The Complete Peanuts: Volume Four - 1957 - 1958

by Charles M. Schulz
introduction by Jonathan Franzen

Complete Peanuts VOlume Four 1957 - 1958

The latest volume in the Complete Collected Peanuts is now in stock! 

This is the latest volume in the Complete Collected Peanuts that is now two full years into its twelve and a half year publishing schedule as planned by its publisher, Fantagraphics BooksWhat can we say?  This is the Golden Age of Peanuts where every strip is a mini-masterpiece; it simply doesn't get any better than this. You'll want to take your time and savor every single strip in this volume.   As Jonathan Franzen astutely points out in his excellent introduction -- the best in the series so far  --  this volume covers the period where Snoopy really starts to come into his own.  (If you haven't already, we urge you to read Franzen's excellent piece on Peanuts that appeared in The New Yorker.)  As with all previous volumes in this series, the reproduction quality of each individual strip is excellent as is the overall production of the book itself.  A  treasure!

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and then there's this:

The Complete Peanuts Box Set 2: 1955 - 1958

The Complete Peanuts Box Set 2 : 1954 - 1958

If you don't already have the third volume and/or you're looking for an ideal gift for the Peanuts fan, this deluxe slip-covered box set is a terrific value.  It contains a copy of both Volume Three and Volume Four (these are the exact same editions as of those copies sold indivdually) of The Fantagraphics Books edition of the Complete Collected Peanuts, collecting every daily and Sunday strip from the years 1955 through 1958 -- 1,461 strips in all.   The spiffy -- and heavy duty -- slipcase is a perfect fit and is designed for years of use by series designer, Seth.  All this for significantly less than just the two volumes by themselves.  A great value, and now in stock! 

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price - $39.95

PLEASE NOTE:  The box set is an overweight item (it weighs in at 5 lbs. - over 2 kgs) and so incurs an a $2.00 surcharge for media mail shipping and $4.00 for priority mail. 

International customers please note: shipping charges for the box set will be $20 - $40 (ouch!), making the individual volumes less expensive in all countries that accept Priority Mail deliveries, as we can use the Flat Rate Envelope.

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