Avakin Life PC Game Features

Avakin Life PC is a 3D world that allows players to venture into a digital world where they can perform everything they want. If you are looking for a digital world where you can showcase your creativity, make friends, and have your own space, then Avakin Life is best! Check out some of the cool features of this highly immersive game below.


Create your Avatar in Avakin Life PC

Avakin Life allows you to create your avatar from scratch. Decide your persona by choosing from a wide selection of customization options. Decide the look of your character by selecting the eyes, hair, figure, eye color, and so much more. Show your fashion sense by dressing up your style using the various tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories. Visit multiple shops, get a tattoo, or change your hairstyle with just a click of a button.


Avakin Life Create Your Avatar

Design your Home

In addition to the avatar creation feature, Avakin Life also allows the player to create and design your place. Choose from an extensive collection of furniture and decorations just waiting for you to exploit. Decide whatever you want your home to look like! You can try to design it like a Hollywood style apartment or a modern luxurious condominium, and it’s entirely up to you. The best part is that you can stage your events and parties in the comfort of your own digital home.


Avakin Life Design Your Home

Make Friends in Avakin Life PC

Avakin Life PC not only allows you to create your avatar and design your place! It also lets you other people! After all, the game is a social game. With that said, some of the social features in Avakin Life include giving the player the ability to chat with others in the community. So, you can make new friends across the world, build your crew, and so much more. Besides, if you are looking for a 3D world where you and friends can hang out? Then Avakin Life is the place to be.


Avakin Life Make Friends