About AvakinLife.io

Avakin Life is a free-to-play mobile social game developed by the London-based Lockwood Publishing Ltd. Since its inception in 2013, it evolved to become one of the most visited 3D worlds. It boasted over a million visitors every day. Avakin aims to provide a fun 3D world where players can hang out, create their avatars, design their apartments, shop for clothes, host events, and so much more.

Avakin Life follows the same basic mechanics used in social apps like The Sims; however, what makes it unique is the real-world collaboration. Players get to immerse themselves in a one-of-a-kind shop that houses real-world brands that features their real-world product. On top of that, players also get to participate in themed events and enjoy the works of real-world music artists.

Explore the unique 3D environment of the Avakin world today! Plus, immerse into one of the best social experience without leaving the comfort of your home. Tell your friends, family, and other social game enthusiasts that the game is now available on PC. So, if you are a new or a veteran Avakin Life player, then hit the download button on your screen and enjoy the life of an Avakin today.