Exercise 4.2a Best Practice: Bookmarks and Annotations
Data 3-1-1 case location details (XLS hosted on the web)
Overall Goal Use bookmarks and annotations to organize your workspace
Demonstrates Following best practice in developing FME workspaces
Start Workspace C:\FMEData2019\Workspaces\IntroToDesktop\Ex4.2-Begin.fmw
End Workspace C:\FMEData2019\Workspaces\IntroToDesktop\Ex4.2-Complete.fmw

Our final workspace is a bit complicated! We have two reader feature types, two writer feature types, and five transformers. It should look something like this (click to expand):

If one of your colleagues were to open this workspace, it would take them some time to figure out what exactly it was doing. Let's make their lives easier by following best practice, using bookmarks and annotations to comment on the workspace. This step is also friendly to future you: if you return to this workspace in the future, you will be able to remember what it does by looking at the bookmarks and annotations.

Use the skills covered in the previous unit to create bookmarks for related sections of your workspace and annotations that explain what each transformer is doing. Make sure to:

  • Add bookmarks and annotations to your reader and writer feature types, if you don't already have them from Exercise 2.1
  • Add bookmarks for transformation steps
  • Add annotation to describe what transformers are doing
  • Feel free to move all your canvas objects around to ensure your workspace is nicely laid out

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