Weissler Holiday Gazette

Hereford, Arizona
December 2008

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Christmas (at least in the retail sense) seems to get earlier each year!  Seems the dust has hardly settled from Hallowe'en (and Day of the Dead following), when the displays go up for Christmas, and Thanksgiving is completely lost.

Much as the holidays fly by, though, so has our year.  Not a lot has changed for us this year, save for brokerage account balances and early retirement plans.  :-(  We are still working, singing (three different groups!), cycling with our "Downhill to Breakfast" friends, birding, and travelling, and generally enjoying life (and the wildlife) in southeast Arizona.  This has been a good year for travelling and visiting with family and friends, as we enjoyed marvelous trips to Oaxaca (southern Mexico), Peru, Germany, and Belgium.  We celebrated Johannes Weissler's 80th birthday with him in Erlangen, Germany, and also visited with friends Hans and Lisa Prugger in Pullach, Germany.  Liza travelled to Wisconsin to attend a wedding reception for Chris and Jackie Deichmeister, and she also attended a cousins' reunion this past summer in Arkansas.   Visitors to our home in Arizona included Liza's sister Luci, nieces Maureen and Margaret, mom Alpha, and Robert's brother Rod and friend Kathy.   Last but not least, we had a very relaxing Thanksgiving weekend in Silver City, NM, celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary, and are looking forward to seeing families at Christmas.

Happy holidays to all, and hope to see you all soon!

Click photos below for larger versions. 

Robert working his bird list
in Oaxaca City

Liza samples tamales in the
Oaxaca public market

Woo hoo!  Liza at
Machu Picchu, Peru

Robert at the boat "dock",
Amazonia Lodge, Peru

Robert safe on the boat,

On the train in Belgium

Liza too

Enjoying a beer just off
the Grand Place, Brussels

Robert with Bärbel and
Johannes Weissler in Erlangen,

Liza with Hans Prugger at the
Großhesselohe beer garden,
Pullach, Germany

Robert with Lisa Prugger

Liza with Maureen at our
home in Hereford, Arizona

Liza with Uncle Melvin on
her property in Arkansas

Robert, Margaret, and Liza
at our home

Luci, Alpha, Margaret, and

Robert and Lee at El Charro Cafe
in Tucson

Our ofrenda for the Day of the Dead

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