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Paul Pope may very well be the most expressive master of the ink brush currently producing work in comics.  Yes, his plotting is often incoherent, yes, he constantly obsesses over the same themes and constantly focuses on rendering the same types (over and over and over again), yes, he indulges all his whims, yes, his work ethic leaves much to be desired, but none of this changes the fact that he is in possession of a powerful talent that he is in the process of working to harness.

His flair and dash with the ink brush is simply startling, yet he manages to contain all this protean energy in compositions that are solid and constantly so.  His eye is simply unerring: this is a true and rare gift.  His concepts, while often over-reaching and muddled as a result, nevertheless provide ample evidence that a well-learned intelligence is behind them.  Discipline is what is lacked, but this can be expected to improve with age.  It is, however, possible that Pope's narcissistic self-involvement may prove fatal to his talent.  Only time will tell, of course, but what the future holds has no bearing on the work he has already produced that is available to us now in the present.  The energy level embodied in Pope's work of the late 1990s is palpable and without peer.

On a formal level, Pope is perhaps the sole American practitioner of comics who has managed to fully integrate an understanding of Japanese manga with the art of twentieth century Europe -- fine arts, commercial arts and comics --  and then incorporate these into the American tradition; forging a truly unique body of work in the process.  Pope's comics represent a distilled essence of the world of comics that is well worth savoring.

In short, his flaws are great but his talents are greater; and what’s more, he believes in comics.  His work deserves our attention.  Let's hope that it continues to do so.

Comics by Paul Pope currently in stock at the Copacetic Comics Company
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prices and availability current as of 22 September 2005

All are self-published (by Pope’s Horse Press imprint) unless otherwise noted.  All have color covers with B & W interiors unless otherwise indicated:

100% TPB Collection  (2002-3; 2005)
comic book format; 48 pages@; coated stock
published by Vertigo
retail price - $24.99 copacetic price - $21.24

Buzz Buzz (1996)
oversize magazine (9” x 12 1/2”) format; 80 pages
Includes a six-page story by Moebius (en Francais)
retail price - $4.95 copacetic price - o/s 

Escapo (1996 - 2000)
graphic novel (magazine size) format; 112 pages
w/bonus story; features; 13 pages in full color
retail price - $9.95 copacetic price - o/s

Giant THB Parade (1996)
oversize magazine (9” x 12 1/2”) format; 96 pages(!)
Includes original version of Escapo
retail price - $4.95 copacetic price - o/s

Heavy Liquid

graphic novel collection of the comic book series
240 pages; 2-color interior
published by Vertigo
retail price - $29.95 copacetic price - o/s

One Trick Rip-Off (1997)
trade paperback; 120 pages (?)
published by Dark Horse
retail price - $12.95 copacetic price - $12.30

P-City Parade (1997)
magazine format; 80 pages 
retail price - $4.95 copacetic price - o/s 

THB 6A, 6B & 6C (2000-1)
comic book format; 72 pages
retail price - $3.95@ copacetic price - o/s

THB  6D (2001)
comic book format; 96 pages
retail price - $4.95@ copacetic price - o/s

THB Circus (1998)
giant oversize (9 1/2" x 13") 128-page comic book format
retail price - $9.95 copacetic price - $11.00

THB: M3 - Mars’ Mightiest Mek (2000)
comic book format; 64 pages
retail price - $3.95 copacetic price - o/s

THB: Volume 2 #1 (2003)
THB is back in 96 oversize (Golden Age comic book size, for those of you who care) pages of Paul Pope in all his ink stud glory.  If you’ve never checked out THB before, now’s your chance to get in at the start of the latest adventure. If you’re a fan, you probably bought your copy before the ink had a chance to dry, but if you missed its arrival: It’s here!
retail price - $6.95 copacetic price - o/s


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prices and availability current as of 22 September 2005