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New in Insight 2.1

Updated Loudness Metering Options

  • Updated Loudness Gating Options: Monitor the dialogue-gated loudness of your mix to ensure it meets streaming platform recommendations with the new dialogue-gated option in the Loudness meter panel.
  • New LRA Target Range Control: Set custom LRA target range values in the Loudness meter panel.

New in Insight 2.0

Ensure Intelligibility Across Different Listener Environments

  • Intelligibility Meter:
    • Brand new to Insight 2!
    • Send Dialogue busses to Insight 2 with Relay to ensure your dialogue mix holds up in different listener environments.

Updated Loudness Standard Compliance

  • Loudness Meter:
    • Monitor the loudness of your surround sound mixes with support for Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 track configurations.
    • BS.1770-4 compliant Loudness Metering
    • Quickly check compliance against a number of different loudness standards with new built in loudness target presets.

Monitor Surround Levels With Support For Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 Tracks

  • Levels:
    • Monitor the levels of your surround mixes with expanded support for surround sound channel configurations.
    • Insert Insight 2 on surround tracks or busses (with support for up to 10 channels of audio; Dolby Atmos 7.1.2)

Dig Into Your Mix Mith Relay

  • Relay:
    • Send audio data to Insight 2 with the all new Relay plug-in.
    • Select Relay instances in the Intelligibility meter.
    • Select up to 8 instances of Relay at a time in the Spectrogram meter.

Refreshed User Interface

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