NEW for March 2003

A Giant Shipment of New Book Bargains
Ten boxes (giant by Copacetic standards) of great books at great prices have just arrived (during the second week of March 2003) and are being processed and put out as space allows.  There’s some great stuff here.

Nick Cave Nocturama CD (w/bonus DVD)
When it comes to writing about rock, we're pretty much stuck at Rock Crit 101, so it is best if we just leave it at:  This is a good recording by a talented artist backed by a respected and dedicated band.  We like it and we think you ought to buy it.
copacetic price - $15.67

Master Mechanic - 7" 45rpm - It's More Fun to Compete b/w You've Got a Lot
The latest by Pittsburgh garage rock legends.  This is an extremely limited edition, so if you're interested, don't delay!

Mad paperbacks
We just purchased a collection of 77 original Mad paperbacks dating from 1963 through 1986.  Prices on these books range from $2.00 to $8.00.  Once these are gone, it might be awhile to we manage to find anymore.  So, if you’re interested don’t delay.  Here's a list of those in collector grade.

Peanuts paperbacks
We also just purchased two smaller collections of original Peanuts paperbacks, all from the 1960s.  These are all classics!  The material ranges from the very earliest strips from the 1950s all the way up through the end of the 1960s.  Prices are all in the $2.00 to $5.00 range.  As with the Mad books, these aren’t going to be around forever.

Comic Art Magazine #2
This issue’s cover feature is the late girly-mag illustrations of Jack Cole; herein lavishly reproduced.  Also of note is a detailed profile of Rory Hayes (Warning: This is not for the fait hearted!).  There’s a fascinating look at some very early Hergé work as well as later Alex Raymond.  As with the first issue, the production values set a new ihndustry standard for quality.
retail price - $9.00 copacetic price - $8.10

Crayon Shinchan
Volumes 1 - 4 (so far)
A contemporary Japanese Dennis the Menace that is heedless of the boundries of good taste, and cognizant of popular culture.  Very, very  funny.
retail price - $9.95@ copacetic price - $8.95

Hickee: The Collection
edited by Graham Annable
retail price - $12.95 copacetic price - $7.95 special price!

Sight Unseen
This isn't new, but it is new to our shelves.  A great one-shot comic book by James Sturm (The Golem’s Mighty Swing, Unstable Molecules) which cogently and pithily deals with one man’s frustrated attempts at transcendence.  Surprisingly good.
$2.95 copacetic price - $2.50

The Revival
Also by James Sturm (and self-published to boot!), and also not new,  this nicely produced one-shot sports a coated, card-stock cover and follows two (presumably) fictional characters to a single instance of what was a wide-spread phenomenon at the dawn of the nineteenth century in the United States: the religious revival meeting.  This unique finely crafted item that is destined to be a future collector’s item can presently be had for a pittance.
$2.95 copacetic price - $2.50

The Seduction of Mike
by R. Sikoryak, Joe Sikoryak & Michael Smith
OK, this is the last of the "not new, but new to us" items.  If you already know who R. Sikoryak is then you know you have to have this (if you don’t already).  If you don’t, then we’re going to have a tough time trying to explain it all to you, except to say this is what the world of the true comics fan looks like, a world in which the “text” of comics has supplanted the world of “reality.” In other words: this is what comics looks like from the inside looking out.  Small, and perhaps over-priced, but nevertheless worth it, if, like us, you simply have to have it.
retail price - $8.95 copacetic price - $7.15

No More Shaves: The Duplex Planet Anthology
by David Greenberger and an entire retinue of artists
including: J.R. Williams, Wayno, Jason Lutes, Rick Altergott, Doug Allen and Ron Rege among others.
retail price - $18.95 copacetic price - $15.15

Nightmare Alley
adapted by Spain from the novel by Willian Lindsay Gresham
This book ranks as one of the greatest comics adaptations of a pre-existent work of 20th century American fiction ever produced.  This might very well be Spain’s masterpiece.  His visualizations totally nail the the novel’s milieu, and his characterizations of the protagonist and his wide and varied supporting cast are spot on -- they just couldn’t be better.  This is an insightful illustration of Freud’s dictum that the unconscious is really in the driver’s seat.  It gives the reader a glimpse at what goes down on some of the intersections usually hidden in the many dark corners of society, and in so doing reveals the ineradicable stain made by corruption upon childhood innocence and how it plays itself out, at least this time...  This is a work that is sure to be enjoyed by any fan of Spain’s as well as anyone who apreciates the noir fiction of Jim Thompson, David Goodis, and Cornell Woolrich.  A bona fide 20th century fable.
$14.95 copacetic price - $12.70

Book of Changes
A truly great book of interviews by Kristine McKenna.  How did she manage to get all these great interviews with all these great people?  From Iggy Pop to David Lynch, From Tom Waits to R. Crumb, from Brian Eno to Artie Shaw, from Robert Rauschenberg to George Clinton, from Patti Smith to Kenneth Anger, the list goes on and on.  Each interview is acompanied by a swell illustration by a hep cat cartoonist.  Check it out!
retail price - $14.95 copacetic price - $11.95

The Wipeout
by Francesca Ghermandi
Trippy, to say the least.
retail price - $19.95 copacetic price -$15.95

Especially for you fans of John Pham’s Epoxy series -- you know who you are --  here’s his way cool limited-edition, hand-crafted sketchbook.  It has silk-screened covers printed on heavy duty cardboard and many other hand touches.  BACK IN STOCK!  As of 2 July 2003 we have a fresh stock in.  Check it out, these won't be around forever...
retail price - $15.00 copacetic price - $12.00

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NEW for February 2003

Super Monster #14 (Gloriana Comics)
( As of 10 September 2003 we're freshly restocked, so come and get it!)

A mere $3.00 will get you this
100 page mini-comic masterpiece!

King Cat by John Porcellino
#50 & 53 - $3.00@
#51, 52 & 54 - 61 - $2.00@
Silly-Cat (Porcellino/Chiapetta) - $1.00
King Cat/Silly Daddy Flip Book #1(“/”) - $2.00

Big Questions by Anders Nilson
#1 & 2 - $2.00@
#3 - $3.00
#4 - $4.00
#5 - $3.95
Ballad of the Two Headed Boy - $5.00

Forlorn Funnies by Paul Hornschmeirer
#1 - 3 - $3.95@  copacetic price - $3.50@

Cusp by Thomas Herpich (oversize comic)- $3.95 copacetic price - $3.50

Oliver by Jennifer Daydreamer $4.95 copacetic price -$4.25

Comic Art Magazine #1 retail price - $9.00  copacetic price - $8.10

An Original Collection of Old Western Comics

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NEW for January 2003

Love and Rockets #6 by Los Hermanos Hernandez - retail price $3.95  copacetic price - $3.15

Luba's Comics & Stories #3 by Gilberto Hernandez - retail price $3.95  copacetic price - $3.15

The Diary of a Teenage Girl by  Phoebe Gloeckner - retail price $22.95  copacetic price - $19.50

Subway Series by Leela Corman

retail price $9.95 copacetic price - $7.95

White Flower Day by Steven Weissman - retail price - $14.95  copacetic price - $11.95

Rebel Visions:
The Underground Comix Revolution 1963 - 1975
by Patrick Rosenkranz
And while we're on the subject of critical studies of comics, Rebel Visions is the only in-depth study of the history of Underground Comics in America.  It is a lavishly illustrated oversize hardcover that cover the entire period, from its obscure beginnings, through its high-tide during the "psychedelic sixties," to its mid-seventies decline, and finally, its seeding of the next generation.  Indespensible for anyone truly interested in this branch of Comics history.  While it is probably prudent to note that there are some explicit graphics contained in this book, one can only presume that anyone with an interest in this category of Comics is already well acquainted with this type of imagery.
retail price - $39.95  copacetic price - $31.95

Black Hole #10 by Charles Burns - retail price - $4.50  copacetic price - $3.85

Hate Annual #3 by Peter Bagge - retail price $4.95  copacetic price - $3.95

Beg the Question by Bob Fingerman - retail price $24.95  copacetic price - $19.95

Promethea: Book 2
by Alan Moore, KJH Williams III & Mick Gray
$14.95 copacetic price - $12.70

The Comics Journal #248 (great Steve Rude interview!)  $6.95  copacetic price - $5.55

Louis Reil #8 by Chester Brown - retail price - $2.95  copacetic price - $2.50

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Mattoti and Kramsky  (beautiful pastel-rendered full color!)
oversize hardcover - retail price - $15.95  copacetic price - $12.70

Comicore #1 (local [Pittsburgh] zine) copacetic price - 50¢

Flaming Carrot/Reid Fleming Crossover Special  retail price - $3.99 copacetic price - $3.59

King of Summer
The first novel by Pittsburgh comics-guy, Wayne Wise.  Check it out!

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