Clash Royale Game | Clash Royale Gameplay, Beginner Guide

Clash Royale features a fast-paced player vs player tower rush game up to two and four players in a one on one or two on two setting with the objective to destroy as much enemy Princess Towers or the destruction of the King tower to get the three-crown win. Every victory nets trophies needed to climb up the rank ladder on the other hand, a loss will get make you lose an equal amount. The trophy count also indicates which arena a player belongs to and the choices of cards you can collect. There are 12 arenas, getting to one unlocks different sets of cards for starting with Goblin Stadium all the way up to the Legendary Arena.

Troops, Buildings and Spells as Cards

One of the unique mechanics of the game are the troops, buildings and spells are represented as cards.

Players must create a deck containing 8 cards which will be played on the battle ground for both attacking and defending. Basically, the game is both a card game and a tower defense game in one. Instead of just a plain card game, it shows you a visual representation of your cards letting you control and manipulate every card to achieve the game objectives.

Clans, Clan War and Friends

As for the social aspect of the game, like supercell’s other game Clash of Clans, this game also features clans. Aside from the interaction from clan mates, you can also donate and request cards with the quantity depending on the rarity of the card. Also, recently they released a new mode the clan wars.

Consisting of five clans battling each other to get clan trophies for better rewards via the clan chest. This war spans for 2 days, having the collection day, a battle to get the war cards needed to compete as the original player cards won’t be included in this mode and the War day is where each player attacks a random enemy participant as each win will count as your own clan’s score. Clan with the highest win count gets to be victorious. Clash Royale also has the friend system, but unlike a clan, this feature is limited to asking a certain player you added for a friendly or a 2v2 game.

Tournaments, Challenges and Leagues

Unlocked at level 5 and created using gems, tournaments are a more isolated type of battling players having tournament chests and plenty of prizes for the top three players. There is also another game mode called the Challenges, consisting of the Grand Challenge, a top-heavy prize tourney for a price of 100 gems. The Classic Challenge for the cheap players costing only 10 gems. First player to get 12 wins gets the top prize. Lastly, the Special Event Challenges for specific events like a challenge for a newly released card. Leagues, a special type of bracket system for the players pass the legendary arena or above 4000 trophies. Players receives a chest at the end of every season that last for a month. The league ranking ranges from Challenger I to Ultimate champion.

2 versus 2 and Touchdown

While initially Clash Royale was just a 1 vs 1 pvp game only, the added 2 vs 2 mode gave new life to the game and expanded the already plentiful strategies that can be created in the game. This allows you to team up with a clan mate, a friend or any random player to compete for the same objectives but twice the fun and intensity.

After some time, Touchdown was introduced, but only a time event that comes occasionally. In this game mode, it still is the same 2 vs 2 but with a whole different arena and objectives. A player needs to rally the troops towards the touchdown area just at the other side of the battle ground to score. The player who reaches it three times or is leading by the time expires wins the game.

TV Royale and Achievements

As a way to get players to check out video replays of the top players in the game application itself instead of the youtube or the internet, TV Royale was created. A page in-game where a user can check out for the current hot battles around an arena or league rank of your choice. Another page that is worth noticing is the Achievements page. A feature which provides some incentive for achieving certain conditions provided by the game, just like having a quest to fulfill.

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