New for September 2003

Mainlines, Blood Feasts, and Bad Taste:
A Lester Bangs Reader
edited by John Morthland
This long awaited follow-up to Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung weighs in at over 400 pages and runs the gamut:  From Helen Reddy to Patti Smith, from Stevi Nicks to Jello Biafra, from Miles Davis to Captain Beefheart, from The Beatles to The Shaggs, and from Lou Reed to Lou Reed.  Also included are personal reminiscences, an imaginary interview with Jimi Hendrix from beyond the grave, and a long look at Jamaican dub written for Creem in 1976 that looks -- through 2003 eyes -- very much like a prophesy of the hip-hop nation.  And more.
retail price - $15.00 copacetic price - $13.50

Samuel Rosenberg: Portrait of a Painter
by Barbara L. Jones
Samuel Rosenberg is perhaps most well known today for being Andy Warhol’s favorite art teacher at Carnegie Tech in the 1940s, but Rosenberg was a widely respected and exhibited painter in his own right, with a multi-faceted career that spanned seven decades.  This is the catalogue to the exhibition organized in collaboration between the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Westmoreland Museum of American Art, and the University of Pittsburgh Press, to compliment the exhibition currently on display and running through October 19, 2003 at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art in Greensburg, PA.  A lavish hardcover, it opens with an in-depth, 126 page essay by Ms. Jones, the exhibition’s curator, and includes 82 full-color plates, a biographical timeline, and a catalog of all Rosenberg’s known paintings.
retail price - $37.50 copacetic price - $31.88

Who Needs Donuts
by Mark Alan Stamaty
Stamaty’s cult masterpiece is now back in print after a thirty year hiatus, in a beautifully produced hardcover edition.  The appeal of this book lies in the neural connections between the eyes and the brain and the hand that draws.  It’s pretty hard to explain, but those who are already familiar with Stamaty’s work from his many-year run of Washingtoons in the Village Voice, and, more recently, his endpage strip in the New York Times Book Review, Boox, will know what we’re talking about.  This is technically a kids’ book -- and kids will dig it, especially those hyper-brainy types (this is the perfect books to save them from a life of video-game addiction before it’s too late), and was more than likely an inspiration to Martin Handford, the creator of the Where’s Waldo series  -- but it will, perhaps, be most appreciated by obsessive-compulsive adults.  The level of detail in the drawings that fill this book has to be seen to be believed.  Furthermore, it is not just detail, but detail with an agenda, and that agenda can perhaps best be summed up in the phrase, "reality is what you make it."  Reality as Stamaty makes it, is, more than likely, not reality as seen by you or I, but Who Needs Donuts makes us realize that it doesn't have to be that way, that the possibilities are only limited by our imaginations.
retail price - $16.95 copacetic price - $15.25

The Great Big Book of Tomorrow:
A Treasury of Cartoons by Tom Tomorrow
This compendium covers the entire span of Tom Tomorow's agit-prop career.  It’s all here: spanning twenty years, starting out with brief examples of Dan Perkins’ prototypical work in his self-published zine, Writings on the Wall -- before he assumed the persona of Tom Tomorrow -- moving on to the humble beginnings of This Modern World, and then providing a very healthy selection of This Modern World’s triumphant march to its omnipotent present.  236  8” x 11” pages (including 32 in full color!) document the history of Sparky and company as the poke holes in the inflated poitical figures of our times.
retail price - $17.95 copacetic price - $15.25

A Right to Be Hostile:
The Boondocks Treasury
by Aaron McGruder
Over 800 strips make up this, the first, Boondocks treasury. The selection dates from the earliest days up through to the waning days of 2002.  Sundays are in color, dailies in B & W.  The observations on America as perceived by media-drenched, suburban-dwelling African-Americans provide an unique -- to comics -- perspective on our times.  Plus, they’re funny.
retail price - $16.95 copacetic price - $15.25

Chip Kidd
by Véronique Vienne
The second volume in the Yale University Press Monographics series, Chip Kidd provides us with a short biographical essay on the most lauded contemporary American book cover designer, who style has been imimensely influential over the last decade and a half, and whose work you are doubtless familiar with even if you don’t know it’s his.  Known in the comics world for his work with Chris Ware and Art Spiegelman, among others Kidd was obsessed by Batman collectibles as a child and in 1996 produced a book documenting his obsession, Batman Collected.  Anyone interested in contemporary graphic design should give this one a gander.
retail price - $19.95 copacetic price - $17.95

A Giant Pile of Comics from SPX 2003
We just got back from SPX, where we bought as much as we could carry.  There's plenty of comics (and zines) here to choose from.  Most of the items we purchased will be making their only Pittsburgh appearance on our shelves.  In order to bring in as large a variety of material as possible, we went for breadth over depth:  most of the items are stocked in quantities of only one to three copies; so if you want to see them all, don't delay!  We'll do our best to restock the more interesting and in demand items, but we can't make any promises.

Drawn & Quarterly Showcase: Book One
Well, it’s finally here!  Anders Nilsen, however, bowed out of this issue as his story ended up being too long (!); so we still have something more to look forward to.  What is here is well worth the wait.  Kevin Huizenga has turned in his most polished and professional work yet in a triiptych of tales, all featuring his fictional stand-in, Glenn Ganges.  The first and last stories are in the realistic vein and serve to bookend the central, longer work, 28th Street, which is represented in a unique sort of fabulous-realism, as is the companion piece by Swiss-Canadian artist, Nicolas Robel, 87 Blvd des Capucines (interestingly, also named after an address).  This subtle-yet-sumptuously colored (think Debbie Dreschler’s Summer of Love) story works hard to both imagine and visualize the interior life of of a young woman living a not-so-lush life in a harsh climate.
retail price - $14.95 copacetic price - $11.95

Finder: Volume 5 -- Dream Sequence
by Carla Speed McNeil
The latest collection of what is by the far the best science fiction comic book series out there.  This volume collects -- we believe -- issues #22 - 28 of the series.  To learn more visit Lightspeed Press, home of the hardest working person in comics biz, Ms. Carla Speed McNeil.
retail price - $20.95 copacetic price - $16.75

Raven’s Children: Volume One -- Shadow of the Snow Fox, Part One
by Layla Marie Lawlor
While we’re on the subject of Carla Speed McNeil, here’s what she has to say about Ms. Lawlor: “There is no way Layla’s not going places.  She’s already gone twice as far in half the time as most people ever get.” Raven is clearly following in the footsteps of Finder, but with a mystical fantasy template substituted for the science fiction elements of the latter.  Finder fans should definitely at least give this a once over, as well as anyone else interested in a tale of the native peoples of the North American wilderness that might be described as a post-feminist Conan for grown-ups, but then again, might not.
retail price - $14.95 copacetic price - $13.45

The Sandman: Endless Nights
by Neil Gaiman
Well, it’s here, all shrink-wrapped and hardcovered.  Seven stories illustrated by Glenn Fabry, Milo Manara, Miguelanxo Prado, Frank Quitely, P. Craig Russell, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Barron Storey.
retail price - $24.95 copacetic price - $21.20

Tank Girl 5: Apocalypse!
Well, she’s back again, only this time no Hewlett, no Martin.  Instead we have scripting duties performed by Alan Grant and Andy Pritchett, with the art chores handed in by Philip Bond and Phil Gascoine.  This time around, Tank Girl gets pregnant.  Yoiks!
retail price - $16.95 copacetic price - $14.40

Fancy Froglin’s Sexy Forest
by James Kochalka
Only Kochalka could produce a book like this and get away with it; and not only that, but get it printed in a full color, glossy, squarebound edition.  What is it, exactly?  Well, basically, it takes the implicit sexuality of the funny animal genre and makes it explicit.  Sort of.  There's no pornography here, but rather overt, undisguised sexuality.  Yes, it's pretty bizarre, but it is instructive in that it addresses the issue of funny animal sexuality (and its corollary, childhood sexuality) in a manner that seems entirely uninfluenced by Crumb, whose interpretation seems to have been taken as the last word on the subject by too many.  It is an intriguing if somewhat disturbing book.  Needless to say, it is not appropriate for children.
retail price - $12.95
For a limited time only, we will be offering this for the ultra-copacetic price of only $6.95!!!

Dork: Book 2 - Circling the Drain
by Evan Dorkin
From the inimitable pen of Mr. Dorkin comes this new Collection.  Primarily comprised of Dork #7 - 10, it also includes ten tidbits from elsewhere (mostly single illos, tho’,so don’t get too excited).  Laugh, cry, kiss your money good-bye.  Frank Miler sez: “I adore what Evan Dorkin does.  I think he’s the funniest guy in comics.”
retail price - $13.95 copacetic price - $11.85

American Splendor: Ordinary Life Is Pretty Complex Stuff
by Harvey Pekar
Just in time for the movie, the powers that be at Random House have pulled out the plates for the two original classic collections of stories from Harvey's own original magazines, American Splendor and More American Splendor, that last saw the light of day fifteen years ago, and combined them both into one quite affordable 300 page volume.  Let us give thanks....   See the movie and then read the real thing.
retail price - $15.95 copacetic price - $13.55

And if that’s not enough for you, we also have:

The New American Splendor Anthology
A gigantic Pekar fest, that collects most of the remaining original magazine strips that, aren’t in the above.
retail price - $18.95 opacetic price - $15.15

Our Cancer Year
by Harvey Pekar and Joyce Brabner
with art by Frank Stack
The title says it all.  As seen in the film. (If you saw it.  If not -- what are you waiting for?)
retail price - $17.95 opacetic price - $15.25

Watching the Days Become Years
by Jeff Levine
Those looking for the heir apparent to Pekar’s legacy should definitely catch up with Jeff Levine. Watching Days is his first new work in five years, and is worth a look.
retail price - $4.50 copacetic price - $3.85

The Known World
by Edward P. Jones
And now for something completely different: a book!  And not just any book.  The Known World is an eloquent first novel the delves into slavery and its legacy in an original and unique manner.  The narrative centers on educated and industrious former slave, Henry Townsend as he becomes the proprietor of his own plantation in antebellum Virginia. The story continues long after Henry's death, charting the plantation's dissolution, and it's effect on following generations.  Jeffrey Lent calls this novel, “A modern masterpiece that staggers the imagination.”
retail price - $24.95 copacetic price - $21.20

Like a River
by Pierre Wazem
Drinkin’, smokin’, cursin’, huntin’, fishin’, and the meanin’ of life all takes their turns on the stage as a son wrestles his father off of the edge of the cliff of despair deep in the woods.
retail price - $9.95 copacetic price - $8.95

Fagin the Jew
by Will Eisner
The latest by Will Eisner is a graphic novel length defense of the Dickens character from his classic novel, Oliver Twist (We sell the Dover Thrift Edition for a mere $2.50.).  Eisner demonstrates that once we face the facts, its easy to see that there is much to be admired in the character.  The work of Dickens has often been called a forerunner to much in comics, most notably by Jack Kirby, and after reading Fagin the Jew it is easy to see why.  The street savvy, yet kind hearted and ultimately noble characters that populate his novels can be seen as serving as the template for many a stalwart comic character; and the same can be said for Dickens’s villians as well.  Read this and then go back and read the novel.
retail price - $15.95 copacetic price - $14.35

Reality-- David Bowie (CD)
Alright, alright: A new Bowie CD--who cares?  Well, what can we say-- what other 56 year-old international superstar would cover the Modern Lovers’ gem, Pablo Picasso?  Yes, of course, Bowie’s version is as histrionic as you would expect, but at least he did it.  And the rest of the album is nothing to shake a stick at.  This is the most infectiously listenable album Bowie has produced in years.  He's really at one with the band on this one.  We are stocking only the deluxe version of this release (“available for a limited time only,” they assure us), which includes a bonus disc containing the best track of all: Fly, featuring Carlos Alomar (yeah!) as well as Bowie’s new version of Rebel, Rebel, which he executed for the soundtrack of  Charlie’s Angels 2 (yeesh!).  Come on, cut us some slack.  It’s a fun and interesting album that actually improves with repeated listening.  Really.
retail price - $21.98 copacetic price - $19.79

The Jerks Win Again -- The Karl Hendricks Trio (CD)
And at the other end of the guitar-based rock spectrum comes the CD that marks the return of a Pittsburgh indy hero.  This disc find the group moving a bit into Neil Young territory, with longer, more musically complex songs, where the guitar playing says as much as the lyrics in addressing the songs' themes of being -- or at least feeling -- the outsider in a variety of contexts, and, when the album is taken as a whole, the relationship between these contexts and how they work togther in forming personal identity.  For  a nice review, click here or here .
copacetic price - $10.00 (special locals-rule price!)

Ascending Peculiarity:
Edward Gorey on Edward Gorey
Interviews selected and edited by Karen Wilken
Filled with classic Gorey illos, this book offers you an inside look into the mind that produced it all.  Lots of laughs; dark and sophisticated, like an old New England house.  We now have copies of the original hardcover edition available for 75% off!
retail price - $35.00 copacetic price - $8.75

Joseph Clement Coll:  The Art of Adventure
by John Fleskes
introduction by Al Williamson and Mark Schultz
One hundred sixty-eight 8” x 11” pages of some of the greatest pen and ink illustrations of all time!  What more do you want?  Once you get a gander at these, you'll realize how influential Coll was:  Frazetta, Williamson, Wrightson, Kaluta, Schultz -- all studied his work; and it shows.
retail price - $19.95 copacetic price - $17.95

This graphic novel is written by Jim Krueger and illustrated in full process color by a cast of thousands including Bill Sienkiewicz, George Pratt, Kent Williams, Teddy Kristiansen, Scott Hampton & Sergio Aragonés, and sports a fab painted cover by Steve Rude.  It’s an odd amalgam of Old Testament tales as told through a haze of cigarette smoke over drinks at J.J.’s bar...  Make of it what you will.
retail price - $12.95 copacetic price - $11.65

5 Is the Perfect Number
by Igort
This book is beautifully produced and gorgeously printed in black and white and steel blue (in Italy by Coconino Press) and is really a wonder to behold.  This is what European Comics is about:  An engaging story chock full of atmosphere -- sunny mornings by the lake, rainy nights in the alley, hushed interiors, and the harsh stacatto of gunfire and death -- carefully told with an aesthetic flair.  To point you in the right direction: think Muñoz meets Mazzucchelli.
retail price - $19.95 copacetic price - $16.95

Meet Mr. Product
This squat tome offers up a compendium of cartoon company spokespersons.  In other words, here's your chance to get face to face with Corporate America -- in comics form.   Over 500 different characters in all!
retail price - $16.95 copacetic price - $15.25

Forlorn Funnies #4
by Paul Hornschmeirer
This issue concludes the current storyline.
retail price - $4.50 copacetic price - $3.85

Portraits & Stories of People
by Fly
This is a unique book.  It is a very good match of form with content.  It consists entirely of hand drawn and hand lettered portraits that are composed of equal parts text and image.  The subjects of these portraits are drawn primarily from the “Underground”:   musicians -- punk and otherwise; artists -- performance, comics, painters, sculptors, etc.; writers; squatters (like Fly herself); minor celebrities; and, most of all, just plain old interesting people.  Another way to look at this book is as a sort of travelogue, with the places visited identified with and documented through the people met there.  A great gift for anyone who identifies with the fringes of society.
retail price - $18.00 copacetic price- $15.60

Little Lit 3: It Was a Dark and Silly Night
edited by Art Spiegelman & Françoise Mouly
The latest oversize hardback book for oversize kids, this volume ventures a bit further into the mainstream with stories by Lemony Snicket & Richard Sala,  William Joyce, Neil Gaiman & Gahan Wilson, and Mutts creator, Patrick McDonnell among others.  Also included is new work by Raw alumni, Joost Swarte & Kaz, a classic Basil Wolverton Jumpin’ Jupiter and interactive (well, sort of) comics by Tony Millionaire and R. Sikoryak.
retail price - $19.95 copacetic price - $17.95

Mr. Show:  The Complete Third Season (DVD)
Ten episodes on two discs with lots of bonus stuff.  Laugh!
retail price - $34.95 copacetic price - $30.79

The Believer #6
It's here!
retail price - $8.00 copacetic price - $7.20

Set Sale Update
A fresh batch of sets have been added.  Lots of great comics for reading and collecting, all at excellent prices -- most for less than original cover price.  Many complete sets.  Looking for extreme value?  Check out the Crazy Sets!

A Copacetic Book Trio
Three great books that you might have missed, now available for less:
Out of Sheer Rage by Geoff Dyer
In the Penny Arcade by Steven Millhauser
Martin Dressler by Steven Millhauser

New for August 2003

Arthur #6
Yes, it’s here!  The latest of the greatest free publication in America.  This issue’s cover feature is a giant Iggy and the Stooges fest with interviews galore.  Comics by Megan Kelso, Jordan Crane and Souther Salazar.  More.
copacetic price - FREE!

Teratoid Heights
by Matt Brinkman
If you are a comics fan in search of a truly trippy and weird experience conveyed almost entirely in drawings -- there’s no text whatsoever (aside from the story titles) until the very end -- then this short fat little black book from Highwater Books may very well be just what you are looking for.  Check it out and decide for yourself.
retail price - $12.95 copacetic price - $11.00

Shrimpy and Paul and Friends
by Marc Bell
This long awaited one-of-a-kind book hurdled technical glitches and delays but has arrived at last and now rests snugly on our shelves awiting the curious among the copacetic.  This book is all about just letting the unconscious freely flow out onto the paper, into an ever growing array of anthropomorphic objects engaged in a quest for subjectivity.  A little bit Kaz -- but not quite so dark -- a little bit Doucet -- but not as concerned with body issues -- and perhaps more than a little bit early Crumb - but more childlike and female friendly.  The book itself is a pleasing mix of B&W (mostly) and color that works well to deliver the desired effect: that of carefree fun -- the true spirit of comics!
retail price - $16.95 copacetic price - $13.55


Kramers Ergot 4
The Ultimate Art-meets-Comics-meets-Art Anthology?  Perhaps.  A must see piece!  Check it out and decide for yourself.  Edited by Sammy Harkham and featuring the work of Souther Salazar, Anders Nilsen, Jeffrey Brown, David Lasky, and many others including an epic tale by Harkham himself.
retail price - $24.95 copacetic price - sold out

ACME Novelty Date Book
By Chris Ware
Beautiful production!  Lot's of color!  "Art" sketches!  Cartoons!  Doodles!  Ideas!  Rants!  Self-Deprecation!  Self-Laceration!  Irony!  Girl's phone numbers!  It's all here!
retail price - $39.95 copacetic price - $33.95

Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends
The Complete First Season - DVD
It's all here:
* All 26 episodes on 4 discs
* 4 "Dear Bullwinkle" segments (show bumpers)
* Classic commercials and promos
* "Rocky & Bullwinkle Savings Stamp Club" special episode
* 16-page booklet
retail price - $39.98 copacetic price - $31.97

Love & Rockets #8
What can we say?  Be there or be square.
retail price - $3.95 copacetic price - $3.15

The Believer #5
Arriving on schedule once again.
retail price - $8.00 copacetic price - $7.20

McSweeney's #11
Deluxe embossed hardcover encloses the full McSweeney's onslaught, including the return of the letters page.  PLUS:  Bonus full-length -- two hours and then some -- DVD!
retail price - $28.00 copacetic price - $25.20

Fruits Postcards
For those Fruits fans out there, now you can share your favorites via these snazzy oversize (5" x 8") postcards. Only 75¢ each, or 2/$1.00.  Or, for the true Fruits fanatic, get the whole box full of 45 cards (all different!) -- and the translucent flourescent lucite box is a treat in itself -- for the copacetic price of only $13.50!

NEW for July 2003

Comic Release:
Negotiating Identity for a New Generation
This is the catalogue for the exhibition of the same name that originated here in Pittsburgh and is soon to be showing at a gallery or museum near you.  This volume features single page examples of many of today’s independent comics-artists/cartoonists paired with paintings and other artworks by contemporary gallery artists whose work incorporates comics iconography and/or themes, and includes essays by curators Barbara Bloemink, Vicky Clark, and Ana Merino.  Word of the day:  convergence.
retail price - $29.95 copacetic price - $25.47

It’s A Man’s World:
Men’s Adventure Magazines in the Postwar Pulps
This new hardcover volume edited by Adam Parfrey, with contributions from Bruce Jay Friedman, Josh Alan Friedman and others, is as fascinating as it is appalling.  Within this brawny book’s 288 pages -- which is brimming over with 500+ full-color cover illustrations of the men’s magazines of the post-WW II era -- the dark recesses of the unconscious life of the “The Greatest Generation” are collected, detailed, illuminated, and otherwise laid bare.  It’s all here: from wild animal attacks to Nazi Amazons and everything inbetween.  An ideal source for cheesy punk rock posters and album covers (a lá The Cramps) -- not to mention lyrics and even album titles:  included among the many, many memorable story titles is “Weasels Ripped My Flesh.” In other words, if you’ve read this far, chances are you need to own this book.   Should you happen to reside or otherwise find yourself in Los Angeles during the month of August 2003, you may visit the exhibition of men’s adventure magazine art at La Luz de Jesus Gallery <>.
retail price - $29.95 copacetic price - $26.95

Yeast Hoist
by Ron Rege, Jr.
The latest work by the current “art brute” king of comics weighs in at 64 pages and collects a variety of material, including a novel method of reprinting a mini comic.
retail price - $8.95 copacetic price - $7.60

Visitations by Scott Morse
This 1998 work of comics teleology is now back in print
retail price - $8.95 copacetic price - $8.05

Death: At Death’s Door
by Jill Thompson
From the pages of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman via the pages of Tokyo Pop’s Girl-Manga collections, here it is: 200 pages of girl-friendly, manga-esque
Sandman.  Angst for all ages (well, 12 and up, anyway...).
retail price - $9.95 copacetic price - $8.95

Proper Box 62 - Slim Gaillard: Laughing in Rhythm
You need this!  The ideal antidote to these trying times.  Slim’s wit, style, charm, and grace will make your world vout oroonee in no time!  As with all Proper Boxes, this one includes 4 CDs packed to the limit (102 tracks total!) for over 5 hours of music, along with a 44 page booklet containing fab photos, old ads, record labels, and, best of all, complete track by track annotation -- where you’ll note the appearance of Slam Stewart, Ben Webster, Zutty Singleton, Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker among many others -- along with a bountiful biographical career history by the all-knowing Joop Visser.  All this for the copacetic price of only $22.50!  How!?!?!

SPX 2003 Anthology
Now in stock!
For the first time ever, this annual anthology is available before the actual event!
Click HERE for the complete contents of this anthology.
Check it out!
retail price - $9.95 copacetic price - $7.95

Blankets by Craig Thompson
The Big Book -- comics-wise -- of 2003?  Probably.  One thing is for certain:  Blankets is a job well done.  It is a work that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of the degree of their familiarity with the comics medium.  This is a great book to share with people who aren't familiar with and/or don't understand the appeal of comics, as well as those who still associate comics only with superheroes.  That said, it is nevertheless true that appreciation of this work will be heightened by those whose intimacy with comics is greater as Thompson really demonstrates a studied mastery of the medium.  All in all, Blankets is a tresure, and worthy of its nomination as the most significant major work of comics since Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid on Earth.
retail price - $29.95 copacetic price - $23.95

Quimby the Mouse Collection
Face it:  if you are a Chris Ware fan, you have to have this.  Includes his early masterpiece, Thrilling Adventure Stories (also known as I Guess), here for the first time ever in color!
hardcover retail price - $24.95 copacetic price - $22.45 - (now o/p; few copies remaining)
softcover retail price - $14.95 copacetic price - $11.95

Comic Art Magazine #3
Fans of Chris Ware will find this to be a must-have issue as it features a visit to his studio where he shares his thoughts on comics, allows a peek at his original art, and presents some one-of-a-kind items that you’ll probably never get another chance to see.  Also featured: Töpffer in America, Savage Pencil, Mike Sekowsky, and part two of Hergé and the clear line school.
retail price - $9.00 copacetic price - $8.10

Project Telstar
This 192-page “Spatial Robotic Anthology” printed in black, white and metallic blue is the brain child of Chris Pitzer.  It features covers and endpapers by Dave Cooper that enclose 23 stories and 3 portfolios by a wide variety of artists that have turned in stories that run the gamut from Paul Rivoche’s high-tech science fiction yarn, “Robot in the Rain,” that wouldn’t look out of place in a 1970s Warren magazine, to Jeffrey Brown’s, “A Different Place Then,” which simply uses the theme of robots as a tissue-thin pretext for getting on with his personal obsession: failed relationships.  Paul Hornschemeier is credited with being ”tech liason,” and his ten-page story, “We Were Not Made for This World,” sits nicely at the exact middle of the spectrum.  And, finally, John Pham’s”Robot Dad” is certain to be a highlight for many a Copacetic Customer.
retail price - $16.95 copacetic price - $14.40

Top Shelf Asks the Big Questions
This 336 page anthology has a little bit of everything.  Highlights include a Peanuts tribute featuring Ivan Brunetti, Chris Ware, and Seth, among others; a 40-page supplement of Swiss comics; a full-color story by Alan Moore and Melinda Gibbee that was originally done for one of the ABC titles, but DC refused to run it;  and our personal favorite, the 22-page mini-epic, “The Screen Door Slams” by Kevin Quigley.  Also included is work by James Kochalka, Renee French, Jason, Mack White (this one is a lot of fun!), and many, many others.  Full color French-fold covers by Tomer Hanuka.
retail price - $24.95 copacetic price - $19.95

by Jeffrey Brown
The sophomore follow-up to Jeffrey Brown’s suprise-hit rookie-outing, Clumsy, Unlikely continues mining the same vein with equally winning results.  It's sub-title, "or How I Lost My Virginity," pretty much tells you what it's about. While this makes it -- as a part of the Jeffrey Brown Saga -- a chronological prequel to Clumsy, it shows evidence of artistic advance.  The structure is more thought out, and the pacing is superior to Clumsy. Unlikely is very effective in its communication of the experience it describes.  Jeffrey Brown is certainly moving along nicely in his development of his artistic “voice.” If you like reading autobiographical comics then we can pretty much guarantee you’ll enjoy this.  A lot.  Daniel Clowes has this to say: “Mr. Brown seems to understand perfectly the day-to-day rhythms of the modern ‘young adult’ relationship.  UNLIKELY, like his first book CLUMSY, is pretty much impossible to put down.”
retail price - $14.95 copacetic price - $11.95

The James Kochalka’s Sketchbook Diaries: Volume One
The first volume in this great series is now back in print!  A full year of daily strips.  One of the best series in comics today.
retail price - $7.95 copacetic price - $6.75

The Believer #4
Arriving on schedule once again.
retail price - $8.00 copacetic price - $7.20

Street Ratbag #6
A 166 page zine with color covers produced in Pittsburgh that sells for the truly copacetic priceof only $3.00.  What more do you want?

Gillian Welch - Soul Journey (CD)
We just thought we’d mention that we have the latest release by this fine contemporary artist.
(Attention Pittsburghers:  Gillian Welch & Co. are playing at the Carnegie Lecture Hall in Oakland on Saturday, September 20, 2003)
retail price - $17.98 copacetic price - $15.77

The Tenant (DVD)
a film by Roman Polanski
For our money, this is Polanski’s most important film.  The Tenant is to the id and paranoia what Citizen Kane is to ego and megalomania: the definitive cinematic treatment.
copacetic price - $8.88 DEAL!

Same Difference and Other Stories
by Derek Kirk Kim
It's been a long wait but Same Difference is in stock at last!  This handy 144 page softcover packs a punch.  Really sharp art backs up concise stories.  This nice package comes complete with French-folds.  Xeric grant recipient.  Check it out at:
retail price - $12.00 copacetic price - $10.80

Rubber Necker #3
by Nick Bertozzi
Is this the best issue yet?  You decide!
retail price - $3.50 copacetic price - $3.15

Inside Vineyland
by Lauren Weinstein
This 80 page squarebound collection of Weinstein’s work of the last four years offers a lot for the price (as the jacket itself states, it’s “INSANELY CHEAP!!!”).  Back cover blurbs by Tony Millionaire, Michael Kupperman and Sam Henderson all rave.  If you're in the mood to read some freaky comics, this book is for you.  "Vineyland" seems to be a metaphor for the connections between this book's characters; we may be wrong; we'll have to give it some more thought, and thinking is usually a good thing...  Xeric grant recipient.
retail price - $5.95 copacetic price - $5.05

Pop Gun War Collection
by Farel Dalrymple
All five issues under one cover for an affordable price.
retail price - $13.95 copacetic price - $12.55

by Sara Varon
Cute.  Very cute.  Post cards! Perforated stamps! Paper dolls! Snowmen, cats, ducks, and -- most importantly -- raccoons!  Did we mention that it’s cute?  Beautiful package, excellent production values.  80+ pages.
retail price - $11.95 copacetic price - $10.75

Illegal Alien
by James Robinson & Phil Elliott
The long out of print graphic novel is back in print at last.
Neil Gaiman says, “Illegal Alien is a delightful story-- gently funny, understanding, very English.  If the Hernandez brothers had been born in Croyden, this is the kind of thing they might have done.”
retail price - $10.95 copacetic price - $9.85

Fantastic Four:  Unstable Molecules
by James Sturm, Guy Davis, R. Ksikoryak, Michael Vrána & Craig Thompson
This book is -- in our humble opinion -- the best graphic novel Marvel has produced in... well, possibly, ever, but, to hedge our bets, let’s say, "in quite awhile."  In any event, it is like nothing Marvel has ever produced in the past. It is a textual analysis of comics done in comics, and it is one of the finest ever produced -- certainly the finest ever produced by Marvel!  It should be considered in the context of Understanding Comics and Hicksville as much as the Fantastic Four.  This book is a dream come true for students of narrative theory.  It explodes the text rather than simply deconstructing it.  Telling the "true" story of the "real people" that the Fantastic Four  were based on, this book is a dream come true for students of narrative theory.  It explodes the text rather than simply deconstructing it.  This book collects the hard to find four-issue limited series that was released earlier this year, and all of the bonus tidbits are included here.  If you are a long time comics reader who started out reading Marvels, you really owe it to yourself to read this book.  It’s a one of kind feat that will probably not be duplicated any time soon.
retail price - $13.99 copacetic price - $12.59

by James Sturm
While we’re singing the praises of James Sturm, here’s a chance for all you Sturm fans who can read Italian to celebrate: the complete Americana as it was meant to be: The Revival, Hundreds of Feet Below Daylight, and The Golem’s Mighty Swing, complete in one volume for less than the price of the D & Q edition of The Golem alone!  TEXT IN ITALIAN
retail price - $14.99 copacetic price - $13.49

Chaland Anthology #2: Freddy Lombard - Holiday in Budapest / F.52
by Yves Chaland w/Yann Lepennetier
Now, this is a nice package: An oversize (10” x 13”) hardcover, full color interior, endpapers, great art, great story.  Printed in Belgium; at last we know what they do over there...
retail price - $24.95 copacetic price - $22.45

Undercover Genie
by Kyle Baker
Kyle Baker fans rejoice!  Here they are at last, all in one place: those impossible to find pearls that Kyle has been throwing before swine in the pages of Spin, New York, The New Yorker, Entertainment Weekly, Inside, Esquire and other rags over the course of the last decade or so.  These strips are good and funny.  You will laugh.  The spirit of the classic period Mad magazine lives on here-- and then some.
retail price - $14.95 copacetic price - $13.45

The Golden Age of Comic Fandom
by Bill Schelly
A new, revised and expanded edition.  Warning: This book is intended for serious comics geeks only.  Consumption by the uninitiated may result in serious cultural disorientation, impairment of social skills and/or warping of sense of self.
retail price - $17.95 copacetic price - $16.15

Uncle Scrooge #319 & 320
Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #634 & 635
The first issues of the Gemstone relaunch of the Disney line of comics are here.  Both are squarebound 64 page editions printed on glossy coated stock.
retail price - $6.95@ copacetic price - $5.90@

The Pirates and the Mouse:
Disney’s War Against the Counterculture
by Bob Levin
And while we're on the subject of Disney...  This 266 page cultural investigation includes plenty of documentation: tons of photos of the people and the places and, most importantly -- many, many pages of comics, including the complete lead story form the notorious Air Pirates Pirate Edition featuring Mickey Mouse that sent Disney into a tizzy.  Interesting, to say the least.
retail price - $24.00 copacetic price - $19.20

Bipolar #4
The Hanuka brothers are back, with another dose of dourness.
retail price - $2.95 copacetic price - $2.65

Friends of Lulu presents: Broad Appeal,
An Anthology of Comics for Everyone!
The group dedicated to “getting more women and girls involved in comics” shows the fruits of their labors in this anthology.  There is a great variety of styles and strengths collected in this anthology’s 128 pages.  Included are Megan Kelso, Donna Barr, and many, many others.  To learn more about Friends of Lulu, visit their site.
retail price - $9.95 copacetic price - $8.95

The Myth of 8-Opus: The Doomed Battalion
Pittsburgh’s own Thomas Scioli is back with a continuation of his epic saga.  No one works in the tradition of Jack Kirby’s 1970s work better than Scioli.  This one is a B&W,108-page TPB of all new material.
retail price - $16.95 copacetic price - $10.00 (locals-rule super-special!)

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