorted Standard 21CBG127725 Diehl Road US PostageWarrenville, IL 60555 PAID800-956-5571 Carol Stream, ILPermit No. 1FAX 800-956-6822CHOOSE YOUR WAY TO SHOP The leader in correctional kitchen equipment and suppliesVisit our website with over 10,000 products and convenient checkout:COOKSCORRECTIONAL.COMCall our customer service teamfor assistance with ordering:800-956-5571Fax in your order to our customerservice team at your convenience:800-956-6822ATTENTION MAILROOMLike us on facebook and be the firstto hear about new products! If adressee is no longer with your facility, please route this to the appropriate person(s)VENTED SHEET PAN & TRAY DRYING RACK Page NP3TRAYS DRY FASTER VENTED INSERTS PROMOTE AIR CIRCULATION AROUND ENTIRE TRAY FLEX TRAY 447SSTWO DIFFERENTPage 10VENTED INSERTSNEW! SELF-STACKING FLEX TRAY 2021EDVANTAGE #1NEW 4-SIDEDBUYERS MANUAL CANKNIFE OPENS OPENER 10,000 CANS MYGO REUSABLEGUIDEPage 60 TO-GO CONTAINERPage NP4 FOR REPLACES FOAMCORRECTIONSCONTAINERSHundreds of productsCALL YOURjust for CORRECTIONS SALES EXPERTTODAYPH: 800-956-5571F: 800-956-6822COOKSCORRECTIONAL.COM'