Opposite and this page: PEGASUS® Begonia, ‘Variegatum’ (Spider Plant) Chlorophytum comosum, ‘Sprengeri’ (Asparagus Fern) Asparagus densiflorus, Glacier Hedera, Goldilocks Lysimachia, GOLDDUST® Mecardonia, CHARMED® Wine Oxalis, MOLTEN LAVA™ Oxalis, HIPPO® White Hypoestes, HIPPO® Pink Hypoestes, Scotch Moss Sagina, COLORBLAZE® GOLDEN DREAMS™ Solenostemon (Coleus), COLORBLAZE® TORCHLIGHT™ Solenostemon (Coleus), CATALINA® White Linen Torenia and Tangerine Slice A-PEEL® Thunbergia Making your own Kokedama or terrarium is easier than you might think. Click here to find the how-tos. Click here to explore this earthy style further to find ideas that will fit your own unique space. 27