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Hello everyone! Do you want to level up your game without any hassles or waiting for your resources? Here in our guide page, we offer you hacks and cheats for your game! It is perfect for you especially if you are a beginner.  So, continue reading for the cheat that can level up you instantly on the game.

Clash Royale Hack for Cards and Resources

Many gamers of Clash Royale are searching for the best hack of this game, now we offer you an online hack that can give you legendary card and unlimited resources. It is easy to use and you don’t need to download anything since it is online version. all you need to do is to fill up the box with your user name of the game and select the platform you are currently using. And then enter the number of gems and golds you need that you want to be generated.

Below is a sample of a Clash Royale hack site:

Another thing is sometime it is a little bit scammy. Because some of them requires you to enter your email address and personal details. Sometimes you need to fill up their survey to complete the task that was required. We encourage you to be careful of this scammy sites.

Tips and tricks

Are you new in the game Clash Royale? Well your lucky because we have a tip and tricks for you. Our fan site can’t be completed if we don’t have one so you better take some notes and ready for the mind-blowing advice!

  •       First thing to know in Clash Royale is always read the latest update of it, as the game is constantly changing. Because sometimes you can use the new features to win.
  •       Second is spend your gold wisely.  Gold is the important thing in Clash Royale. Players don’t farm it like in clash of clans instead, they earned it by winning the battles and from the daily chest or clan chest.
  •       Third is having a variety battle deck

The best deck we can suggest is to mix up your cards with ground and air troops, as well as high and low elixir. There’s a moment that everything cost too much elixir and no available cards to play, and you’ll lose the game. They have a few cheap cards like fire spirits, those are a great cheap counter. Another strategy is a cycle decks. All cheap card with one expensive kill card is also a great deck. First is play your cheap cards for your defense. Once your enemy is done on attacking you, drop your expensive kill card to turn it to offense. But watch out for fireball and poison though. Cheap card is easily destroyed by them.

  •       Fourth is the use of skeleton army. Skeleton army is a great distraction to your enemy. Use them before dropping a bigger tank troop to do the heavy damage. They are more effective when you combined them with the hog.
  • Fifth is don’t attack first. On my early game, I always attacked first and my troops were countered easily by my enemy. So, I suggest to wait for them to attack first, and observe what card they used to help you choose what strategy and troops you can deploy. Also, the advantage of this is while waiting to your enemy to attack your elixir is charging up. And the more elixir you’ll have the more troops you can deploy in the game.

Now you know how to play, why not download the game into your pc and apply our strategic advice here!