Foodscaping with Flair Maximize the square footage you have by turning it into a multi-use space that combines Proven Harvest™ plants with edible flowers in your patio containers. We took Gardener’s Supply Company’s suggestion to “grow your own happy hour” in their eight-foot-long, reclaimed wood outdoor planter bar by filling it with aromatic herbs and strawberries that can be conveniently plucked for craft cocktails. Having fresh ingredients on hand frees up time to relax with your guests and share moments in the edible ambiance you’ve created. Food has a way of bringing people together, doesn’t it? At left, in the bar: SUREFIRE® Rose Begonia, LADY GODIVA® Orange Calendula, FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Spiked Punch’ Dianthus, BERRIED TREASURE™ Red Fragaria, AMAZEL™ Basil Ocimum, OSO EASY HOT PAPRIKA® Rosa, along with English thyme, lemon verbena, spearmint and orange mint Table centerpieces: SUREFIRE® Rose Begonia and LEMON CORAL® Sedum In the landscape: ROCKIN’® Fuchsia Salvia and ROCKIN’® ‘Golden Delicious’ Salvia In containers: FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Spiked Punch’ Dianthus, BERRIED TREASURE™ Red Fragaria (Strawberry), LUSCIOUS® Royale Cosmo Lantana, ‘Garden Gem’ Lycopersicon (Tomato), ‘Garden Treasure’ Lycopersicon (Tomato), MOJAVE® Fuchsia Portulaca, ROCKIN’® ‘Golden Delicious’ Salvia and bell pepper Click here to gather delectable recipe ideas using Proven Harvest plants and edible flowers for your next party. 11