Content Writing basics for blog posts and websites

You must make your article or blog post title heading attention grabbing and focused. The first paragraph should explain what is in the rest of the article to encourage people to continue reading. Your content must be genuinely interesting and informative. Ask yourself if your best customer would find it captivating and sharable. You should have a strong call to action near the end of the article that tells the reader what to do next. This could be to click the share button, press the like button, sign up for a regular e-mail newsletter or make a purchase. Tell people where the social media buttons are. If you have not got them on your website add them now. You should add a relevant image that is dramatic and on topic.

content writing for the web should follow basic rules

In this example I have used my fly fishing website. The title suggests that I am letting people into a secret. It gets readers interested to proceed to the first paragraph. I then tell them what the article is going to be about and go straight into the first piece of "secret" knowledge that will help them catch fish. In the main section of the article I write about other lesser known successful tactics and finish off with a call to action which is to visit my online Fly Fishing Shop. I have selected an image that is eye catching and dramatic to reel in the readers and get them hooked. Whoops sorry about the bad fishing puns. I make sure that there are social media share buttons available so my readers can recommend this article to their friends.

one good content writting tip is also to use an eye catching image