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This list is an outline that includes some particulars but is far from exhaustive.  Links on this page will take you either to more detail about a particular item, to the work of a particular creator, to a specific area of interest, to an expanded list of a particular title or publisher, or to our fairly extensive archive of reviewed arrivals.  

PLEASE NOTEThe most effective route to take in discovering what is available here at Copacetic is to head on over to our eCommerce site at copaceticcomics.comThis is especially true for our comics offerings, but you are still, of course, most welcome to explore the links below. 

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The Best In Contemporary Comics Collections

Alternative Comics
Comics from Book Publishers
Drawn & Quarterly
Highwater Books
International & Miscellaneous Small Press
Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Oni - TPBs, etc.
Top Shelf Publications

Small Press & Self-Published Comics

Los Bros Hernandez - Love and Rockets, etc.
Chester Brown - Yummy Fur, etc.
Chris Ware - The Acme Novelty Comics Library
Dan Clowes - Eightball, Ghost World, etc.
Julie Doucet - Dirty Plotte, etc.
Paul Pope - THB, etc.
Seth - Palookaville, etc.
Adrian Tomine - Optic Nerve, etc.
Charles Burns - Black Hole, Big Baby, El Borbah, Skin Deep, etc.
Mary Fleener - Slutburger, Life of the Party, etc.
Jim Woodring - Frank
Kim Deitch - Waldo ( Boulevard of Broken Dreams Hardcover from Pantheon)
Will Eisner - Contract With God, Comics & Sequential Art, etc.
Harvey Kurtzman - Jungle Book, Goodman Brown, Mad
Harvey Pekar & friends - American Splendor
Art Speigelman - Raw, Maus, Little Lit
Ben Katchor - Cheap Novelties, A Jew In New York, etc.
Peter Kuper - Speechless, Eye of the Beholder, The System
Kevin HuizengaD & Q Showcase #1, Or Else, Curses, etc.
Dan Zettwoch  - Redbird Comics & Stories
James Kochalka - The Sketchbook Diaries, Monkey vs. Robot, etc.
Paul Hornschemeier - Forlorn Funnies
Anders Nilsen -- Big Questions , Dogs & Water, etc.
Jeffrey Brown -- Clumsy, I Am Going To Be Small, etc.
Mike Allred - Atomics, Madman, Rocket 7, X-Statix, etc.

Alan Moore - Watchmen, From Hell, V for Vendetta, ABC, etc.
Frank Miller - Ronin, Elektra Assassin, Dark Knight, etc.
Howard Chaykin - American Flagg, Blackhawk, etc.
Steve Rude - Nexus, Thor: Godstorm
Kyle Baker - Why I Hate Saturn, You Are Here, Birth of a Nation, Nat Turner & The Bakers
Jamie Hewlett & Alan Martin - Tank Girl
Hugo Pratt - Corto Maltese, etc.
Moebius - Arzach, The Airtight Garage, etc.
Keiji Nakazawa - Barefoot Gen (aka Gen of Hiroshima)
Osamu Tezuka - Astro Boy, Buddha, Ode to Kirohito, etc.
Junko Mizuno - Cinderella, Pure Tance, etc.
Jiro Taniguchi - The Walking Man, etc.
Yoshihiro Tatsumi
Daniel Torres - Rocco Vargas, etc.
Munoz & Sampayo - Sinner, Joe's Bar, Billie Holiday

Raymond Briggs - Ethel & Ernest

Peter Blegvad - The Book of Leviathan

Sirk Productions - Storeyville

and many, many others...

Remember:  If you're looking for a particular piece and/or work by a particular creator,
you can search the site.

And Don't Forget the Classics!

Classic Comic Collections

The Essential Marvel series

The Carl Barks Library

The Pure Imagination Classic Comics Library

Hergé - Tin Tin

Newspaper Comic Strip Collections

Krazy Kat - The classic Krazy Kat: The Comic Art of George Herriman
                                    (for the Copacetic Price of only $17.95!)
                 Krazy & Ignatz: The Komplete Kat Komics - 1925 & 1926 & 1927 & 1928
Little Nemo In Slumberland (the complete collection)**Now back in print**
Little Nemo In Slumberland - So Many Splendid Sundays
Popeye -
The new Fantagraphics edition
Gasoline Alley -- three volumes so far from Drawn & Quarterly
Dick Tracy - the new IDW edition (five volumes so far)
The Spirit
- DC Archives, best of collections, Warren mags, and more

Steve Canyon - early Kitchen Sink issues & the new Checker collections
Peanuts- new and old collections; and now... THE COMPLETE PEANUTS!
Calvin and Hobbes
The Boondocks 
Mutts - all fourteen volumes
The Farside
Bloom County

Alternative Strip Collections

Lynda Barry -- Marlys, Freddie and the gang recount the traumas of growing up
                        (her masterpice: 100 Demons)
Alison Bechdel- Dykes To Watch Out For, Fun Home
Matt Groening -- love, work, school and childhood-- in short, life-- in hell
Ben Katchor -- The Adventures of Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer
Tom Tomorrow -- This Modern World, the complete collection

Out of Print Comics Classics

The Latest and Best in Comics Criticism and Theory

How-To Books About Comics

Selected New Comics Titles and Comics Related Publications from All Publishers

Back Issues from the 1940's to the 2000's

To just get right to the listings, go to the Copacetic Collections Index.  We do our best to keep these listings up to date, but, sadly, some are not.  Feel free to call our toll-free number to inquire about the availability of specific issues.  Read the following for an overview of our back stock.

We maintain a highly eclectic selection of older and collectible comics, and are constantly working hard to add comics of all sorts.  We believe that all our older comics are strictly graded and fairly priced, and we back this up with a guarantee.

Super Hero -- Marvel, DC & more
Funny Animal -- Donald, Mickey, Bugs, Daffy and many, many more (see Copacetic Collection)
Newspaper Strip Reprint -- Nancy, Blondie, Mutt & Jeff, etc. (see Copacetic Collection)
Teen Humor -- Archie, Betty & Veronica, Jughead, and more (also, see Copacetic Collection)
Kids Humor -- Dennis the Mence, Little Lulu, Litle Dot, Casper, and more (see Copacetic Collection)
Romance -- We have a nice selection, mostly from the 1950s
Science Fiction --Classic reprints from EC and by Wolverton, Wood, Powell & more
Satire -- Mad magazine and it's imitators
Horror -- Plenty of EC reprints plus originals from the 1950s
Classics Illustrated - Comics adaptations of literary classics
Westerns -- Bonanza, Rawhide Kid and more.
Underground -- Crumb, Bodé, and more
Alternative -- Love and Rockets, Eightball, Hate, Yummy Fur, etc.
Manga -- Tokyo Pop, Mai, Akira, etc.
Budget --  Copacetic Deals! box, sets and more -- special outdoor deals during the summer

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