iZotope Customer Care


Purchasing Ozone 8 Elements

If you are using the demo version of Ozone 8 Elements and would like the full version, you can purchase Ozone 8 Elements direct from the iZotope online store: www.izotope.com/store

Once your purchase is complete, you will be sent an email confirmation and a full version serial number that can be used to fully authorize your current installation of Ozone 8 Elements.

iZotope Customer Care Policy

iZotope is happy to provide professional technical Customer Care to all registered users absolutely free of charge. www.izotope.com/support/contact/index.php

We also offer valuable pre-sales technical Customer Care to customers who may be interested in purchasing an iZotope product. Before contacting iZotope Customer Care, you can search our Product Knowledgebase to see if the solution to your problem has already been published.

How long does iZotope provide customer support for purchased products?

You can email us with any question for 12 months after you buy any iZotope product. Past 12 months, we’ll still help you with your account and authorization but will not provide technical support for in-depth product questions. If you need more detailed help on how to use the product, please check out our FAQs and Tutorials.

How long does iZotope support its products?

Although we can’t guarantee it, we do our best to keep our products up to date with the operating systems and plug-in hosts that we support. Sometimes, other companies make changes that we’re not able to support, but we actively work with other companies to avoid these sorts of compatibility problems. We also do our best to address bug fixes within the product itself to ensure our products operate in accordance with our specifications.

We will provide software updates for 12 months from product release. After 12 months, no software updates will be provided.

For details on what operating systems and plug-in host software are officially supported for a product, please check that product’s Specs page.

Contacting iZotope Customer Care

For additional help with Ozone 8 Elements:

iZotope’s highly trained Customer Care team is committed to responding to all requests within one (1) business day and frequently respond faster. Please try to explain your problem with as much detail and clarity as possible. This will ensure our ability to solve your problem accurately, the first time around. Please include all system specs and the build/version of Ozone 8 Elements that you are using.

Once your Customer Care request is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from iZotope Customer Care. If you do not receive this email within a few minutes, please check your spam folder and make sure our responses are not getting blocked. To prevent this from happening please add support@izotope.com to your list of allowed email addresses.

International distribution

Customer Care is also available from our international distributors worldwide for any customers who purchased their iZotope products through a certified iZotope distributor.

Check with your local distributor for availability. If you would like help locating your local distributor please contact iZotope Customer Care.

Thanks for using Ozone 8 Elements!

-The iZotope Team