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Clash Royale Updates : Rage Mode Challenge!

Updated: July 13, 2018

All cards dropped on the Clash Royale Arena will be under Rage spell and it has taken from July 13-16, 2018 for the Challenge.

Fresh from Clash Royale official forum, 12 wins’ reward will be Legendary Chest so better choose your deck and remain quickly!

New Collection Day Game Mode

Updated: June 16, 2018

Just recently, Clash Royale ran a Blind Deck Challenge called “Archetype Deck”. They made it a Clan Wars Collection day game mode for everyone.

“Classic Decks” will be the way to show gamers the power of strategies in the game. ‘Win conditions’ are those cards that demand entire decks built around them. Each deck is designed to be focused and very linear on executing a single strategy. No more than 2 Legendary Cards will be available in each deck.

Starting June, Collection Day options will be like this:

1 versus 1

  • Classic Decks
  • Draft
  • Sudden Death

2 versus 2

  • Normal Elixir
  • Double Elixir