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All in-stock items guaranteed to ship within 48 hours.

For those who prefer fully-automated eCommerce, please visit our new database-driven site, Copacetic 2.0, where you can shop 24/7 via our PayPal shopping cart.  Here at old-school Copacetic, we're still using the new-fangled technology to carry on our business the same old way, one customer at a time, with your satisfaction guaranteed.  First off, we do accept orders over the web.  Simply submit the order in an email to  order@copacetic.biz  and we'll get right back to you with a confirmation invoice.  We hope that customers will be pleased to learn that our shipping charges are modest.  We would like to suggest that those so inclined might very well find that the quickest and easiest way to place a order or make an inquiry is over the telephone rather than via the web.  Anyone firmly attached to the traditions of mail-order will be readily accommodated by our order processing department; only please keep in mind that personal checks must clear our bank before the order ships and that this can take up to seven business days.  Mail orders accompanied by certified check or money order will receive prompt (within 48 hours) shipment of their order.  Please make check or money order payable to The Copacetic Comics Company and remit along with order to:

The Copacetic Comics Company
PO Box 301
Pittsburgh, PA  15230
And, of course, for those of you who reside in the Pittsburgh area, we recommend the tried and true method of stopping in at the shop to pick up what you already know you want, to browse for things you might be interested in, and/or to place special orders.  

Payment Methods:  We accept the four major credit cards-- Mastercard™, Visa™, American Express™ and Discover™ -- for all transactions:  telephone, mail and web orders, and in-store purchases.  We accept personal checks, certified checks, and money orders for mail orders and in-store purchases.  We accept cash and traveler's checks for in-store purchases only.

We accept PayPal

We have begun to gradually implement a PayPal shopping cart system.   Many of our items you may now simply click on the "add to cart" button and then checkout through PayPal.  This option will be made available for more and more items (see
Copacetic 2.0 as mentioned above) but will not be made available for any of the items featured in Copacetic Collections of rare and older comics, nor will it be available for out of print and other one-of-a-kind items.  For these, as well as for all those items that have yet to have an "add to cart" button included in their listing, but that you would nonetheless like to pay for using PayPal, please submit the order in an email to order@copacetic.biz (don't forget to choose a shipping method).  We will promptly reply with a confirmation invoice containing a link to our PayPal™ account; or, if you prefer, you may, at that point, log onto PayPal manually, and then remit payment to comics@copcomco.com.  Upon receiving notification of your payment we will then ship your item(s) to you within 48 hours.  If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to ask for clarification
A brief note on our credit card policy:  We do not store any credit card information on our computers or in our files.  We keep credit card information only long enough to run the charge, after which it is deleted and/or shredded.  The only exception to this is repeat customers who, for the sake of streamlining future transactions, specifically request that we keep their credit card info on file.  If you desire clarification about any aspects of this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Copacetic Comics Company moved in 2010 and is now located at 3138 Dobson Street – on the third floor – in the Polish Hill neighborhood of the City of Pittsburgh.  Click here for a map that will assist you in pinpointing our location as well as navigating from our previous location to our current one.

Call 412-251-5451 during business hours (please note that the times listed below are in the Eastern Time Zone of the USA).

Monday – Thursday - 11:00am - 5:00pm
Friday & Saturday - 11:00am - 7:00pm
Sunday - Noon - 4:00pm

If you you have a question and prefer email, ask away!

If you are ready to place an electronic order, please submit it in an email to:    order@copacetic.biz   If you plan to pay with a credit card, we recommend that you either provide us with this information over the telephone, or in two seperate emails, making sure that the shipping address is not contained in the same email as your credit card number.  Please note that our credit card processor requires that we have the three-digit security code on the reverse of your card (the last three digits set furthest to the right on the signature strip) in order to process your charge. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Pennsylvania residents placing orders with us are subject to 7% sales tax (6% PA + 1% Allegheny County).  

Shipping Charges:

United States -- We employ the US Postal Service (USPS) to ship most of our orders. There are two options:

1) - Media Mail (delivery time of 4-7 business days) $3.25 for the first item (or up to five, if all standard-size, 32-page comic books), plus 50¢ per additional item (reduced to 25¢ per additional item on standard-size comic books).

2) - Priority Mail (delivery time of 2-3 business days) $6.00 for the first item (or up to five, if all standard-size, 32-page comic books), plus $1.00 per additional item (reduced to 50¢ per additional item on standard-size comic books). PLEASE NOTE:  A 75¢ surcharge per item (reduced to 25¢ per item [over five] on standard-size comic books) must be added to priority mail shipments to addresses west of the Mississippi River.  Our apologies if that got a little complicated.  Don't worry, we'll calculate it for you, we just don't want there to be any surprise hidden charges.

The choice is yours.  We include delivery confirmation on all orders over $20.00 at no extra charge; if you would like to have delivery confirmation added to an order less than $20.00, please add 75¢.

Express Mail can be requested; in which case we recommend placing your order by phone.

Especially large orders will usually be shipped UPS Ground, unless otherwise specified (see below).

International -- The shipping charges on international orders are entirely related to the weight of the items shipped, and vary widely.  We offer so many different items (some of which are quite heavy) that it is difficult to give estimates here.  You may request shipping charges for an order before -- or at the time of -- placing it. 

That said, on most -- but not, as indicated above, on all -- items shipping charges are:   for Canada - $7.50 for the first item and $1.00 for each additional item (reduced to 50¢ per additional item on standard-size comic books); Canadian orders are normally sent USPS Airmail, but -- if specified --  can be sent USPS Global Priority Mail for $13.95 for the first item (or up to five, if all standard-size, 32-page comic books) and 60¢ for each additional item (reduced to 45¢@ for comics).  Shipping charges to Western Europe, Japan, China, The Phillipines, Australia, New Zealand and much of Latin America are normally* at least $17.95 for the first item (or up to five, if all standard-size, 32-page comic books) and then at least $3.00 (usually more) for each additional item; all orders over four pounds (1.8kg) must now be sent via USPS Global Priority Mail.  Large international orders, as well as orders from countries not mentioned above,  will have to contact us for shipping charges. 

*CDs and DVDs will ship for less, usually $6.00 - $10.00 (for one).

Large Orders -- On larger orders of twenty items or more it is often more cost effective to ship UPS, in which case we can calculate the shipping charges in advance and bill you the exact amount.  In some cases it may take an email and/or call or two to nail down the correct charge.  

Insurance:  Insurance is optional.  The insurance charge for shipments to the US and Canada is $2.00 for the first $100 of insurance and $1.00 for each additional $100; for all other countries where insurance is available it is $2.50 for the first $100 and $1.25 for each additional $100 (this is roughly half of what the USPS charges; we are, in effect, splitting the insurance costs with you). On large US orders shipped via UPS, the insurance costs would be included in the shipping charges.

We realize that this is all a bit complicated, and we apologize for that.  Don't worry, we'll calculate it for you, we just want to provide you with as much information as feasible so that there won't be any surprises.  Our bottom line on shipping charges is to keep them as close to our actual costs as possible.  As always, if you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our Guarantee:  All merchandise ordered through this site is unconditionally guaranteed by The Copacetic Comics Company and may be returned for a full refund.  In cases where the problem is a result of an error on our part, such as a shipment of an incorrect or clearly flawed item, we will refund the cost of your return shipping as well.  All that we ask is that you notify us of your intention to return an item as soon as possible after receiving it, and that you ship it back to us in the same or equivalent packaging in which you received it within 30 days.

Please address all correspondence concerning returns to returns@copacetic.biz

Our Reputation:  We have been selling through this web-site for well over a decade now -- since April 2001 -- and have processed thousands of internet orders containing tens of thousands of items, of which less than 0.05% have been returned.   In all cases we provided a full refund and/or exchange and, when warranted, have refunded the customers' return shipping costs as well.  We believe that we provide a high level of customer satisfaction, and we have many repeat customers.  We don't solicit customer testimonials, but we do occasionally sell on eBay and Amazon.  Here's our eBay feedback and here's our Amazon feedback.

Our Philosophy: We believe that running a shop is about more than just selling and that shopping is about more than simply buying.  The Copacetic Comics Company believes that, in the final analysis, the purpose of shops and shopping is better defined as transacting, and that transacting is ultimately a form of communicating, and that communicating is connecting, and connection is what it's all about.

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