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Avakin Life Game: Experience the 3D World Life!

If you are looking for a 3D world where you and your friends can hang out, then welcome to Avakin Life Game. Experience one of the most glamorous, fabulous, and fun social, mobile hangouts straight from your PC. Get to know other people, show off your fashion sense, and design your crib along with millions of Avakins across the globe. Explore Avakin, escape the real world, and immerse yourself into some of the coolest features seen in a free-to-play title. If you’d like to see more of these games, you can visit for more!


Avakin Life Experience 3D World

Express Yourself

Avakin Life Game is a one-of-a-kind platform that allows you to express yourself freely. The game employs tons of fun activities, collectible items, and other elements commonly seen in other social games. Also, the game provides you with the unprecedented freedom to roam and meet other people thriving within this fantastic 3D world.


Avakin Life Express Yourself

Make Tons of Friends in Avakin Life Game

The game boasts a huge community made up of millions of players across the globe. Explore a vibrant and immersive world populated with over a million daily users. Invite existing friends or get to know some new ones at the comfort of your PC. Chat with your new/existing friends and hold gatherings from time to time.


Avakin Life Make Tons of Friends

Only in Avakin Life Game: Get your own Space.

Avakin Life Game allows players to acquire and design their personal Space. That’s right; you get to own your crib and create it based on your specification. Whether you want a modern Hollywood inspired apartment or a modern crib, the game has got you covered. Discover and unlock a plethora of household customization items ranging from furniture to decorative sets. Show off your cradle to your peers and other people you meet in this beautiful 3D world.


Avakin Life Get Your Own Space

Real-World Brand Collaborations

One of the gameplay elements that set Avakin Life from other social games is the collaborations. Unlike mainstream AAA video game titles like The Sims, this play managed to incorporate real-world brands into its core gameplay structure. Indulge and immerse yourself to over 22,000 real-word brands available for you to exploit. Besides, the products presented in the game come on their products seen in the real world.

Some of the brands that Avakin Life Game collaborated with include iconic clothing brands like Nike, Oakley, Superdry, RayBan, and Bloomingdale’s. Are you planning to furnish your crib? You can visit Flannery Designs or simply browse through the New Haven Furniture Collection, among others. So express yourself by showing off your fashion design prowess along with interior design skills straight from your PC.


Avakin Life Real World Brand

Avakin Life Game Highly Acclaimed Game

Avakin Life also comes with its own set of accolades/recognition from some of the prestigious award-giving body in the video game industry. One of these prestigious organizations is the trade association representing the UK video game industry TIGA. For two years in a row, Avakin Life managed to snag TIGA’s Games Industry Award, beating other titles in the genre. The game got an acknowledgment from Creative England, which is also a UK non-profit organization. In other words, you will not only be getting a free-to-play title but an award-winning game you and your friends will enjoy.


Avakin Life Highly Acclaimed

Real-World Music Artists

This match also comes with a unique feature called The Venue. As the name suggests, The Venue is part of the Avakin world where music artists can share and perform. Not just any artists, though, The Venue hosts some of the most iconic music artists from across the globe. Some of the previous performers include Unique, Hayley Kiyoko, Georgie, and so much more. You can gather your friends and hang out with other fans at The Venue. Now, if that feature alone is not worth checking out, I do not know what is.


Avakin Life Real World Music Artist

Exciting Events

In addition to the performance of real-world music artists, Avakin Life also hosts a wide variety of events. Seasonal events in the game appear from time to time and are a great source of unique/rare customization items. Participating in these events also allows you to bond with other players in diverse fun-filled activities at the comfort of your PC. Some of these events include a Samba School during Carnival Season, wherein players can earn themed-costumes for a limited time. Another is giving red-envelopes during Chinese New Year for good fortune and so much more.


The Ultimate 3D World Hangout

Since its inception in 2013 for the mobile device, Avakin Life has proven itself to be one of the best social games. Time and time again, this brilliant game managed to topple the competition. Moreover, the developers of Avakin Life continues to integrate new ideas into this highly played title. This thing means that more original content, events, items, features, and materials are still coming to the game in the future. To that end, if you are looking for the ultimate social 3D world gaming experience, then, Avakin Life is the perfect role-playing game for you.


Avakin Life World Hang Out

Game Features

  • Express yourself any way you want! YOU get to choose the perfect appearance for your virtual self. Take your pick among the endless styles, clothes and features for your avatar.
  • Build the perfect house of your dreams. Decorate the place to your heart's content - make it chic, modern or classy - it's up to you! Throw a party and tell all your online friends to come over!
  • Meet different people anytime, anywhere. Keep in touch, socialize, go on dates, show off your dream house, wear new outfits, and explore the world with your friends.
  • Explore your second life! You can be anyone you want to be in Avakin Life - be a social butterfly, a model, a star... and discover new locations, from awesome clubs to beautiful beaches!
Avakin Life Features

Your life, your choices in Avakin Life!

Check out these game screenshots.

Avakin Life Game Screenshot
Avakin Life Game Screenshot

Avakin Life Game: Experience the 3D World Life!