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Explore watershed and water quality issues in a favorite place in the Lake Champlain Basin or in a remote corner of the world.


WatershED Matters is a project of the Champlain Basin Education Initiative

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Welcome to WatershED Matters!

Lake Champlain from Satellite

The Lake Champlain Basin is a watershed of 8,234 square miles (21,326 square kilometers) that includes parts of Vermont, New York, and Québec. The Lake itself is 120 miles long and drains through the Richelieu River in Québec, Canada and into the St. Lawrence Seaway.

This watershed has a rich history of great work, innovation, and exploration (both above and below water!). This website celebrates that work.

We hope that the site will be a gathering place where educators can find resources and inspiration to do more to sustain the environment in which they live and broaden their horizons about the importance of water to all of us.

Many teachers have used the unique character of the Champlain Valley to create meaningful learning opportunities for their students. We will share these stories and provide:

Our aim is to preserve the heritage, beauty, and ecological integrity of the Lake Champlain Basin by improving the understanding of the watershed and inspiring stewardship of its resources by educators and learners of all ages.

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New York Educator Summit
Exploring the Diversity of the Lake Champlain Basin - Linking Students to Their Watershed!
October 20, 2021
Fort Ticonderoga, NY

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