All-In-One Inst ant A great hanging basket is like jewelry for your front porch, just the right embellishment to greet your guests with a warm hello. Garden centers abound with full, opulent baskets in spring. If you’re limited on space to hang them, it’s easy to unclip the hook and transplant the combination of plants into an upright container. Most bowls and urns will do. Voila! You’ll have an instantly lush container. Keep your flowers in bloom all season by adding continuous release plant food to the soil when you plant, and feeding them every third time you water with water soluble plant food. STRAWBERRY SAUCE: SUPERBELLS® STRAWBERRY PUNCH™ Calibrachoa, LAGUNA® White Lobelia and SUPERBENA® Royale Romance Verbena Suggested Thriller: GRACEFUL GRASSES® ‘Sky Rocket’ Pennisetum (not pictured) 12