Cartune Xprez
A DVD Collection of Contemporary Animated Videos
from the USA and Canada

Xprez 2This is an amazing, eye-popping new DVD anthology of, for the most part, new school, lo-fi, DIY animations that we're pretty confident you won't be seeing anywhere else anytime soon.  Not only that, you'll be hard pressed to find this disc anywhere else.  So we're working overtime to bring this disc to your attention as there's some really creative and original work here, the likes of which you may not have previously encountered, at least not on a purchasable DVD.  Artists on this disc include Paper Rad & Peter Burr (both Pittsburgh-connected), Amy Lockhart, Takeshi Murata, Phillippe Blanchard, Michael Bell-Smith, Christopher Doulgeris, as well as Hooliganship and Slow Dance Recyttal.   Get more details here.

foxPLEASE NOTE:  One of the shorts (Gretchen Hogue's Where's My Boyfriend?) is composed of a rapid-fire montage of still images -- most appear to have been cut out of magazines --  that includes quite a few that are pornographic in nature.  The on-screen time of these images is generally under one second, they are all employed to humorous effect, and one would be hard pressed to find anything of prurient interest here, but, nevertheless, it renders this collection inappropriate for unsupervised children and anyone who would be offended by this type of material.  You have been warned.

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