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Storeyville - hardcover editionStoreyville
by Frank Santoro

introduction by Chris Ware
The best kept secret in the last twenty years of comics -- and the most important Pittsburgh related comics work -- is probably the 1995 tabloid newspaper format Storeyville.   A Whitmanesque epic poem in comics form, Storeyville was sui generis at the time of its release, revealing previously unexplored depths in the comics form.  For a closer look at this landmark work, we refer you to our review of this original release, here.  It is now, finally, twelve years later, being released in a deluxe hardcover edition complete with a 1200 word introduction by Chris Ware along with bonus back up features including an essay providing the history and context of its creation by Dan Nadel.  Highly recommended.
retail price - $24.95  copacetic price - $19.99

by Jim Rugg & Brian Maruca
The work contained in this compact, full color, hardcover volume demonstrates a deep intuitive understanding of the the tropes and formulas of comic books, as well as, and perhaps most significantly, the role played by the wide variety of production and reproduction processes and techniques through which the raw language of comics passes en route to becoming the actual physical end product comic book that transmits its content through the readers' sensory apparatus, and thereby promulgates its meaning to the end consumer: human consciousness.  Conscious manipulation of the denotative capacities of production processes has a history that goes back at least thirty years, to Art Spiegelman's work in Breakdowns, and it continues to be employed successfully in works such as Paul Hornschemeier's The Three ParadoxesAfrodisiac is, however, unique in that, here, this conscious manipulation is the driving force behind the entire project, and is encoded in the texts as well as the images, with the character of The Afrodisiac acting as a cypher – one that is simultaneously a celebration and an elegy – for the uncritical creation of unabashed power fantasies that was no longer possible in the wake of The Dark Knight Returns and The Watchmen.  Read our full review and buy a copy, here.
retail price - $14.95  copacetic price - $12.75

by Ed Piskor
A fictionalized historical account of the rise – and, to a point at least, the fall – of the hacker ethos that is an inextricable component of our internet age, Wizzywig is Pittsburgh-based cartoonist, Ed Piskor's solo graphic novel debut.  The first three parts of this epic work were self-published by Piskor beginning in 2008, whereupon it developed a well-deserved following among the silicon valley cognoscenti.  The work as it appears here not only (finally!) completes the story, but the previously published parts have been extensively reworked.  All is combined together in this cleverly designed hardcover edition that retails for a fraction of the combined cost ot the original self-published editions.  Long before personal computers developed their current ubiquity, rebellious sorts were digging into the controls and logic employed by "Ma Bell" to manage the telecommunications systems of the time.  When the age of the personal computer first dawned, "Phone Phreaks" soon evolved into proto-hackers, before gradually flowering into full blown hackers that gave rise to a new subculture.  In the characters of Kevin "Boingthump" Phenicle, Jr. and his media liaison, Winston Smith, Ed Piskor has distilled the essence of the evolution of the hacker culture into this pair of rogues and tells their tale in a solid straightforward narrative that is by turns humorous, dramatic, hair-raising and sad.  Piskor is a practiced cartoonist who has two full-length graphic novel collaborations with the legendary Harvey Pekar under his belt (Macedonia and The Beats).  He has solid old school chops that amalgamate the language of the comic books he grew up with and possesses a sharp satiric edge.  Wizzywig is an engrossing read that provides some hard won insights into the motivations and ambitions of the downtrodden underdog and how these manifested themselves at this particular crossroads of technological change. 
retail price - $19.99  copacetic price - $17.77

ambarbAmerican Barbarian
by Tom Scioli
Get ready for 256 pages of pulse pounding pencils – and inks and colors, not to mention the story and script as well - by the pandemonium producing Pittsburgh comics creator, Tom Scioli!  Author and artist of the the Xeric-winning Myth of 8-Opus saga, and co-creator of Godland, Scioli has here brought the past and the future together in a post-apocalyptic fusion of all things adventurous.  It's Devil Dinosaur and the Forever People meet Conan the Barbarian and Captain America, with a dash of The Mighty Thor and Star Wars thrown in for good measure.  If you need more convincing, read this rave Robot 6 reviewAmerican Barbarian started out life as a web-comic, so feel free to dive right in (and while you're there, you can also check out Scioli's latest project, Final Frontier, which is just now getting underway).  Yes, American Barbarian is a fun-filled romp that will scratch that comic book itch, but, like all the works by Scioli's patron saint, Jack Kirby, it also contains a good deal more.  In its meshing and blending of ancient mythical
archetypes and religious narrative tropes with pop culture iconography, Scioli provides cogent (if sometimes obscure) social and historical commentaries that can be reached by anyone willing to scratch (and sometimes dig) below its action-packed surface.
retail price - $19.99  copacetic price - $17.77

Street Angel TPBThe Street Angel TPB Collection
by Jim Rugg
OK:  for those of you who have been putting off checking out Street Angel, one of the most original comic book series of the past few years, featuring breathtaking graphics and a trend-setting new character, and that was a
surprise hit when it debuted in 2004 -- there's no reason to wait any longer.  And for those of you who are already fans, you'll be happy to learn that when it comes to Street Angel, this new TPB has everything and more: Street Angel issues 1 - 5; all Free Comic Book Day stories; an all-new 12-page Street Angel adventure; pinups from: Jeffrey Brown, Farel Dalrymple, Jesse Farrell, Richard Hahn, Dean Haspiel, Mike Hawthorne, Paul Hornshemeier, Dave Kiersh, Pat Lewis, Jasen Lex, Andy Macdonald, Jim Mahfood, Ted May, Scott Mills, Scott Morse, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Lark Pien, Ed Piskor, Brian Ralph, Zack Soto, Lauren Weinstein, and Dan Zettwoch; a spiffy Sketchbook section; and an introduction by Evan Dorkin.  And remember:  this is a made-in-Pittsburgh production by a Copacetic customer, so don't delay -- get this Street Angel TPB today!  Learn more at the official Street Angel Website.
retail price - $14.95  copacetic price - out of stock

Individual issues are still available:

Street Angel #1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca
This is a fun comic!  Jim Rugg's art really shines here.  This is his rookie professional outing, and it looks like he's got a career ahead of him.  Learn more at the official Street Angel Website.
retail price - $2.95  copacetic price - $2.95

<>Here, for the historical record, are the three original – and no longer available – self-published editions of Wizzywig.

Wizzywig 3
Wizzywig, Volume 3: Fugitive

by Ed Piskor
Once again we head down the hallowed halls of hacker-dom in the form of the firm, pen & ink
delineations of Pittsburgh's own Ed Piskor.  Following the continuing adventures of the mythical Kevin "Boingthump" Phenicle, this time as he heads underground as a fugitive from "justice."  Piskor provides readers with a wide-angle,  -eye-view of creating and using a celebrity hacker to frame the debate over wild frontier of computing, as well as an inside, close-up view of what life is like for one so framed.  Mr. Piskor continues to be supremely confident in the desirability of his product and so offers readers the opportunity to not only download a PDF containing the entirety of the first two volumes, but also the first half of this third volume as well! 
retail price - $15.00  
copacetic price - $12.75

Wizzywig 2Wizzywig 2: Hacker
by Ed Piskor
The youngest old schooler on the block, Pittsburgher Ed Piskor, is back with the second volume (see below for info on the first) of his series chronicling the computer counterculture.  Expect intrigue, suspense, moral dilemmas, crazy late night antics, intimations of drug use, a bunch of brainiacs engaging in anti-authoritarian behaviors and more, all sharply delineated with Piskor's patented persnickety penwork and laid out in his relentless quadruplicate grid.  So confident is Mr. Piskor of the  appeal of this story that, in a fit of generosity, he has loaded the entire first half of this work onto his site, where you can peruse it at will, HERE.
retail price - $15.00   copacetic price  - $12.75

PhreakWizzywig, Volume 1: Phreak
by Ed Piskor
Pittsburgh's own, Ed Piskor, heretofore best know for his work with Harvey Pekar (Our Movie Year, Macedonia), has now busted out on his own with his new self-published series, Wizzywig.  This first 116-page square-format volume, Phreak, is dedicated to the exploits of those precursors to computer hackers, the phone phreaks.  As Robert Frost once wrote, "there is something that does not love a wall."  In the modern world, the definitive walls erected to
protect private property are computer systems, specifically the codes that run them, and as such make for an irresistible target for that "something."  But before the internet was a gleam in its daddies' eyes, Ma Bell ruled the roost, and those dedicated to "getting over" the walls erected to keep them out of messing with the system spent their time figuring out how to outsmart and/or break into the telephone switching systems.   Ed Piskor tells their tale by agreggating various phreak legends into a single mythical figure in this engaging book of old school comics.  Learn more about our pal, Ed, and check out some Phreak preview pages, here.
retail price - $15.00  copacetic price - $13.50

Cold Heat Special 4

Cold Heat Special #4
by Frank Santoro & Jim Rugg
This time around we have a16-page tabloid newspaper comic book filled with further far out fables featuring Cassandra -- aka Castle -- cavorting with chaos.  Santoro and Rugg employ the large (22" x 17", when opened) "canvas" of the tabloid format to excellent effect, creating a feast for the eyes with finely rendered dramatic imagery that ranges from psychedlicized fast food bathroom interiors to landscapes of the rolling hills of (what appears to be) western PA, all in the service of a tale of temporal displacement that demonstrates that the past is still here, all around us, and that travelling through time is a simple matter of opening a door or two.  There may be some side effects, however...
retail price - $3.00  copacetic price - $2.00

Spunj BaahbSpunj Baahb
by Chris Cornwell
Are you looking for new,
fun and smart, visually and intellectually stimulating, hand-made and independently  published comics work that's created right here in Pittsburgh, PA?  Well, if you are, you've come to the right place.  Spunj Baahb is the latest comics conundrum by Copacetic customer Chris Cornwell.  It's a 20-page, 8 1/2" x 11" black & white, saddle-stapled comics magazine printed on 28 lb. bright white stock with a two-color hand silk screened cover on sky blue cardstock.  Except for two pages of exposition wherein the work's themes are explicitly stated, the narrative unfolds entirely in Cornwell's ever evolving pictograhic language.  While cartoon characters such as Sponge-Bob Squarepants™ are commonly understood to represent the communal unconscious of the society that produced it, Spunj Baahb takes it a step further and posits the inner life of the cartoon character itself --  the dream within the dream, if you will -- and does so with much aplomb. 
retail price - $5.00  copacetic price - $4.00

Looking for the Joke
Looking for the Jokeby Chris Cornwell
Looking for the Joke is Cornwell's follow-up to I Wanna Destroy You, released earlier this year at S.P.A.C.E. (see below).  Following the same format as its predecessor, this 20-page, 8 1/2" x 11" comics magazine sports a hand silk-screened cover.   While continuing to explore similar concerns, LftJ provides solid evidence that Cornwell's vision and skills are in the process of evolving and advancing.  Where IWDY  contained a churning osmosis of concepts, LftJ is obviously bipartate in structure, as it is split into two distinct, separate stories:  "Herbman and/versus Dog-Dude," and "They Took It with Them."  It appears that the artistic equivalent of cell-division has taken place.  The question is whether the division was meiotic or mitotic, or, perhaps, at least in part, some novel sort of zygotic hybrid, in that "They Took It with Them" is a murky collaboration with Bill Boichel.  It will have to suffice for now to say that the comics herein contained reach far down into the inner organic reaches of human being and bring up some interesting finds the likes of which you won't find elsewhere.  So, if you like adventurous, challenging comics experiences, this might be the book for you.  Also, check in with his Cold Heat mini, The Chunky Gnars, at our SPX 2007 Report.
copacetic price - $5.00

I Wanna Destroy YouI Wanna Destroy You
by Chris Cornwell
Well, not you personally, but the "you" that is at the core of the illusion of a unified, independent self that we all have (had) to deal with in one form or another on the road to forging a workable identity amidst the tumultuous abundance of the post-modern cultural landscape.
  The key value to this work is the revelation of the critical role comics can play in coming to grips with the machinery of this omnipresent dilemma.  This piece, the third by Copacetic customer Cornwell that we've offered for sale, shows the creator exhibiting his ambition as he works to synthesize a wide range of influences into an exploding montage of styles, narrative tropes and storylines.  The dual 49-panel front and back covers set the stage which stroboscopically shifts through a dry-ice fog of R. Crumb self-consciousness, Charles Burns moodiness, some obvious (but clever!) "quotations" of Marc Bell, and the diegetic use of Fort Thunder tropes, in the process taking the reader on a 28-page journey that evokes a spirit of chaos reminiscent of Paper Rad and which concludes with the multiply referential meta-comics of the inside back cover "pin-up."  I Wanna Destroy You reveals, when the dust settles, the looming question mark of consciousness, and delivers a confirmation of the illusion of self. 
copacetic price - $2.50

We also have a very few copies of a numbered limited edition that sports a silk-screened cover in addition to that pictured above.  copacetic price - $5.00

by Chris Cornwell
Premiering at SPX, this 40-page, horizontally-formatted, black and white piece is the debut full-length work by Pittsburgh-based artist, Chris Cornwell.  Fans of Fort Thunder who are looking for an artist who understands the visual vocabulary of its artists and is capable of intelligently building on their legacy, who has the ability to create a coherent narrative entirely in carefully rendered, visually appealing images,
who takes the time to think things through, and whose vision extends far beyond the borders of the comics world need look no further -- this is it!  And, of course, one need not be a fan of the Fort Thunder crowd to appreciate this work, as it is, after all is said and done, quite an original piece.  Questor is a work of pure comics.  What you find here, can't be as fully expressed in any other form.

price - $2.00

Swell, Part One: Openfaced Sandwich
by Juliacks
Swell #1This 11" x 11", 20-page work is without any doubt the most intense work we came across at this year's (2007) SPX.  It is also, however, one of the more difficult and some readers may find it confusing.  Finally, this is not a work that was produced with entertainment in mind, as it takes us through the tormented psyche of its protagonist, Emmaline, who is haunted by past sufferings which she can't seem to shake.  Juliacks is another new, Pittsburgh-based comics artist.  She has produced several previous works -- which we also have in stock -- but has with Swell produced a clear step forward that stands out from the crowd.  It draws from the same well of savage primitivism as Rory Hayes and Mike Diana, and cross-breeds this quality with the suburban angst of Diane Noomin and Aline Kominsky to successfully communicate the emotional states of rage and pain in which Emmaline is trapped and from which she is desperately trying to escape.  Swell is clearly intended by its creator as a cathartic abreaction of trauma and shines in its artistic risk-taking as many experiments are conducted in characterization, text placement and, most successfully, page layout.  The mark making is heavily labored and obviously invested with strong personal feelings.  All in all this first installment of Swell is a unique piece that is well worth the modest  outlay.  We hope that future installments deliver on the promise of this initial foray. 
copacetic price - $2.00
It is also available in a limited edition with an additional silk-screened cover.

price - $5.00

Jinxremoving No. Eleven: "The Name Itself Is the Thing Itself."
by Arpad
This is the latest in a series of graphic missives from Chicago by Pittsburgh ex-pat, Arpad (#10 and perhaps even a few earlier issues are also still squirrelled away somewhere in our self-published section). 
Jinxremoving, is, as the title suggests, an act of personal-salvation through self-publishing.  Beginning five or so years ago (our memory is a bit foggy on this point) when Arpad yet remained comfortably ensconced within the warm embrace of our fair city -- that's Pittsburgh, to you out-of-towners --  Jinxremoving was, initially, a more typical zine, filled with writings, photos and drawings.  It has, over the past  half-decade, gradually evolved to its present form of pure comics.  And not just any comics.  These are comics that are, at their core, and in a fairly unique way, meta-comics: comics about comics; in this case, about the process of self-discovery and self-invention through comics.  The trick here, is that, for those comics readers who share some of Arpad's interests and characteristics, Jinxremoving can function as a vehicle for self-discovery as well:  the more shared with Arpad, the more powerful the vehicle; the less shared, the less; and, finally, those who share nothing with Arpad will likely, by the same token, have trouble even pulling away from the curb.  Arpad is clearly an omnivorous comics reader who wears his heart on his sleeve; but he has a tendancy to wear his shirt inside out so sometimes it's hard to see.  It may take a few reads to figure out where he's coming from, but if you can recognize his emotional and psychological "home town" and find that it shares something with your own, then, if you work your way backwards, and unroll the riddles, you may find yourself discovering places in your "neighborhood" that you never knew existed.
copacetic price - $2.00

Comicore Jr.

by Paulette Poullet
Taking hand-crafted comics to a new level, this self-published, hand-crafted mini-comic
has to be seen to be believed.  Starting with a cover hand cut in the shape of the University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning, the comic book that takes craft to a new level continues with a folder containing a hand-numbered, signed mini-portfolio of linoleum block portraits of "The Comedians of the Eighties", a couple cool fold-outs and closes with a a unique, single page collage (a different collage graces single every one of the 350 copies of this limited edition marvel). And sprinkled throughout there's, yes, you guessed it -- comics!  Don't wait too much longer to get your mitts on this one:  there's only a handful left.
copacetic price - $5.00

The Tale of Old Lady Merrell
by Juliacks
Speaking of limited editions, this 64-page squarebound volume -- printed in full color from black & white, duo-tone and full color originals -- was produced by CMU student and performance artist Julia Stien, known in her comics persona as Juliacks in an edition of only thirty copies.  The work is all over the place -- formally a bit like Brian Chippendale, but with contents on an entirely different planet.  Talk about instant collector's item!.
copacetic price - $20.00

RPM #1 & #2

by Rachel Masilamani
These two comic books from a recent Pittsburgh transplant were originally produced in Baltimore, by
Xeric grant recipient Masilamani.  Each features amazingly original and completely unique stories carefully rendered in pencil and/or pen & ink according to the needs of the material.  Each is excellent and heartily recommended. 
#1 retail price - $3.00@  copacetic price - $2.50@
#2 retail price - $4.00@  copacetic price - $3.00@

Deviant Funnies #1 & #2
by Ed Piskor
These two issues are chock-a-block with serious old-school humor comics that have their roots in the glory days of EC and the original Mad.  The level of diligence in the rendering and inking evident in these self-published comics is rarely seen at this end of the comic book spectrum.  The content of the pages in Deviant Funnies run the gamut from birth to death -- filling in the space between with sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, and a lot of laffs.  Ed is a Pittsburgh local boy who is doing his all to make good.  He recently handed in the longest story in Harvey Pekar's American Splendor: Our Movie Year; and, he did such a good job that Harvey has asked him to be the sole artist on his next project, due out late in 2006.  Don't miss this chance to get your hands on these two mini-masterworks.
retail price - $3.00  copacetic price - sold out

Life's a Cakewalk Comics - A Cartoonist's Sketchbook Diary #1 & #2
by Paulette Poullet
You may or may not ever get the chance to walk a mile in someone else's shoes, but now's your chance to spend a month in someone else's mind  -- the month of February 2005, to be exact.  And you can experience this emotional roller coaster ride in the safety and comfort of your own home,
courtesy of the magic that is comics.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll notice obvious plugs for The Copacetic Comics Company that render our objectivity in this matter suspect, but you'll be glad you did.
copacetic price - $1.50@ (sorry, #1 is now sold out)

Ev and Art
by Dorothy Howard
This new work, the first in quite awhile by recent Pittsburgh returnee Howard, features the trials and tribulations of Ev (mostly) and Art, two shy and lonely twenty-something Pittsburghers who are each waiting for the other to make the first move. 
retail price - $3.00  copacetic price - $2.70

Gødland #1 - 24 (so far)
by Tom Scioli and Joe Casey
This hot new FULL COLOR series from Image (of all places) is the co-creation of Pittsburgh's own Tom Scioli, creator of The Myth of 8-Opus (see below).  Scioli's tribute to Jack Kirby's cosmic comics of the 1960s and1970s continues in Gødland, with the added spice of Joe Casey's
snappy dialogue and fueding family drama.  Scioli's art really shines here and takes full advantage of the color processes on offer.  Check this one out now while you can still get the issues at cover price!  Check out the officialGodland Godland website, or read this excellent interview of Tom Scioli by Tom Spurgeon on Comics Reporter to learn more.
retail price - $2.99@  copacetic price - $2.69@

Gødland TPB, Volume 1: Hello, Cosmic
by Tom Scioli and Joe Casey
This hot new FULL COLOR series from Image has now been collected.  The first six issues are available along with some sketchbook pages in this cosmic package!
retail price - $14.99  copacetic price - $12.75

Gødland TPB, Volume 2: 
by Tom Scioli and Joe Casey
And now there's more!  The next six issues are now available available along with a bonus Christmas short in this hypercosmic package!
retail price - $14.99  copacetic price - $12.75

Gødland TPB, Volume 3: 
by Tom Scioli and Joe Casey
And now there's more!  The next six issues are now available available in yet another hypercosmic package!
retail price - $14.99  copacetic price - $12.75

The Guardians

by Kristoffer Smith

This is an ongoing series by Pittsburgh prodigy Kris Smith, publisher of Vortex Comics (see link below).  We currently have issues #5 - #7 in stock. Worth a look.

price - $2.00@

The Gypsy Lounge
by Jasen Lex
192 pages! Softcover TPB
half-toned interior pages on heavy glossy stock
with full color cover
retail price - $13.95 copacetic price - $10.00

Science Fair #1, 2, 3 & 4
by Jasen Lex
More cutting edge comics from the creator of Gypsy Lounge (see above). Published by Antarctic Press, Science Fair continue Lex's original hybrid form of computer designed comics that pick up where the techniques he pioneered on Gypsy Lounge left off  -- only this time around, in FULL COLOR!  Learn more at Jasen's Web Page.
retail price - $2.99@  copacetic price - $2.69@

The Myth of 8-Opus: The Doomed Battalion
Pittsburgh’s own Thomas Scioli is back with a continuation of his epic saga.  No one works in the tradition of Jack Kirby’s 1970s work better than Scioli.  This one is a B&W,108-page TPB of all new material.
retail price - $16.95 copacetic price - $13.55 

We also stock the earlier issues of Myth of 8-Opus (#1 - #5).  All still available at their original retail prices ($1.75 - $3.00).  This is an intriguing series that works hard to incorporate classical Greek mythology and philosophy into a cosmic Kirby framework that is guaranteed to be appreciated by all KIrby fans and worth a try by anyone.  Check it out now before these become high-priced collector's items!

Verdure 2

Verdure Magazine 1 & 2
Pittsburgh's own Green Zine now has two issues under it's belt.  This full color magazine that is dedicated to growing a green and pleasant present and future for our fair city costs a mere one dollar per issue, so we're sure you're going to want to check it out.  Learn all about it at verduremagazine.com!
retail price - $1.00@  copacetic price - $1.00@

Unicorn Mountain 2Unicorn Mountain, Volume 2
edited by Curt Gettman
As the cover states, this is a compendium of comics, writing and music.  This time around Unicorn Mountain is a chunky 206-page squarebound squareformat anthology printed in umber ink on flat white paper of (mostly) Pittsburgh culture that contains an eclectic 21-track CD, all for less than the prie of the average stand-alone CD!  Made possible in part by a grant from the seemingly omnipresent Sprout Fund, this issue is a big step up from the first issue.  Highlights include "Thousands of Mistakes" by Frank Santoro, "Niran and Theola" by Curt Gettman and Owl Kahol Systems (a pseudonym for a local comics artist), "Like Lace" by JULIACKS, "Rock & You" by Paulette Poullet, a two-page untitled piece by Brian Maruca and Jim Rugg of Street Angel fame, and a fistful of untitled illustrations by Paper Rad.  The material on the CD ranges far and wide and includes new tunes by Modey Lemon, Oneida, Ex-Models, Elf Power and Pink Mountaintops.  The Karl Hendricks Rock Band's "The Last Uncompromising Hardcore Band" will have you tapping your toes and singing along before you even realize it. 
retail price - $15.00  copacetic price - $12.00

Unicorn Mountain 1
edited by Curt Gettman
Made in Pittsburgh!  This is the first of a projected series of anthologies featuring local writers, musicians and comics creators.  It comes with a full length CD and a wraparound silk-screened cover by Pittsburgh poster maven, Mike Budai.  Learn more at www.unicornmountain.com.
copacetic price - $12.00


The winter 2004 issue of this 48 page digest-size Pittsburgh periodical is the robot issue.  Fiction and non-fiction -- and one comic -- deal with the place of robots in our imagination as well as as in our reality. 
retail price - $4.00  copacetic price - $3.60

The spring 2004 issue of this 48 page digest-size Pittsburgh periodical is the cowboy issue, and it's their best issue yet.  It looks like the Salt crew has been paying attention and are learning the ropes.  If you haven't tried it yet, this is the issue to add a dash to your literary diet and see if it's to your taste. 
retail price - $4.00  copacetic price - o/s

The summer 2005 issue of this ongoing digest-size Pittsburgh periodical is "The Spy Issue."  Weighing in at 52 pages it contains 17 pieces devoted to the theme, comes wrapped in its very own customized manila folder, and includes a set of Spy Trading Cards, that, according to the hand-stamped envelope containing them, "does not exist."  All for one low price!  Learn more at http://www.saltstories.com

retail price - $4.00  copacetic price - $3.60

Young & Reckless: Poison Control Vol. 1
edited by Matthew Newton
We weren't exactly sure how to classify this piece.  It could have just as easily been listed under the book category, but the "vol. 1" in its title led us to list it here.  This is  a limited edition of 250 copies that is a hand made object literally screwed together between pieces of wood.  It's a high quality production that showcases the essays, stories, poems, photos, drawings, and comics of some three dozen contributors from Pittsburgh and around the country.  To learn more visit the publisher.s website at www.poison-control.com.
retail price - $25.00  copacetic price - sold out

Young Pioneers #1
"Young Pioneers is a documentation of uncommon travelers who are living extraordinary lives and accomplishing incredible things. We're especially interested in those people who've managed to discover clever ways to make travel a part of their everyday lives. Young Pioneers isn't really a travel magazine - it's a blueprint for living. It's a guidebook to making your dreams come true. It's a how-to book for creating a life worth living. True, we mostly feature folks who've done incredible things in foreign places, but that's only because we believe that planning and executing an amazing travel experience takes more guts, effort and energy than just about any other goal-oriented activity out there. Because of the challenges and stresses inherent in world travel, people who backpack successfully on the cheap usually go on to lead very successful lives, no matter what their chosen path or occupation."  Or, so they say...  Learn more at their fab site.



MurdalandMurdaland: Crime Fiction for the 21st Century - Issue 01
Will wonders never cease.  This new book format, semi-annually published periodical that aims to revive the values of classic pulp fiction -- think Jim Thompson and David Goodis (whose long lost novella, "Professional Man," graces these pages) -- is edited right here in Pittsburgh, PA, by Michael Langnas, practically in our own back yard!  Here's what they have to say for themselves:  "Included are fifteen original stories from such masters of the form as Daniel Woodrell, Ireland's Ken Bruen and Latin America's new prince of noir, Rolo Diez.  Adding an air of utter veracity are an ex-con's autobiographical lament of botched stick-ups and lustful romance in the heartland and a former Sandinista rebel's tale of jealousy and fatal ambush.  Topping the debut off are an excerpt from Tom Franklin's new novel, Smonk, the picaresque tale of a murderous riverboat whore in the early 1900s and an unnerving work-in progress by literary icon, Mary Gaitskill.  Expect visceral scenes of violence, repercussion, mayhem and dread.  Dark moments offering an array of ugly insights you never asked for."  ISSUE #2 IS NOW ALSO AVAILABLE!!
retail price - $12.00@  copacetic price - $10.00@king of summer

King of Summer
The first novel by Pittsburgh comics-guy, Wayne Wise.  Check it out!
retail price - $21.95
copacetic price - $20.85

Pittsburgh Love Stories from The New Yinzer
The folks at New Yinzer take a leap forward with this one.  It is their most ambitious publishing effort yet.  Pittsburgh Love Stories is pretty much what the title leads you to believe: A collection of stories -- fiction and non-fiction, poetry and prose -- about love in, of and around the 'burgh.  Check it out and get inspired to have your own work included in the next one, whatever it may be.
softcover; 220 pages
retail price - $10.00  copacetic price - $9.50


Next up we have a pair of books written, produced and published here in the 'Burgh by:

Incredibly Thin

The Book of Spiral
by Eric Sisak
retail price - $10.00
copacetic price - $8.50

The Ridiculous Concept of Smiling
by David Cherry
retail price - $10.00
copacetic price - $8.50

learn more at http://www.incrediblythin.com

And here's another Pittsburgh publisher.  This one specializes in poetry and all things French:

Air and Nothingness Press

currently in stock from AaN we have:

by Robert Desnos
translated by Todd Sanders
Written in 1943 in France, Calixto "is a poem of resistance, epic in scale, combining a narrative language of classicism and Greek mythology with the argot of 1940s Paris.  In a world peopled with prostitutes and explorers, victims and murders, Desnos fuses together a poetic elegy, a cry in the darkness against evil unleashed on the world."  Also appearing in this volume is Notes Calixto, notes and commentary written by Desnos ihn the margins of Calixto during its creation.
hardcover; bi-lingual - French and English
retail price - $19.95
  copacetic price - $16.95

The Secret Book for Youki and other poems
by Robert Desnos
translated by Todd Sanders
The poetry in this volume has been taken from two collections written for his companion Youki (Lucie Badoul): The Secret Book for Youki, composed in November 1932, and 1930 Youki Poési, completed in 1934.
hardcover; bi-lingual - French and English

retail price - $22.95
   copacetic price - $20.00

The Circle and the Star
by Robert Desnos
translated by Todd Sanders
18 poems collected in a 64 page, letterpress edition of only 100 copies.  Includes four original tipped in woodblock plates. 
hardcover; bi-lingual - French and English
retail price - $65.00
  copacetic price - $60.00

OK, this one's a transplant from Ohio via Georgia, but now it's a bonafide Pittsburgh Publisher:

Six Gallery Press

We currently stock four of their titles:

The Pagan Ellipsis
by Che Elias
Experimental writing from right here in tha 'Burgh.  Fans of House of Leaves might want to give this one a look; or Kerouac's Subterraneans -- a lot of the writing here is all about rhythm and flow.  There's not much out there like this one.  328 pages.
retail price - $12.00
  copacetic price - $10.00

Death By Water
by Tim Miller
This is an ambitious experimental novel that employs the classical tale of Orestes as a framework on which to hang meditations on the modern condition rendered in a montage of stream of consciousness prose, concrete poetry, Doré engravings, various images of artefacts from the aniquities of the world's cultures, and lots of footnotes.  There is, in addition, an explicatory afterword outlining the origin of the story along with the author's' intentions in adapting it.  It is, according to the back cover blurb, a "novel about the education of a soul."  This book is a agreat exampjle of what small press publishing is all about:  to take a chance publishing unusual work that larger publishers are scared away from.
retail price - $9.00   copacetic price - $7.65

by Pat Lawrence
The novel as journal.

retail price - $8.00   copacetic price - $7.20

The Lakes of Coma
by Michael S. Begnal
retail price - $9.00   copacetic price - $7.65


Samuel Rosenberg: Portrait of a Painter
by Barbara L. Jones
Samuel Rosenberg is perhaps most well known today for being Andy Warhol’s favorite art teacher at Carnegie Tech in the 1940s, but Rosenberg was a widely respected and exhibited painter in his own right, with a multi-faceted career that spanned seven decades.  This is the catalogue to the exhibition organized in collaboration between the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Westmoreland Museum of American Art, and the University of Pittsburgh Press, to compliment the exhibition currently on display and running through October 19, 2003 at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art in Greensburg, PA.  A lavish hardcover, it opens with an in-depth, 126 page essay by Ms. Jones, the exhibition’s curator, and includes 82 full-color plates, a biographical timeline, and a catalog of all Rosenberg’s known paintings.
retail price - $37.50 copacetic price - out of stock

One Shot Harris:
The Photographs of Charles "Teenie" Harris
retail price - $35.00
copacetic price - SOLD OUT!

At long last, here they are: The classic photographs of Pittsburghers at their finest are herein collected and given the treatment they deserve.  Spanning the decades of mid-twentieth century Pittsburgh, the work of "Teenie" Harris is a local treasure that has finally emerged from its coccoon.  The quality of the reproductions will surprise and amaze.  An instant heirloom, this one's a keeper!  Learn more at the amazing Teenie Harris Archive.

Dream StreetDream Street:  W. Eugene Smith's Pittsburgh Photographs

edited by Sam Stephenson
critical essay by Alan Trachtenberg
Here's another amazing book of Pittsburgh photographs.  This one's on sale for 60% off!  W. Eugene Smith's Pittsburgh photographs are widely considered to constitute one of the greatest city portraits in the history of photography.  Smith himself saw them as the central, pivotal work of his storied career, despite the fact that his ambitions for it were such that they were never fully realized.  Over the course of three years -- 1955, 56 & 57 -- spent on and off in Pittsburgh, Smith made 17,000 photographs of the city in his attempt to push beyond the limitations of the photo essay and
expand the boundries of  the medium of photography to create a grand, unified work of art akin to a symphony or a novel.  Editor Stephenson has distilled the essence of this massive effort into the 175 duotone photographs that fill this 10" x 11" softcover volume.  Many of these will be instantly recognizable to any Pittsburgher as they have been reproduced so often, but they take on added meaning and new life when viewed in the context of the over-arching narrative created by the assemblage collected here, which presents an unmatched portrait of Pittsburgh, PA smack in the middle of the American Century.  This is a work that will be treasured by Pittsburghers, admired by artists, photographers, critics and connoisseurs, and valued by historians for many years to come.
retail price - $29.95  copacetic price - $26.95


It's More Fun to Compete b/w You've Got a Lot - Master Mechanic (7" 45rpm single)
The latest by Pittsburgh garage rock legends.  This is an extremely limited edition, so if you're interested, don't delay! 

Plus, we have in stock their first CD, as well as their rare, home made CD, Compilation.

Outlaw Writers Tour (CD)

The Deliberate Strangers w/ Chuck Kinder & Lee Maynard
Hot off the burner, here are seven new tunes recorded live on 8/14/03 at The Empty Glass in Charleston, WV by Pittsburgh's own intrepid musical explorers into the haunted spirits of the hills known as Appalachia, The Deliberate Strangers, along with two lengthy live readings, one each by Kinder and Maynard, writers whose lives and works are also rooted in this region that is both geographical and spiritual.  Despite the low budget nature of this particular venture, the recording quality on this disc is excellent.  It just goes to show that if you put modest technology in the hands of someone who knows what they're doing, you can get great results.  This disc represents a rare opportunity to experience as well as support homegrown culture with a quite modest expenditure.
copacetic price - $6.00

The Jerks Win Again -- The Karl Hendricks Trio (CD)
And at the other end of the guitar-based rock spectrum comes the CD that marks the return of a Pittsburgh indy hero.  This disc find the group moving a bit into Neil Young territory, with longer, more musically complex songs, where the guitar playing says as much as the lyrics in addressing the songs' themes of being -- or at least feeling -- the outsider in a variety of contexts, and, when the album is taken as a whole, the relationship between these contexts and how they work togther in forming personal identity.  For  a nice review, click here or here .
copacetic price - $10.00

And Spirit of Orr Records has just re-released the trio's 1995 outing:

A Gesture of Kindness (and 10 Other Snappy Toe-Tappers, An Electrical Assault on the Human Auditory Canal) -The Karl Hendricks Trio (CD)
copacetic price - $10.00

yakov cdStraight Outta Squirrel Hill - Yakov Chodosh (CD)

Think of this as a two sided LP:  with side one featureing American jazz (mostly) & pop tunes -- standards as well as obscurities -- and side two featuring Jewish tunes -- standards, Israeli, and, yes, originals --  all performed by Yakov accompanying himself on piano.  Recorded in Aspinwall!  15 tracks total, all for a modest price tag.  More at Yakv.com.
copacetic price - $6.00


Encyclopdæia Destructica:

Volume Bumba, Issue the Fourth

This, the final installment of "Volume Bumba," is the film and video issue.  It comes with its own DVD containing a whopping 38 original film and video works running a mind-bending three and a half hours ensconced in a 118-page
illustrated catalogue that is hand bound in a hand-silk-screened hardcover.  Produced in a limited edition of only 500 copies, this is an excellent survey of the great variety of talent working in film and video in Pittsburgh, and an amazing value that you won't want to miss.  While, yes, some of the works here are amateurish and some are obviously student films, others are totally amazing.  We are still reeling from the experience of watching Gordon Nelson's 15-minute and 48-second "Sixties Teen Dance Party," which contains what is quite possibly The Greatest Found Footage of All Time, footage which has, in turn, been artfully optically printed by Mr. Nelson, who has also added an original soundtrack which itself was recorded live (although, you might find yourself unable to resist the temptation to turn down the volume on your TV and put some classic '60s dance music on the hi-fi and crank it up while you watch this amazing film).  "Sixties Teen Dance Party" alone is, in our humble opinion, easily worth the price of the entire package.  But there's so much more.  Other highlights include Suzie Silver's "Peggy Love 101," in which the lyric "love" has been excised from the catalogue of Peggy Lee songs and rhythmically edited along with found footage (yes, we seem to have a predilection for this...) of her performances to create an abstraction of pop love.  "Sports and Diversions" by Bum Lee, a series of black and white animations inspired by Eric Satie's Sports et Diveritissements, a series of short piano pieces that are performed (and quite well, too!) here by Pei Wei Lin, is quite a marvel and might very well be the single most original piece you'll see this year.  Watching Jessica Fenlon's "Crossroads" provides a meditative three and a half minutes that will lower your blood pressure.  And, we can't leave off without mentioning John Allen Gibel's "Pleromadromadhatu (trailer)" which is either a parody of or an homage to -- or both -- the films of Dusan Makavejev and Alejandro Jodorowsky.  We could go on and on here as there are still over  thirty pieces we haven't even mentioned yet, many of which we'd like to tell you about.  Suffice it to say that this is something that you'll kick yourself (hard) if you miss out on it.  So don't!
copacetic price - $15.00

foxCartune Xprez:
A Collection of Contemporary Animated Videos from the USA and Canada

This one -- while not technically a made-in-Pittsburgh production, at least has a Pittsburgh ex-pat at the helm, so we're going to cut it some slack and include it here in our just-getting-started local cinéma section -- is an amazing, eye-popping new anthology of, for the most part, new school, lo-fi, DIY animations that we're pretty confident you won't be seeing anywhere else anytime soon.  Not only that, you'll be hard pressed to find this disc anywhere else.  Artists on this disc
include Paper Rad & Peter Burr (both Pittsburgh-connected), Amy Lockhart, Takeshi Murata, Phillippe Blanchard, Michael Bell-Smith, Christopher Doulgeris, as well as Hooliganship and Slow Dance Recyttal.   Get more details here.
Xprez 2PLEASE NOTE:  One of the shorts (Gretchen Hogue's Where's My Boyfriend?) is composed of a rapid-fire montage of still images -- most appear to have been cut out of magazines --  that includes quite a few that are pornographic in nature.  The on-screen time of these images is generally under one second, they are all employed to humorous effect, and one would be hard pressed to find anything of prurient interest here, but, nevertheless, it renders this entire collection inappropriate for unsupervised children and anyone who would be offended by this type of material.  You have been warned.
copacetic price - sold out

Splendid RecipesSplendid Recipes (DVD)
And speaking of new school, lo-fi DIY, this brand-spanking-new, 60-minute, home-made-in-tha-'burgh DVD is so new school that we here at Copacetic have decided that it has created a school all of its own and we've dubbed it "Yinzer Stoner."   Splendid Recipes is the very first manifestation of this bold new way of representing reality through art.  So, get in on the ground floor -- it's cheap! -- on this new art movement.  This DVD contains the first two episodes of the "public access disgrace" also known as "The Dollar Store of television shows," and features "adolescent crime stories, ghetto special effects, horrible improvised dialogue, drunken karaoke and much more."
retail price - $9.99  copacetic price - $7.77


Splelndid Recipes 2ASplendid Recipes #2
Yes, that's right:  two more episodes are now available on this brand, spanking new (and noticably slicker) DVD package.  55 minutes of made-in-Pittsburgh fun(k) that continues to extend the glorious reign of the Yinzer Stoner Nation™.  This time around expect "the worst noise super group ever to grace the screens of Pittsburgh," "Violence Jack's final drunken plea to save the bus routes of Troy Hill," "(the) North Side sock puppet disaster," "Remixed adolescent crime dramas," "The Underwater Culprit's public meltdown," animation, found footage, DIY video games and much, much more!  We are informed that you can visit the folks responsible at:  http://www.myspace.com/splendidrecipes
copacetic price - $7.77

Lydia & Her FriendsLydia and Her Friends
by Gretchen Neidert
Are you despondent and despairing? dragged down by dominating dodos, day to day
drudgery and derelict dregs?  The antidote is at hand:  Lydia and Her Friends is a power-packed little wonder; a 10-minute burst of melodiously manic energy that situates the viewer in an endless loop at the edge of the galaxy from which vantage point it becomes clear that while time is passing all around us as we spin through space,  life is lived in the moment, and that moment is NOW!   An infinitely renewable pick-me-up for less than the price of a capuccino, made right here in tha 'burgh.
copacetic price - $2.00 (!)


Hey! It's Pittsburgh

Remember Pittsburgh: Photographs -- This is a great online archive of the Pittsburgh Photographic Library of historical photographs of the people & places of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Signs -- This is a fun site devoted to documenting and archiving all the great signage that signifies tha 'burgh.  Check out what they have up already -- 144 different signs and counting -- and then do your part and send them your own photo of the really great sign in your neghborhood that they missed.  Easy interface, nice design. 

I (Heart) Pittsburgh -- A site devoted to celebrating the nooks and crannies of Pittsburgh along with anything and everything that the site's creators and contributors love about the 'Burgh.

The Teenie Harris Archive. -- This amazing documentation of Pittsburgh is guaranteed to blow your mind.  It's an  electronic image gallery that has 1400 images currently posted, and plans on adding 100 images a month until 3600 images are publicly accessible.

Small Press Pittsburgh -- This is a wiki devoted to promoting literary creativity here in Pittsburgh, PA.  It is an ever growing storehouse of information that will hep you to the homegrown infrastructure of publishers, publications and the  shops that carry them as well as the  grassroots goings on in town -- for example, who knew that there were so many different reading series in Pittsburgh?  And because it's a wiki, you can be a part of it! 

Ed Piskor's Ode to Pittsburgh People and Places -- Yes, this contains a plug for Copacetic, but there's so much more in this heartfelt paen to tha 'Burgh, by this hard-working local comics creator. 

Pittsburgh Blogs

Pittsblog -- "Pittsburgh has the potential to be a great city. But Pittsburgh holds back, captivated by its own history. The people of Pittsburgh can't stop talking about the wonders of its past. Very few in Pittsburgh talk about its future. That's why Pittsblog is here."

Digging Pitt -- A great blog for what's happening in the Pittsburgh art scene.

Karen the Small Press Librarian -- Catch up / keep up with Karen Lillis on all things independent publishing. 

Serendipity -- Art, literature, comics and more.

Three Rivers Online -- The one and only Philip Shropshire gives his all to bring Pittsurgh up to speed.

Pitt Lit & Crit

The New Yinzer -- Pittsburgh's very own online magazine.  Plenty of fiction, poetry, essays, reviews and even -- yes -- comics!  By Pittsburghers, for Pittsburghers -- and, of course, for anyone else who's interested. ( And it's all archived online! with a user friendly interface!)

I Like Comics by Yakov  -- Now reformatted, remodeled and searchable, this site is devoted to the critical appreciation of those comics that the site author considers to be especially worthy of attention.  His instincts are good, so it's worth checking in.  Also, there's now a blog for his quotidian comics concerns.  And if you discover an item on his site that you think you'd like to pursue further (i.e. purchase, as in buy from The Copacetic Comics Company) let us know that Yakov sent you and we'll shove a couple shekels his way. >>Full Disclosure:  Yakov is a Copacetic Customer

Online Center for Gidean Studies -- If you're into André Gide then chances are you're already familiar with this site; if not, then you're in for a treat.  If, on the other hand, you're only superficially aware of Gide and would like to learn more, then this super site by local web-whiz Todd Sanders, is certainly the place to start.  And while you're at it, you might want to check out his other site, french lit. research

Wayne Wise's Web-Site -- Learn more about Wayne Wise-- the Pittsburgh area comic book store clerk who made good-- and his new novel, King of Summer, which is now available for purchase at the Copacetic Comics Company and other fine retail establishments, as well as direct from Wayne himself.

Pittsburgh On-Line Comics & Illustration

Frank Santoro – Check out what's up with Frank as he posts comics, drawings, writings, paintings and more here on his Cold Heat Comics blog.

Jim Rugg - There's plenty of fine comics and illustration work on view here from this amazing Pittsburgh-based talent.  Well worth a visit.  But that's just the ground floor – to really keep up to minute with this prodigious talent, make sure to visit his Live Journal, where you'll see all of Jim's latest work.  It's a must!

Ed Piskor's Comics & Stories – It's just like the title says, only moreso!  There's a ton of stuff here by the hardest working man in Pittsburgh's comics biz, including well over 100 pages of comics!

741.5 Comics -- You can spend an eternity here, at Dave "the knave" White's seemingly inexhaustible site.

Skeleton Balls - A big bunch a far-freakin'-out comics and drawings are available right here, all done by a very talented artist working right here in the 'burgh.  Fans of Joe Coleman, Dennis Worden, Chester Brown, Jack Jaxon, and even Gary Panter may find themselves intrigued by the themes explored here, which are unique in their tranced out treatments of religious themes and iconography that use pen and ink to tie together the darkness and the light, the yin and yang, the black and white.   A word to the wise:  these are works that will bug your eyes out and might not be for everyone, as the imagery is strong and some may find it disturbing.

Unicorn Mountain -- Hub of happenning Pittsburgh creativeness centering on comics, music, performance, parties and more.

Tom Scioli -- Drop in and see what the creator of Godland and The Myth of 8-Opus is up to.

Jasen Lex -- Check in with the creator of Science Fair, The Gypsy Lounge and much more.

Planet Saturday -- A fun, all ages on line comic strip written and drawn here in Pittsburgh.  If focuses on the adventures of a father and daughter and has just (as of December 2008) been collected in book form.  Needless to say, Copacetic is carrying it, and offering it at a discount.

Wayno -- Veteran Pittsburgh comics artist and illustrator shows off his ample wares on this jam packed website.

Mark Zingarelli's House of Zing -- Whether you're an aspiring artist looking for some pointers, or an art director looking for pro, you'll find what you're looking for here.

Pittsburgh Music
>> all the following stations offer live streaming broadcasts on the web.  Just pick & click! 

WRCT -- The station devoted to music and programming from all over the map; music that you're not too likely to hear elsewhere in tha 'burgh and that you oughta check out.  Expand your musical horizons and more:   Tune in to WRCT now!

WDUQ -- THE jazz station in Pittsburgh, PA, and home to NPR!  What more do you need to know?

WYEP -- Pittsburgh's only listener supported independent radio station, "where the music matters."  They have an information rich interactive web-site that's well worth a visit and where you can learn about some of the many upcoming concerts that WYEP promotes.  Recent concerts include Patti Smith and Gillian Welch.

WQED -- Pittsburgh's one and only 24-hour classical music station.

Moving on to the music makers themselves...

The Deliberate Strangers -- Corrallng spirits driving hard out of Appalachia and points unknown, The Deliberate Stangers mix it up with the Dark Side to save your soul.

Reid Paley --  Well, yes, technically, The Reid Paley Trio is not a Pittsburgh band; but seeing as how Reid both penned and continues to sing the line, "I must've left my heart in Pittsburgh," after having resided here for over a decade, we'd say that he continues to be a part of the Pittsburgh music scene, if only in spirit, wouldn't you?

The Modey Lemon -- Check out these crazy rock 'n' roll kids!

Anti-Flag -- These guys have moved beyond the category, but since they're rooted in and still based in the 'burgh, here they are.  Punk's not dead!

The Boilermaker Jazz Band --  An honest to goodness home grown jazz dance band that performs hot jazz, ragtime and swing; standards and classics.

Douglas Levine -- Catch up with pianist, composer, arranger, musical director and man about town, Douglas Levine.

Cenotaph Audio -- Yes, it's true:   A local label specializing in music that is quite off the beaten path, some of which is actually produced here in the 'burgh.  Check it out and see if you think it's upn your alley.

The Pittsburgh Compline Choir -- The Pittsburgh Compline Choir is a mixed voice, auditioned choir of approximately 16-24 members, that exists for the purpose of singing and praying the monastic office of Compline.  Every Sunday at 8:30pm during the University of Pittsburgh academic year, the Choir performs at Heinz Chapel.

Pittsburgh Places

The Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh -- This is the home page for the entire Carnegie Museum system.  You can link to everything from here.  First and foremeost are the four museums themselves; but there's plenty more to check out on the filaments that emanate out from this hub -- including job opportunities, events calendars and more.  Most amazing of all is the recently posted Teenie Harris Archives --  1400 classic Pittsburgh photos all accessible from this page!  The folks at the Carnegie have done a wonderful job with here.  This is is an absolute must see that you'll probably end up bookmarking, as you're sure to end up going back for more.

The East End Food Co-op -- A member-owned natural foods store in Pittsburgh, PA since 1977.  Featuring organic produce, baked goods, packaged foods, cleaning and household goods, health and beauty products and an award-winning vegetarian cafe.  

Pittsburgh Filmmakers - The original regional media center is bigger and better than ever:  it's a school for photography, film, video, and all things digital; it's a membership organization with excellent facilities; and it's the coolest theatre chain in the 'burgh, with three theatres offering the best films in town.  Don't forget to check out their exhibitions schedule.

Mr. Small's Funhouse -- Theatre, recording studio, gallery, skate park, hostel -- this place has it all, and it's in Millvale!  (Don't know how to get there?  Don't worry:  Their site has an entire page devoted to directions.) Who would've thunk it?  Fall 2004 shows include punk pioneers The Cramps, and indy faves Yo La Tengo.

The Quiet Storm   --  Coffeehouse, Restaurant, Venue.  On Penn Avenue in Garfield.

The Roboto Project -- A Pittsburgh based site that you need to know about.  Make sure you check out the events page as they have tons of shows coming up in the months ahead and there's bound to be some that you're interested in!

The Toonseum -- Pittsburgh's own up and coming museum dedicated to all things comics and cartooning is now up and running downtown in the cultural district.  WOW!

Pittsburgh Activism

Pittsburgh Campaign For Democracy -- This site serves, to a small degree, as a hub site for activism in Pittsburgh.  It's primary aim is to support the broadcasting of the radio program Democracy Now, currently being aired on WRCT.

Keystone Politics: Pittsburgh --  Here's a site that will help you keep abreast of political goings on in and around town, helping you maintain an informed opinion about local politics.

The World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh -- A non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting greater understanding of important international issues throughout the community and especially within the region's secondary schools.

The Penn Avenue Arts Initiative  -- 
The Penn Avenue Arts Initiative's (PAAI) core mission is to revitalize the Penn Avenue Corridor, between Negley and Mathilda avenues, by using the arts to enhance public perception of the district, instill pride in the neighborhood, foster inter and intra community ties, and establish an artist's niche.

Women for a Healthy Environment -- Yes, this group is a homegrown original, with offices in Squirrel Hill.  Their website is quite a resource.  Spending time here will leave you wiser, but possibly more worried – as a heretofore hidden world of environmental toxins is revealed.  But there are many helpful articles and connections to help us all forge ahead to a healthier world.  Be sure to check out their Health and Nutrition Links, for starters).

Pittsburgh Doings

Handmade Arcade -- Pittsburgh's BIG craft event.  Don't miss it!

PIX: The Pittsburgh Indy Comics Expo – Yes, you read that correctly:  Pittsburgh now has its very own indy comics festival!  The first ever PIX is scheduled for Saturday & Sunday, October 16 & 17, 2010 at – of all places – the massive 1ns completely restored 17,000 square foot top floor of the Guardian Storage facility located at 2839 Liberty Avenue in the Strip District.  10:00am to 5:00pm both days.  And lest we forgot:  FREE ADMISSION!!!

Pittsburgh Craft Collective Blog --  The Pc2 blog dedicated to all things crafty in the pittsburgh region.  The blog is run by a group of crafters affectionately called the "Pittsburgh craft collective."  Their mission is to be a central gathering place for information about crafts, fun tutorials, classes, local meet-ups and other resources specific to the Pittsburgh area.  If you are interested in learning more about them, or would like to find out how to join this fun group, shoot an email off to: pghcraftcollective@gmail.com.

American Shorts -- Presented by Pittsburgh Arts and Lectures, the American Shorts series give Pittsburghers a chance to have a night out with a difference: entertainment that actually has some substance; not only will you have a good time, but you'll come home smarter than you were before you left.  And all for the truly amazing low price of $3.00*!  How do they do it? (Well, to be honest, we think they've stopped, as there hasn't been much action in awhile...)

Pittsburgh News Sources

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Pittsburgh City Paper

Pittsburgh Resources
The Carnegie Libraries of Pittsburgh -- The greatest Pittsburgh resource of them all!  Especially valuable is their resources page.  Be forewarned, however, that sometimes their site is slow, due to the large amount of traffic  sometimes overwhelming their underfunded servers.

Carnegie Mellon University -- There's actually quite a lot to be found here.  Use the search bar and visit the libraries, just to start.

University of Pittsburgh -- Ditto, if not quite the same level of organization.

three rivers net           GetLocal!           greaterpittsburgh.com

Well, that's it for now.  We're just starting out with this and we are well aware that there are  glaring omissions.  Help us out and clue us in.

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